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Bravecto 44-88 lbs – 1000 mg Blue Oral Chews for Dogs

Bravecto is oral chews for the dogs that help them fight against flea and tick. Flea and ticks, the infamous parasites on dogs can happen o them anytime, anywhere. It is highly important that you keep your pets safe from them. There are various kinds of external measure that prevent the infestation but that does not protect the vulnerability of the dogs, internally. The dogs need to be strong enough to resist them. This is one way of prevention against flea and ticks that are most sustainable. Bravecto 44-88 lbs is capable of both killing and preventing further infestation by these parasites.

What is Bravecto 44-88 lbs?

Bravecto 44-88 lbs are oral chews for pets that protect them against flea for a good 8-12 weeks. It can keep on killing the fleas that are infestated for 8 weeks and prevent the parasites for 12 weeks altogether. This is one of the longest duration of protection against flea and ticks in pets.

Bravecto for Dogs
Bravecto is a new innovative drug or remedy for dogs in getting rid of fleas and ticks that bother them. Bravecto contains the high potency anti-parasitical drug fluralaner.

The best part is that the prevention that lasts this long is from just one dose. For a dose of 4 chews, the dogs can have the yearlong protection. This is one easy administration of protection. It no longer requires you to keep the dogs isolated from kids, once they get rid of the parasites.

What does 1000 mg Blue mean?

Bravecto is the main product that helps the dogs fight flea and ticks. The significance of 44-88 lbs and the 1000 mg Blue is that it is the specified variety of this anti-parasitic oral chews. Bravecto comes in different varieties for the dogs of different weight categories. Each category is differentiated according to color code.

The dogs that weigh between 44 – 88 lbs need a dosage of 1000 mg of Bravecto and that is identified by the Blue color code. The other varieties would have different dosage and the 1000 mg is what these large weight dogs need for them to resist these common parasites.

Bravecto 44-88 lbs 1000 mg Blue ingredients

The only active ingredient in Bravecto is Fluralaner. Fluralaner is an insecticidal compound that belongs to isoxazolines. This is a group of compounds that can kill the parasites. These compounds can target the neurons of the insects and thereby kill them. It can stay safe for the hosts as they have selective activity against the insects and not against mammalian neurons.

A single dose of fluralaner would have its effects for the next 8-12 weeks before the pet needs the next dose. The only difference would be in the amount of this compound to the dogs with varying body weight.

How do Bravecto 44-88 lbs for dogs work?

The active ingredient fluralaner would enter the digestive system and then to the mucus membrane of the gastrointestinal system. From there it enters the bloodstream and distributed to the entire body. There it is stored in the cells, especially that in the surface and inner cells. These are prime locations for flea and ticks.

When the insect infests, this active ingredient starts it’s working on the neurons of them and kill them faster than any other method. Fleas cannot last for more than 8 hours and ticks would be killed within 12 hours of this action.

Bravecto 44-88 lbs dosage

The dosage is to give one chew to the pet. This will give a protection of 12 weeks. When this time period comes to end, administer the second chew. Repeat the same to get 1-year protection.

Bravecto is available in packs of 1 chew, 2 chews, and 4 chews. 1 dose lasts for 3 months, 2 doses would give protection for 6 months, and 4 doses are for yearlong protection. Higher dose packs are economical than the single dose packs.

It can provide protection against the common flea (Ctenocephalides), black-legged tick, America dog tick, brown dog tick, and lone star tick. In the case of lone star tick, you need to repeat the dose every 8 weeks.

Bravecto is suitable for dogs that are adults and large sized or weighing. This is one product that is safe for even the pregnant dogs and lactating dogs. This is not suitable for the small dogs and puppies.

It is easy and convenient for the administration. There are no daily or monthly doses that you need to remember. Just keep tab every 3 months and you are done. Make sure that Bravecto is stored at room temperature, not more than 30 degrees.

Most important thing is that the dog still needs other care and preventing measures to kill the parasites from its source. The dog may stay safe but the environment may not be. To ensure that the dog’s surroundings are also kept clean and hygiene to get maximum benefits.

Bravecto 44-88 lbs side effects

Mild side effects may happen and have been reported in some cases. The common side effects are vomiting, reduced appetite, diarrhea, fatigue, flatulence and polydipsia.

Bravecto 44-88 lbs reviews

The general review about Bravecto 44-88 lbs is that it is convenient to use and highly effective. The ease of use is what makes this product the first choice for many customers. They no longer need to track their dogs to have topical ointments or other things.

One customer gave this chew to his pet and kept him in his ken with a white sheet spread on the floor. Within half an hour they could find dead fleas falling to the floor. He is more than happy to have these oral chews as long as it keeps his baby safe from the parasites.


Bravecto 44-88 lbs are effective in combating fleas and the likes of ticks. But before you administer these oral chews, just make sure that the parasites are the same that you are fighting against. Identifying the pests will help you determine the dosage or when to administer the next dose. This is highly essential because Bravecto does not have the same effect on all of these parasites.

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  • Starts working within 2 hours to kill fleas
  • One chew is effective for 12 weeks

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