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Best spill proof dog bowls for sloppy drinkers

In search for a water bowl which can help me prevent the mess my dog makes around it. While your dog makes the mess and has all the fun with a bit of water, you run around every time there is a puddle of water on the floor. Accidents or no accidents, its not fun to have more chores to do because your dog just felt like having a bit of fun. Occasional water spill is admissible but everyday? And sometimes more than once a day? 

For some time, i started feeding him an ounce of water every few hours. I realized that this was a problem because sometimes i forgot and sometimes my dog was more thirsty for the little water to quench. And I did not want to fetch water for my dog every hour! Surely not when i am in the middle of a long video call or when i am watching a movie…

So i decided to fix this problem for once and all. I know that i cant teach the four legged monster not to make a mess. Tried it several times and it did not work. He has slobbery tongue and his lips are wobbling and jiggling all the time. And when he drinks, he does not lick the water like most dogs… He more or less bites the water ! Thats different from most dogs. And that splashes more water around. Solution? Its easy if the water is little on the bowl. He will be forced to lick it and not splash it around. or the other solution was to get a really big water bowl. Really big water bowl was not a practical option because my dog loves water. I mean water not just for drinking but also playing with it. So a big bowl will mean a pool for him and i have no intentions of making a bigger mess.

Some bowls are designed specifically for slobbery pets. I am not sure about cats but surely dogs are slobbery. Mine is. A labrador at 1 year old is not very understanding to your requirements and needs. For it, everything is play and water is a really interesting toy, with the side effects of quenching thirst. So innovative designs in water bowls for dogs. 

#1 Heyrex Torus Filtered Dog & Cat Water Bowl ($76.88)

  • Holds up to 2 Liters of water
  • Available in 2 Colors
  • Activated Carbon Filters
  • Solid Construction
  • travel Lock for Spill free Commute

One of the first bowls which came to my attention as the Heyrex Torus Filtered Dog & Cat Water Bowl. A bowl with a knob which had 3 indicators. Slow water flow so your dog really does not have a lot of water to play or make a mess around. Thats a very good sign. Water storage and FILTRATION? Interesting. Easy to carry while travelling, Very interesting specially if i had to take it while trekking and while i need to travel with my dog long distance. it is skid proof. The plastic is safe. Looks durable too.

While the Heyrex Torus is an interesting water bowl, i do have a concern or two. The colors are interesting and wouldn’t be sure if my dog would just drink water out of it or make it into a chew toy. Especially the knob. That seems like an easy place to start chewing on. May be it will get to the body later! No matter how good the plastic is, i don’t think its going to take a lot of time for my dog to figure out a way to chew through it. 


  • Great design
  • Water storage
  • Water  filtration
  • Easy flow with just enough water at disposal
  • Easy to travel with
  • Holds up to 2 litres of water!


  • Concerns about dog chewing it.
  • You cant clean the inside (storage area ) of the bowl.

#2 The UPSKY Slow feeding water bowl ($15.99)

  • 3 Colors
  • Holds 35 ox of water
  • Simple floating design
  • Easy to clean

The Upsky Waterbowl has a very simple design. It has a bowl with a floating cover which prevents access to the entire bowl of water. The dog sees only a bit of water on the top. The dog is forced to lick the water rather than gulp it all. There is little chance of spills unless your dog is going to lap even that little water, which is quite hard. There is a downside to this bowl though. Especially if your dog is playful, it will figure out that pushing the top layer down will give it access to more water to splash around and play. If you have one of those few dogs which love to dip their snot into the bowl, push it and make funny noises, then this bowl is not going to be very useful. Sooner or later, the dog will find other uses for this water bowl. It holds up to 35oz and can be sufficient for a day for most dogs. The Bowl is easy to clean and can be disassembled. It is skid proof. Personally i don’t think that this is a bowl which i would love to carry around while traveling. It’s cumbersome and chances of spills are high. It’s perfect if you have a small to medium sized dog and for home use. 

