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Bullwrinkles bully stick and dog treats

If you have given your dog “bull wrinkles treats” and if by chance he starts speaking then am sure he is going to ask for more of them. I am not sure what makes them so tasty that my pooch loves to munch on them every time I pop up with those packets. He begs for more and more and never gets satisfied with one single piece of treat at a time. Bull wrinkles treats are the best treats ever which my dog loves having.

Want to know more about bull wrinkle dog treats then stay tuned. Am sure your pooch will also love these treats, and you have many varieties to choose.

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Bull wrinkle dog treats

From what I have read from the packets and their official website, their meats are from real dried animals like bulls, pork, chicken, and lamb. They are low in fat content and abundantly rich with proteins. It is the main reasons why I love this dog treats for my dog.Try their bull pizzle or bully sticks. One of my dog’s favorite picks

The bull pizzle or bully sticks made from real dried bull and steer is an awesome treat. They are the best and safest alternative if you take the case of rawhide. They have a rich flavor and a soft texture that keeps the dog engaged for hours chewing the whole stuff. I am not sure about the taste because I cannot try them, but from the way my dog behaves, I guess it is a palate pleaser treat. Many dog owners say that this treat can be an excellent remedy for those dogs that suffer from separation anxiety.

If you have a dog that is undergoing anxiety problems, then give a try, and I am sure it will work. The main idea is that the dog will keep munching the treat for hours and will have better recovery from depression. Moreover, they have a high nutritional value that helps the dog to have a healthy body and mind.

Before getting into the dog bones and other favorite picks, which I choose for my dog, take a quick glance at this.

Benefits of using bull wrinkle treat for your dog

Bull wrinkle treats claim to offer the following benefits from the use of their dog treats. I guess most of them are right, as I have seen my dog have better dental health after using these treats.

  • Healthy bones due to intake of calcium
  • Enhanced dental health
  • A better way to clean teeth and the gums
  • Shiny coat and skin
  • Helps to overcome depression
  • Keeps the dog engaged
  • Low-fat treats and rich in protein
  • Natural flavors and no added preservatives
  • Safest alternative to rawhide and does not contain anything harmful
  • A wide variety of choices
  • Dog treats manufactured and packed under strict guidelines
  • High in quality and neatly wrapped products

So far so good, I have never had any issues with bull wrinkles dog treats. To my surprise, every pack comes at the scheduled time and in a neatly packed way. All the items I have ordered were good until the date, and my dog loves having them. I will be ordering more in the future as they are the best I have ever seen.

So coming back to the treats you can also order dog bones

Dog bones from bull wrinkles

In the bone section, you have 100% beef and pork bones that are slow-roasted and flavored with hickory smoke. These bones have a hickory smell, and you can find some meat and marrow here and there over the bone. I guess they have done this to make the bone look natural. My pooch loves the play the whole day along with these bone treats. Seriously, which dog does not like to have bone treats? These treats help to keep the teeth and gums in perfect health as they keep chewing it. You do not have to bother much about their oral hygiene when you have these treats on hand. You can try a wide variety of bones like beef ribs, pork bones, marrow bones, and humerus bones.

Dog chews

If your dog has had enough of bones, then you can try ordering dog chews for a change. Bull wrinkle dog chews are purely 100% meat. They come from prime cut meats of the U.S and Canadian beef/pork. Just like other treats, these chews also undergo the slow –roast procedure with hickory smoke flavor. These chews are safe and free from additives/preservatives. These delicious chews not only taste great but also help to improve the overall wellness of the dog.

Dog treats from bull wrinkles the best pick for your dogs

Bull wrinkles have developed a perfect product line for dogs with naturally flavored dog treats. The recipes and the products are irresistible to the dogs. The main reason why most of the pet owners love buying from them is the quality of the products. In some of their products, they add oat grouts, beets, parsley, spices like garlic to enhance the flavor. Bull wrinkle treats are getting better day by day with their new products and love for dogs.

Buy Favorite bull wrinkle dog treats

Below you can see a few picks that are usually bought by customers, and they have a huge demand.

