Adrenal Harmony Gold For Dog Cushings Disease

Adrenal Harmony was once known as Supraglan a Natural Remedy for Dog Cushings disease and Addison disease. Adrenal Harmony or Supraglan is known to balance the secretion of Adrenalin and maintain pituitary health in dogs. The Herbs in Adrenal Harmony is known to be used for centuries in the eastern countries.

Among the most common disease in dogs is cushings for dogs above the age of 10. Very rarely seen a decade ago, Cushings disease is taking a front seat now. Every 3rd dog after the age of 10 has the chances of being a cushings patient. understanding Cushing’s disease in dogs and the cause of the Cushings disease is most essential. Today there is a range of medication available for Cushings disease in dogs, but most veterinarians will tell you that Cushings disease is one among the few diseases where turnaround is very low. With the health of the dog already deteriorating, the traditional western medicines which are provided by the vet usually takes a toll on the dog’s health even more. Many of Cushing’s disease drugs provided to the dog are cancer remedies. These medications usually help the pituitary gland to function well but also comes with a range of side effects. This page describes some of the natural remedies and how it is different from the western medication your vet would prescribe.

Adrenal Harmony Gold

Symptoms of Cushings Disease in Dogs Explained

As discussed earlier, Cushing’s disease in dogs shows similar symptoms to other diseases. Below are some of the few symptoms dogs with Cushing’s disease show. Dog cushings symptoms are extensive and could be daunting for pet owners and veterinarians  The range of symptoms may differ from dog to dog and is not necessary that most dogs show all the symptoms. Some of the noted symptoms of Dog cushings disease are as below.

  • Bloated belly: The primary reason for the bloated belly is the excessive water and food consumption over a period of time. The thirst and the hunger which the dog exhibits are due to the excessive adrenalin in the body. Since this condition appears after a while, its a symptom which you will not see initially.
  • Increased thirst: You can see the dog which is affected by Cushing’s disease drinks a lot more water. There is a constant need for water and the bowl is almost always empty. This is one condition which is similar to Diabetic dogs. Diabetic dogs can have excessive thirst and many think that this could be diabetes.
  • Increased Urination: With increased water consumption, there is increased urination. This is not going to be helpful to the dog at all. Later stages of this symptom show the dog dribbling and sometimes not being able to control the situation.
  • Increased Appetite: The dog seems to be always hungry and this is also a condition similar to diabetic dogs. Though these dogs may show the same conditions, Blood sugar level when checked seems to be always normal.
  • Loss Of hair: Over a period of time, the coat dim’s. Later stages will see loss of hair and the dog becomes mangy.
  • Panting: Panting is also seen in most dogs with Cushing’s Disease.
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Increased susceptibility to infections.
  • increase in Water consumption, excessive thirst.
  • Increase in Urination, Accidents in House trained dogs are common when the dog is suffering from Cushing’s disease.
  • Increased appetite. There is no limit to the dog’s appetite when suffering from Cushing’s disease. They eat far more than what they used to and beg constantly for food. You may also find them Stealing food and ruining trash cans in search of food.
  • Constant eating ends the dog with a pot belly, usually bloated and surely uncomfortable. You can see a weight gain which is abnormal or weight loss in some cases due to loss of lean muscles.
  • Bony appearance in the head area.
  • Constantly dehydratedExcessive panting and inability to maintain a normal workout which was common before. The dogs with cushings disease usually tend to find a lone spot to rest and are hardly responsive to people and don’t want to play like before.
  • There is notable hair loss in the body area except for head and limb area. The skin is usually thin and easy to be hurt. There is no sign of any skin related problems or scratching/itching.
  • The coat turns dry and brittle. and the dog generally is more susceptible to infections. Urinary related infections are common in dogs with Cushings disease
  • Diabetic and pancreatic seizures are common in dogs with Cushings disease

Cushings Disease Diagnosis

A Veterinary Doctor should be consulted to diagnose Cushing’s disease in your dog. Since most of the symptoms of Cushing’s disease are similar to that of other diseases including diabetes, it’s not wise to judge that your dog has Cushing’s disease based on the symptoms. Your veterinary doctor will most likely do a dexamethasone test to confirm if your dog has Cushing’s disease. Once the diagnosis is done, there will be a lot of Blood tests and therapy based on the diagnosis. The disease could be expensive to treat in dogs and most likely fatal in the advanced stage. A normal life of a Cushing’s disease dog is 2 1/2 years to 3 years after diagnosis.

Cushings disease shows symptoms ranging from pot belly to increased urination and thirst, hunger. These symptoms are generally mixed up with other problems and are hard to confirm if it is indeed Cushings disease in the first place. a 4 step blood, a urine test will confirm if your dog is indeed suffering from Cushing’s disease. with that said, the tests could be expensive and the treatment in a normal vet could cost you anywhere between a $300 a month to $1000 depending on the condition and the type of treatment.
While most vets would tell you that a surgery is the most practical remedy to cure Cushing’s disease, the healing time of a surgery could be hard and long. most pets cannot undergo the after-effects of the surgery and usually find it hard to cope up with the pain. Unfortunately, due to the age factor too, it becomes difficult for the dogs to heal fast.