Great for

  • Small medium dogs
  • Simple Design


  • Not so good for traveling
  • Plastic. I really dont enjoy plastic or rubber for my dogs especially when they are known to chew them

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#3 The Road Refresher No Slobber Water Bowl ($19.99)

  • Easy to clean , Dishwasher safe
  • Prevents water from spilling
  • Simple floating cover design

The Road Refresher Water bowl is a small upgrade to the UPSKY water bowl. With 3 different sizes for large,medium and small dogs, with different water capacity per bowl. The Non slib base keeps the bowl in place and does not allow it to move while the dog is drinking from it. The tapered lip  is clearly a good upgrade for dogs with a lappy tongue which can spill even the little water in the bowl. The Road refresher is dish washer safe and its recommended to be cleaned regularly. Your dog will require some training to start drinking from the bowl initially. The road refresher water bowl is not really the best option for traveling dogs. Though it does say that its great for traveling, chances of spills are high. More over its quite cumbersome to carry a bowl that big while you are one  a one day trip.

#4 Petmate Deluxe Fresh Flow ($19.86)

  • encourages your dog to drink water
  • Oxygenates and Filters water
  • Spill free design
  • Easy to maintain

There is something about flowing water which encourages dogs to drink from them. A stream or a river is a great place for dogs and you would see them occasionally drink from them. Its quite natural for them to drink from flowing water. The Petmate Deluxe fresh Flow Water bowl is clearly a great option for dogs that are not keen on drinking water. Encouraging your dog to be hydrated is important and the Petmate deluxe fresh flow does a small part.The water bowl comes with a submersible motor which keeps the water flowing. Flowing water is naturally high in oxygen, which is clearly a good thing for dogs. The water bowl also comes with inbuilt charcoal filter, which keeps the water fresh and potable. The water dispenser holds 108oz of water, plenty enough for a day or two.


  • Dogs are encouraged to drink the water more often. 
  • Flowing water helps increased oxygen in it
  • Water filtration ensures your dog has clean water at all times


  • Requires a bit of maintenance
  • Chances of spill are a bit high
  • Dogs sometimes tend to be playful with flowing water

#5 The Neater Dog Water and food bowl. ($59.99)

  • Kick Proof, Spill Proof and Elevated
  • 2 Layers for easy cleaning
  • Guaranteed Results and Extremely durable

the Neater Dog Water and food bowl is an elevated platform for dog Food and water placement. the bowls are the normal stainless steel bowls. The Neater is more or less a container for both the dog food bowl and the Water bowl. whatever food or water which spills out seeps into near the mesh and drains to the bottom container. Accidental spills or slobbery dogs, the water never touches the floor. The Neater comes in 3 different sizes and is perfect for most dogs and even cats. The design is simple and being elevated, is often comfortable for the dogs. Playing around with the bowl is not an option anymore. Unfortunately, this is not suitable for traveling. So if you are looking for a bowl which can also be used while traveling, this may not be the right option. Apart from that, this is one of the best products which doubles as a bood and water bowl one. 

Pros :

  • Excellent design
  • Works great
  • Too big for the dogs to play around with.


  • Not so good when traveling.

#6 Kurgo Collapsible No spill water bowl ($11.69)

  • Easy to Travel With
  • Simple design but Works
  • good for up to 24ox of water
  • Lifetime Warranty

The silicon based Kurgo water bowl is one of the best things when you are traveling, especially when you are trekking. You want to reduce the weight and luggage while you ate traveling and having a compact bowl is a great idea. The Kurgo Water bowl is made of silicon. Its design is perfect for dogs who are slobbery. So if you are in a car, this is a perfect water bowl for your dogs. It does not skid and its a bit hard to spill the water around. The product is hard to break because its more or less like rubber, but that also makes it a bit dangerous for dogs that chew. This may be a perfect dog bowl for dogs when they have your attention and when they are not left alone. Traveling, in car, trekking could all make great use of the Kurgo water bowl, but its not a good option when you have to leave your dog alone for a long time. Chances are they will chew on it and that may not really be a good situation for you to be in , specially when you are on a trek and dont have veterinary help


  • PERFECT for travelers, trekkers and as a car bowl


  • Dangerous for dogs that are teething and chew.

#7 The Ordermore Dog Bowl and no spill water bowl Combo – $21.99

  • Perfect for small and medium dogs
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Doubles as a food bowl and a water bowl
  • Spill safe water bowl design
  • Slow feed food bowl design

The ordermore dog bowl is a combination of both a water bowl and a food bowl in one. the slow feeder bowl helps dogs not gulp up food which is a cause for many problems including obesity and choking. The Waterbowl uses the float cover technique to prevent the dogs from accessing the full water resource. The bowl is good and effective for messy dogs and surely for dogs with health issues. The bowl is not good for traveling with but its perfect for dogs which make a mess at home. its easy to wash and maintain. 

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