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Best Dog Nail Grinders

Larger dogs, tougher nails. A normal nail grinder may work but wouldn’t be just as effective. I am sure that your dog does not have the patience to sit through a mani pedi like most of us. A good nail grinder should be quick at its job but silent. It should be able to get the job done safely without hurting your dog and everything else is an added benefit. Rechargeable battery, USB recharge, corded grinders, LED Lights, Diamond grinders and a lot of other features can be useful and sometimes even preferred. 

Below are some of the best Nail grinders which were rated high on Now, we went through each of them carefully. There are a lot of pictures and videos on amazon to show why some of these products are preferred by customers and why some customers are NOT happy with some of these products. One of these trimmers may just be right for your dog and your dog. 

Top Rated Nail Grinders For Dogs

Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder

  • Diamond head
  • USB Charging
  • Easy to clean
  • 3 Port 2 speed capability to cut nails for small, Medium and large sized pets
  • Fast and Quite grinding
  • Built in LED light to see the quick
  • 3 hours operating time with 2 hours full charge time

The Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder is one of the best rated nail grinding devices online. It is Very quiet (less than 50 db) and easy on your dog. No anxiety due to the noise. The LED Light is a key feature upgrade which enables you to see the quick. Chances of accidents decrease by more than 50% with the LED Light and dog owners find it more comfortable and easy to see the quick area. The diamond head with 3 port access makes it very easy to trim the dogs nails to the right size and shape. It’s easy on your dog and you. The charging time of 2-3 hours gives you a full operation time of up to 3 hours. With 2 speed option, you can get a quicker faster cut with the fast option and fine tune it with the slower option. The Casfuy Dog Nail grinder is recommended by professionals.


  • Pawanti Nail Grinder for dogs
  • Less than 40db sound
  • 3 Port, 2 speed grinding tool
  • 2 hour charging and 8 hour operation time
  • USB Chargable
  • Diamond head grinder
  • Power and charging indicator

2 Speed option with an 800 mAh Lithium battery which charges in 2 hours and operates for 8 hours is impressive. The Pawanti Nail grinder has a usb charger with 2 speeds. a 7000 rpm for more precise fine cuts and grinds and the 8000 rpm for a faster cut and grind or for harder nails. The Diamond coated grinding wheel will last a long time and is durable yet effective for grinding hard dog nails. The pawanti Nail grinders come with 3 ports for small medium and large dogs and is silent. Its sound is between 20-40 db. The pawanti grinder comes with a clipper and the USB charging wire. 

Bousnic Dog Nail Grinder

  • 2 Speed
  • USB Chargeable
  • 3 Hour charging with 2 hour run time
  • Life time warranty
  • Removable Port cover for easy cleaning
  • Diamond Drum Bit
  • Suitable for large , medium and small dogs
  • silent (60db or less)

The Bousnic Dog nail grinder is one of the best sellers with over a 1000 reviews. The grinder comes with a life time warranty. the Nail grinder is simple in design and features. The Bousnic Nail grinder comes with 2 speed variations and is silent and vibration free. The Head is strong and the motor is quite powerful to handle tough nails. The Nail grinder is easy to carry and travel with. The usb charging makes charging easier but the only down side is that the run time per charge is only 2 hours.

Viixm Dog Nail Grinder

  • 2 hours charge with 8 hour operation time
  • Low Noise and vibration
  • 2 speed 3 grinding ports
  • Easy to clean and comes with a cleaning brush

The Viixim is one of the best when it comes to battery life. Charge once and use it for 8 hours. The viixm comes in 2 speed options and 3 ports. The motors are powerful and can handle tough dog nails. It features a charging indicator. 

i-pure Dog Nail Grinder

  • Easy USB charging and cleaning
  • 2 hours charging with 3 hour run time
  • LED Light design
  • Powerful Upgraded motor with Diamond emery grinding wheels
  • Quite, Less than 60 db sound
  • 2 Speed Motor

The i-pure nail Grinding tool is more basic than most other grinding tools. Its basic and comes with 2 speeds and usb charging capability. The LED light feature helps you to see through the dogs nails and prevent accidental grinding through the quick. Its silent and does not vibrate a lot. The i-pure grinding tool comes with an extra head. The emery coated grinding head lasts longer and needs lesser servicing. 

