Belladonna is one of the few medicines for focal seizure. Belladonna works on your dog to control seizure, reduce its impact and time, soothes your dog and controls the situation pretty well. Once medicated, the dog tends to go into a calm state and sometimes curls up to a nap. If it’s going to a short nap, you can say that the medication worked. Belladonna needs to be administered with care. Essentially belladonna works in small doses for dogs and should be administered only when the dog is having an attack. Consider having your belladonna handy at all times.

Most dogs have seizures only once in a few months initially. But due to severe conditions like cancer and other prognoses with age, things may take a different turn with your dog having a seizure every month and sometimes every week. Having your medication by your side always helps during these periods of fits. Homeopathic medicine is still safe, and your chances of coming up with side effects are non-existent. Your dog will thank you for what you are doing. You can purchase Belladonna from

Note: Belladonna for dogs is not different from the normal belladonna for a human. Please consult your vet before considering any medication for your dog.

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