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Busy Buddy Kibble nibble Reviews

Does your wagging tail low to gnaw everything and anything like a chew toy? Dogs have a habit of gnawing almost everything that soothes their oral cavity. However, as pet owners we need to teach them what is chewable and what is not. By doing so, you are ensuring that the dog does not chew anything that is harmful for him. Have you heard of Busy Buddy Nobbly Nubbly?

Well be smart pet parent and give your wagging tail the best chew toy ever made in this planet. To know more about Busy Buddy Nobbly Nubbly stay tuned.

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What is Busy Buddy Nobbly Nubbly dog toy?

The Busy Buddy Nobbly Nubbly Dog Toy chew toy that contains ridges and grooves across its body. Nobbly Nubbly is a stuff-able chew toy that pups love to gnaw with their teeth. It comes with four treat rings, which you can slide over the base. In addition, you can also apply some peanut butter or delicious spreads across the grooves so that he can chew. If you want you can give a grand treat by using both treats and spreads at the same time. I am sure he or she would love it to the core.

Advantages of using Busy Buddy Nobbly Nubbly

  • This Busy Buddy dental rings is made of Durable nylon knobs on either ends
  • Nubs and grooves lined with rubber
  • Center lined with compressible rubber
  • Durable nylon has a scent of vanilla
  • Proudly made in the US
  • Hygienically made dental rings
  • Helps to keep the oral cavity in good health
  • Helps to get rid of bad breath
  • Keeps your buddy busy
  • Use your own favorite treats and spreads, also available as readymade
  • Equally, this medium premier wild chew toy is dishwasher safe, make sure that you use the top rack only

Why buy Busy Buddy Nobbly Nubbly for your dog?

Busy Buddy dental rings is an interactive chew toy that keeps your pup busy for extended period. As the name suggests these durable treat holding toys gives him a duty that he loves to do than any other job. You can actually get some free time off as he will be busy chewing. In addition, you can protect your belongings such as furniture and kids toys from not being chewed. He will be preoccupied for a long time with these tasty treat chews.

These tasty treats satisfy their animal instincts of chewing ferociously. It gives them a satisfaction such as catching a prey in the wild and able to devour it. Anyhow, even if they are pets, they are animals and we have to admit that. This treatable chew toy will satisfy your four-legged hunter and keep him away from chasing your cats and squirrels.

These durable nylon soft chew toys teaches the pooch to chew properly, prevents bad habits like excessive barking, digging the trash and wandering over restricted areas. This toy is also great for those dogs who suffer from separation anxiety and boredom. You can give them as a training reward and am sure he will get used to it quickly. This is one of the safest ways in which you can keep the buddy busy without any harm.

Treat Ring Refills add to the flavor factor and make the busy buddy yet more interesting. Several treat flavors are available such as rawhide, peanut butter, and bacon. It gives pleasure and satisfies the taste buds of intense chewers. The treat rings are not easily accessible, as the dog has to get himself to the treat after playing with the toy. Busy buddy is a sort of puzzle toy that keep your dog engaged for longer period. In short, this treat toy is offers support to the dental cavity of the dog as well as help it to be engaged in chewing activity. It helps to clean, freshen the breath and offer joint support as it contains glucosamine and chondroitin.

Instructions for using Busy Buddy Nobbly Nubbly

  • You can order the toy based on the size of your dog so that it can chew properly.
  • X-Small for dogs below 10 pounds
  • Small for dogs between 10-25 pounds
  • Medium for dogs between 25-50 pounds
  • Large for dogs above 50-90 pounds

Customer Reviews

Read below the reviews posted by customers and you will know how useful this toy is for your dog.

“Both my labs love this chew toy. I mean they fight for the treat and exchange at times. I am happy as it keeps them busy for longer than what I expected.”

“This is a remarkable dog toy. My dogs go crazy for them. I have three dogs and I keep them engaged with this toy. The toys is wonderful and does the work, however I feel that the treat rings are pretty expensive.”

“ I wish I could buy this Busy Buddy treat rings (dental support refills) in larger amounts as that would be more economical considering the price point. My greyhounds love these treats and I guess their oral cavity looks clean and odor free.

“ I usually give my dog the nobbly nubbly – PetSafe Busy Buddy when I have to go out leaving her alone. As soon as she sees me taking this toy out, she knows that am going out. She takes my car keys and hands it to me, practically signaling me to go. Usually I feel guilty to leave her alone and go for a few hours but with this toy I feel relaxed.”


Best Buddy Nobbly Nubbly medium premier dog chew toy is one of the best products ever made for dogs. It has the right design and keeps the pooch engaged without any boredom. Every time you hand the toy along with the treat your dog will jump with happiness. Worth buying and highly recommended

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