  • Pork retriever rolls: This long-lasting chew roll has a hickory smoke flavor. This one is mainly for aggressive chewers, and most of the dogs love this treat to the core. You can order this in various sizes and numbers at their official site.
  • Beef taffy: Beef taffy is Beef muscles that have a unique natural flavor. The slow roasting process keeps the entire flavor intact. The hand-trimmed pieces have a unique flavor and rich taste of fresh meat. Most of the dogs love these chews and owners keep buying this product too often. Since it is beef muscle treat, it is rich in protein content and has a very low-fat profile.
  • Canadian bacon strips: Bacon Strips are not just for us but also for dogs but with a different touch. You cannot feed them the usual bacon strips available at the stores. They have their bacon strips made to satisfy their palate and nutritional requirements. Slow roasted Canadian bacon strips have crunchy taste, and the hickory smoke flavor adds to the taste. Canadian strips have high levels of Chondroitin and Glucosamine. Both these compounds help to promote joint health.
  • Chicken fingers: Chicken Fingers contain 95% pure chicken punched with some oat groats for a better taste. There is not a single dog that does not love these chicken finger treats. Again, this product is low in fat and contains various essential compounds that promote good health and healthy bones. It is an excellent pick for elderly dogs as it keeps them engaged chewing these treats.
  • Pork pizzles: The pork pizzles are natural chews that promote good dental health. They are safe to consume as they undergo a slow roasting process and are available in different sizes. The twisted chews reach every part of the mouth and help to clean the teeth properly. The roasting process and packaging keep the meat juices stay intact without tampering the natural flavor. The pork pizzles are 6” inch long with twisted bumps and keep your dog engaged for long hours. If your dog has gum problems and suffering from pain, then this is the product that you stack at your home.

Bull wrinkles 30-day return policy

The best part of buying bull wrinkles treat is that you can return the product if your dog does not love the product. I am sure chances are less than your dog will not like the product. I have seen my pooch just jumping with joy when I try to open the bull wrinkle packs. The lean chews have natural juices intact and a great flavor that all the dog’s love. Try it to know yourself, and if you are not satisfied with the product, you can opt for the 30-day return window.

Precautions: This product is a pet treat and not for human use. Make sure to check the package and the product before giving it to your dog. Remove any broken pieces or hard ridges in the product before giving to prevent choking hazards or blockages. Make sure to use the product as mentioned in the instructions. Give them fresh pieces and not age-old packets. Check for the dates and freshness levels. Also, make sure to wash your hands before and after handling meat products. Using a glove would be a better idea. You can be safe about this product as it is 100% natural and does not contain any artificial flavors.

Bull wrinkles coupons

Buying bull wrinkles is an easy task. You can avail offers and discounts by subscribing to their email. If you opt for a repeated delivery option, you will get a 10% off on all products. Also, bull wrinkles coupons are available at various promotional and affiliate sites. Just apply the coupon code while you check out after placing an order.

Bull Wrinkles Customer reviews

Bull wrinkle treats are the best treats ever available. They are delicious and have a rich flavor. It is understood from the way my pooch chews every bit of it. He loves to have them repeatedly. I also find it useful for my dog as it contains very little fat and loads of protein content. Most of the owners love this treat because they admit that these products help to build better dental health. I have myself felt that these products work like a gum massager and keeps oral health in good condition.

Pet owners say the following about bull wrinkle treats

  • “These treats are awesome, and I love buying them for my dash. He plays the whole day with the dog bones, and it keeps him busy. He had severe gum problems, but now I feel that his condition is better than before.”
  • “Simple, reasonable priced treats and my dog’s favorite. I order pork pizzle and the chicken fingers mostly as he loves them the most. Also, I love buying these products because it does not contain any harmful for the dog. No preservatives and stuff, unlike other treats.”
  • “I buy them because my dog likes to have them and I guess the benefits mentioned by bull wrinkles may prove good to my dog. Worth buying “


Bull wrinkles are natural chews made from pure meats freshly processed inside the US and Canada. They are a healthy choice and contain zero chemicals. If you want to give your dog, the best treat ever then bull wrinkles are a great pick. Their products have top quality and come after proper checking. All these products are naturally dried and last long with all the taste intact. Dogs find these treats irresistible and unique. Order your pack of dog treats and surprise your pooch. Am sure he is going to love it.

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