FaveHome Nail Grinder for Dogs and Cats

  • 2 Speed, 3 Port option for all sizes of dogs and cats
  • LED Light with Diamond Grinding head
  • Double Power Motor
  • Large capacity Batery
  • Power indicator
  • USB Charging
  • Removable Port

The Fave home Nail Grinder is perfect for both dogs and cats. It is easy to clean, full recharge in 3 hours and can run for 4 hours in a full recharge. The Grinder comes with 3 ports which is perfect for all sizes of dogs and runs in 2 different speeds. Its quite silent , Easy to carry and simple to handle. Revews indicate that more than 90% of the users are satisfied with the product. Some users do complain of loud noise and the grinder not being able to get through tough nails

Ilimize Dog Claw Grinder

  • Fast charge (1 hour recharge with 4 hour operation time)
  • Silent (less than 40db)
  • 2 Speed 3 ports
  • Diamond Bit stone

The Ilumize is a fast charging Dog nail grinder. It charges in 1 hour and gives you an operation time of 4 hours which is plenty. the Nail grinder comes in 2 speed and 3 port option and its 2 LED light near the head makes it easy to see the nails while you are grooming. The Ilumixe is considerably silent and vibration is less. At top speed it has 8200 rpm and the lower speed is 6000 RPM. the top speed is considerably good and should be used with caution. A few complaints about the product indicate that its not suitable for tough nails. Overall though, it has excellent reviews

Razoo Nail Grinder

  • 10 Hour Operating Time
  • 2 Speed operation
  • LED Digital Display
  • USB Charging
  • 50 db Speed
  • Suitable for all sizes of pets

The Razoo Is a simple, Compact and easy to maintain Dog nail grinder. It has everything that most other nail grinders have and a bit more when it comes to battery life.  the Diamond grinding wheels makes it easy to grind tough nails and with a smooth and silent powerful motor, the dogs feel quite comfortable. one of the most highly rated product with more than 94% people rating the nail grinder as excellent, the Razoo is one of the best rated Nail grinders on Amazon

Pieviev Dog nail Grinder with Trimmer

  • 3 in 1 Grooming tool
  • Change from grooming tool to grinder in seconds
  • 2 speed
  • under 60db low vibration motor
  • USB chargeable

The Pieviev is not just a nail grinder. It also acts as a trimming tool with a change of the trimming head. So if you had to groom your dog, its easy as removing the head and replacing it with the desired one. Simple, easy to use, easy to clean and easy to carrt design makes the pievieve grooming tool one of the most rated and reviewed product on amazon. 

Aushen Pet nail Grinder

  • 4 port design
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Low Noise and vibration
  • 2 speed design

The Aushen is a standard , very normal Nail grinder with an extra port. while most of the nail grinders on amazon has 3 ports, the Aushen has one exra port to fit in. The aushen nail grinder is rated 4 / 5 on amazon and is one of the top selling nail grinders. The pack comes with a nail grinder, clipper, nail filer , usb cables, 2 grinding heads and a user manual

The Petural Dog Nail Grinder

  • Quite 2 Speed Motor
  • 3 Port design
  • 6 Hours working with a 900 mah Battery
  • USB Recharge

Slopehill Professional Dog Nail Grinder

  • 2.5 hour charge, 4 hour run time
  • 3 Port 2 speed design
  • Upgraded silent motor
  • Diamond grinder wheel for Faster cuts

Petlibro Compact Dog Nail Grinder

  • 7 hour run time on full charge
  • 2 port 2 speed design
  • Diamond Bit head
  • Easy to use , Quite and protective

Deemen Nail Grinder

  • 18 Hours Run time
  • Low Noice & Vibration
  • 2 speed 3 port design
  • Diamond Bit Grinder
  • Fast Precise trimming

Hiraliy Nail Grinder With Upgraded motor

  • 20 Hour Run time in full charge
  • Low Noise and Vibration (less than 40db)
  • Safe and effective Diamond Bit Grinder
  • custom Stepless Speed Motor

Pecute Nail Grinder

  • 2 Hour charge , 14 hour work life
  • 2 speed motor
  • 2 Grinding heads and 4 port sizes
  • Less than 40 db silent motor

Rodzon Professional Nail Grinder

  • Rechargable 2000mah Battery
  • 4 hours fast charging with 17 hours work life
  • 3 Grinding ports 
  • 2 Speed Adjustable
  • Lower noise and vibration

DMYCO Professional Dog nail Grinder

  • Powerful trimming
  • Super Low noise and USB Chargeable
  • great after sales service
  • Safe and popular

Boence Dog Nail Grinder

  • Powerful Silent motor
  • Fast charging 2000 mah battery
  • 1.5 hour charging and 8 hour work time
  • USB Charging

Dycsin Dog nail Grinder

  • 20 Hour work time with one charge
  • stepless Speed control
  • 3 Grinding ports
  • Low Vibration and low noise
  • 2000 MAH battery wtih 3.5 hour fast charging

Laika Stepless Speed Nail Grinder

  • Stepless speed regulation
  • Advanced Diamond grinder with Branded motor
  • 20 hour battery life with a single charge
  • Size fits all pets
  • USB Rechargeable

Iokheira Dog nail trimmers and grinders

  • Recommended by professionals and Vets
  • Double LED Light design
  • 2 speed and 3 Grinding ports
  • Low Noise and vibration
  • USB Chargeable
  • 1 hour recharge with 4 hour work time

Flybanboo Nail Grinders for Dogs

  • Comfortable, Researched Cylindrical design
  • Ultra low noise motor
  • 600 mah battery
  • 2 hour run time on a 3 hour charge

oneisall Nail Grinder for dogs

  • Safe and super quite
  • USB Chargeable
  • 2 speed motor with 3 ports
  • 2 hours run time in 3 hour charge

peteme Dog nail Grinder

  • Safe and effective trimming
  • Super quite , low vibration motor
  • 2 speed 3 grinding parts
  • one year warranty
  • USB Rechargeable

Dimunt Dog nail Grinder

  • stepless speed design
  • Super Low noise
  • 2000 MAH Fast recharge battery with 20 hour work life
  • 3 Sized ports for all dog nails

Conairpro Professional Dog nail Grindder

  • Powerful motor
  • Made to last
  • Designed for safety of pets
  • Quite , Light weight
  • Protective adjustable cover
  • Extra band and stones included

PettingPal Dog nail Grinder

  • 20 Hour work time in one charge
  • Stepless Speed design
  • Super quite Motor
  • Safe and effective

Dremel 7300 PT Dog nail grinder

  • Professional Dog nail Grinder
  • Variable speed from 6500 to 1300 rpm
  • Light Weight, Silent
  • 2 year warranty on battery

Ruff n Ruffus Dog nail Grinder & Clipper

  • 6 Hour run time in single charge
  • USB Chargeable
  • Comes with an extra head and a clipper
  • Durable diamond bit
  • 40% lesser noise


  1. Are nail grinders good for dogs?

    It does not matter what you use, Nail Grinders or Clippers. What matters is the comfort of your dog and the ease of performing the task for you. If you are uncomfortable with the clipper, and most people are, Chances are you will like the grinder. Nail grinders are more precise and chances of hurting the dogs too is much lesser. Chances are, your dog will prefer the grinder better than the clippers any time. Clippers often tend to injure the dogs toe and dogs usually don't enjoy their nails being trimmed with a clipper. Grinders are silent and safer.

  2. Is it better to cut or grind dog nails?

    Grinding is often safer. Unlike Human nails, dogs' nails are different. While the nails do look long and ready to be cut to the shortest, dogs nails contain something called the Kwik which runs inside the nail . If you cut into the kwik, it will bleed and hurt your dogs. Trim our dogs nails regularly and the kwik will recede. Not knowing where the kwik begins and cutting your dogs nails will injure your dog and often create anxiety every time it sees a clipper. With a grinder, chances of injuring your dog is much lesser and you can control how much and how fast you can trim.

  3. How often should you grind your dog's nails?

    There is only one right answer to this question and it would be when your feel your dogs nails require trimming. Some dogs tend to have their nails grow slowly while others seem to grow them faster. The diet plays a major role in the growth of nails and hair but its also their lifestyle. If your dog is more outdoor and runs around in tarmac or concrete, his nails will be trimmed naturally. Digging too keeps the dogs nail slightly trimmed. Most small breed dogs, toy dogs and medium sized dogs which spend their time indoors will see their nails grow faster. Its not that their nails grow faster but they are not trimmed naturally. These dogs may need trimming more often than dogs that are outdoor and active. Older dogs too will require more grinding than younger dogs which are always active and playful. Watch your dogs nails often and if you feel that its ready for a trim, use the grinder. 

  4. Can you grind dog nails instead of clipping?

    For short nails , Grinders are more preferred than clipping. Its safer, silent and less stress for your dog. Clipping is ok for dogs too as long as you know how to do them. For most dog parents, its easier to use a nail grinder instead of a clipper because its safer, easy to use and you can control the nail grinder more easily than a clipper. Also, your dogs will prefer a grinder to a clipper anytime.

  5. Do dogs feel pain when you cut their nails?

    Yes dogs do feel pain if you don't take care while cutting their nails. Cutting nails are usually a stressful process for your dogs. They don't enjoy it and often try to avoid it because its painful. Once bitten twice shy. Making grooming an enjoyable process is important. If your dog is going to run every time he sees a clipper or trimmer, it will make the process horrendous for pet owners. Learn to make the dog like the process. Ensure that you don't hurt your dog when you are cutting nails. Use a grinder instead of a clipper. Ensure that you don't grind the dog's nails for more than a few seconds. Ensure that the grinding head is not hot before grinding your dog's nails. Taking small precautions can avoid injury to your dog and make the entire process easy for you and your dog.

  6. How do you grind overgrown dog nails?

    Do its slow and dont rush into it. A millimeter or two each time is safe. Cutting or grinding too deep into the nail often ends up cutting into the kwik of the dogs nails which hurts the dog. No matter how overgrown your dogs nails are, there is no short cut to getting it short again. Its more or less like a weight loss process or brushing your teeth. Cut a bit today and wait a few day to a week to come back again to it. By this time, the kwik would reced and the nails would be ready to be cut again. Everytime you cut the nails right, the kwik recedes and its safer for your dog to have his nails cut.

  7. What angle do you cut dogs nails?

    When you are cutting your dogs nails don't go flat out at 90 degrees . this is not the right way to cut the dogs nails. For an effective cut, grind the nails of your dog at 45 degrees or roughly around that angle. This not only gives your dog an effective cut but also ensures that you don't cut through the Quick / Kwik that easily. 

  8. How do I know where to clip my dog's nails if they are black?

    Lift your dogs paw carefully and look for a dark spot under the nail. If your dog's nails are black, you will find a darker shaded black spot. You can cut till that area as that black spot is often the beginning of the Kwik. Ensure that you grind the dog's nail at slow speed if the nails are already short and make sure that you do it at a 45 degree angle.

  9. How long is too long for dog nails?

    If your dog's paw is scratching on the surface of your floor everytime it walks or you hear a clicking sound every time he is about and around, its often the nails which are making the noise and it needs a bit of trimming. It sounds like your 5 year old was walking around with your high heels in the house. If you look carefully, the dog's nails should protrude from its paw nearly touching the floor. The nails should not touch the surface of the floor. If its touching the floor… its time for a trim.

  10. Does walking your dog trim their nails?

    Dog walking to some extent does trim the dogs nail. It depends on a few other factors too. Are you walking your dog on asphalt or concrete which is rough or in the park or in a smooth surface area. If the surface is rough, the nails will gradually trim down but it also depends on how long you walk your dog and how regularly you do it. Dog walking is not an alternative to trimming your dogs nail though. It isn't practical to walk your dog 2-3 hours every day for most people. 

  11. Does it hurt a dog when you cut the quick?

    The answer could be a quick Yes. It does hurt the dog if you cut the quick and thats one of the main reasons dogs hate getting their nails trimmed. If you have cut through the quick ever before, your dog will shy away when you try to cut its nail. You should be careful and practice cutting your dogs nails. The key is to trim only a bit every few days so that the quick recedes .

  12. Why does my dog scream when I cut his nails?

    Chances are , if you are using a clipper, you have either cut through the quick or you have bent the nails because you got the wrong position. Often its the quick which hurts the dogs.Even while grinding , you do sometimes go too close to the quick and that hurts .

  13. Do long nails hurt dogs?

    Long nails are a problem in dogs. While naturally its not so painful, activities like digging and playing in the park could be a problem. While they are playing or at the park, chances are they really don't care or feel the pain but later, you find the dog limping around at home because their nails hurt. Trimming your dogs nail regularly is important. Its safe for you and hygienic for your dog.

  14. How do you cut a scared or uncooperative dog's nails?

    Dogs need to be calm before you can cut their nails. If they have been injured previously due to the process, they will not be cooperative while you touch their paws or see a clipping or grinding device in your hand. Calm your dog and let him smell the device. Help him be comfortable around you, touching his paw and slowly move by touching the paw with the device while its not on. This may take time but once the dog realizes that there is nothing harmful in the device touching it, it will eventually calm down. This may take a day or two of practice. Once the dog is not really worried about the device any more, try to hold his paw. Most often the dog will not be worried anymore. Trim slowly and every nail you complete, treat the dog. Sooner or later, the dog will associate food with the process and will be encouraged to cooperate. Watch the video at .

  15. Can you use a regular Dremel on dog nails?

    While both the devices are nearly the same, a dremel is not really designed for grinding dog nails. Dog Nail grinders are designed for the purpose and are much more suitable for trimming dog nails. Avoid using a dremel on a dog or for that matter experimenting with odd devices. 

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