Adrenal Harmony Gold is a homeopathic remedy for Cushing’s disease in dogs. This disease is caused due to the excess production of adrenal hormones as a result of side effects of some corticosteroid drugs or by abnormal functioning of that gland. Sometimes it can be caused by the tumor in the pituitary gland also. Adrenal Harmony Gold is safe to use on any day without having to worry about side effects. It is an herbal preparation that includes many medicinal herbs that have been used for treating many diseases in the past and present.

Adrenal Harmony Gold is manufactured by Pet wellbeing and is formulated by expert veterinarians, giving importance to the expected effects while selecting the herbs. The herbs selected have an overall effect in dealing with all the known symptoms of Cushing’s disease.

Ingredients Of Adrenal Harmony Gold

  • Fresh Ashwagandha root: An adaptogen that assists in lowering the blood pressure and in controlling the mood and stress level. It is also used in treating tumors and liver problems.
  • Holy Basil leaf: It helps in balancing liver functions and adrenal glands. It is anti-inflammatory and helps heal wounds and relives skin problems.
  • Fresh Turmeric rhizome:  It is antioxidant, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. It is used in treating liver problems, skin infections, or skin itching etc. It helps in the effect of Adrenal Harmony Gold since skin problems are one of the main symptoms.
  • Bacopa herb:  Bacopa is a stress reliever and helps in other brain-related or psychological conditions.
  • Sarsaparilla root:  Sarsaparilla helps in excreting toxins from the body and protects liver function; maintaining blood pressure. It also improves appetite, helpful in Adrenal Harmony Gold to regulate the excess appetite in dogs.
  • Astragalus root:  An immune system stimulator that helps the body to adapt to stress and resist any microbial infection.
  • Milk Thistle seed:  A protector of liver against toxins or chemicals by helping in its excretion. It also aids in denaturing those excess hormones.
  • Blessed Thistle flower:  Bit is used in treating skin troubles, supports liver functioning, heals infections and also in normalizing urine flow.
  • Chaste Tree berry:  Used as a hormone regulator and is much useful in Adrenal Harmony in controlling or eliminating the excess hormone in the body.
  • Prickly Ash bark:  It is a body tonic and stimulant, it improves the immune system, and helps relieve fever due to infections.

Cushing’s disease in dogs is the result of the presence of excess adrenal gland hormones due to the side effects of certain prescribed drugs. It may also result because of a tumor in the adrenal gland. Adrenal Harmony Gold is an excellent remedy for this disease. This homeopathic liquid medication helps the canines in relieving the many symptoms of Cushing’s disease, increased thirst, and appetite, loss of hair, high blood pressure, frequent urination, panting and increased susceptibility to infections.

Why to buy Adrenal Harmony Gold

Adrenal Harmony Gold is developed by experienced veterinarians and is suitable for both older and young pets. It is both antioxidant and supports the nervous system. It is also adaptogenic, which means it helps nourish and balance the adrenals and has a normal energy level. Adrenal Harmony Gold is made with medicinal herbs like Ashwagandha root, basil leaf, turmeric, bacopa, sarsaparilla root, astragalus root, milk thistle seed, blessed thistle flower, chaste tree berry and prickly ask bark in a glycerin-based medium with de-ionized water and natural bacon flavor to make it acceptable for the canines.

These ingredients work together to give the expected effect of Adrenal Harmony Gold. Milk thistle seed, turmeric, and sarsaparilla root help liver in excreting any toxins inside the body, astralgaus aids in immune system functioning, the holy basil and chaste tree berry helps in maintaining the hormone level since it affects the pituitary glands actions. The prickly ash bark is a great help in maintaining a normal flow of lymphatic and capillary circulations.

Adrenal Harmony Gold is administered with the use of a dropper and the number of drops depends on the weight of the pet. The quantity is one drop for every 2 pounds of body weight for the pet that weighs up to 50 lbs. One additional drop is applicable for every 4 lbs for pets who weigh more than 50 pounds. It is given twice daily. Since Adrenal Harmony has a bacon flavor pets would be willing to have it directly into their mouth. In case they don’t prefer direct administration the drops may be mixed with the food and given.

As much as Adrenal Harmony is safe and convenient to use. Pets who are pregnant or those who are taking any blood thinners must stay away from this. It is always safe if a veterinarian is consulted before administering.

For dogs who are suffering from Cushing’s disease, here’s a complete herbal blend of ingredients called Adrenal harmony gold for Dog Cushings which comes with a 90 money back guarantee.

Those who are not aware, Cushing’s disease starts from the adrenal gland due to overproduction of the hormone known as Cortisol. Sometimes, it can develop into a cancerous tumor if your pooch is consuming medication such as Prednisone for rheumatic ailments etc. While some need prolonged usage of medication, those with tumor requires surgery.

All these medications promote side effects on your pet’s body. It is better to go for herbal products such as Adrenal harmony gold for Dog Cushings that support the health of your “spot”. Adrenal harmony gold for Dog Cushings contains only herbal ingredients that are prepared to keep Good Manufacturing Practices in mind.

Dosage & Directions of Adrenal Harmony Gold

Adrenal Harmony Gold for Dog Cushings comes in the liquid formula which can be ingested into your dog’s mouth. Just give one drop for a 2lb of body weight up to 50 lb. If your dog is over 50lb, include one drop for an additional 4lb. This liquid comes in delightful bacon flavor which will be relished by your pooch.

Do note that Adrenal Harmony Gold for Dog Cushings should not be consumed if your dog is pregnant or consuming blood thinners. Side effect includes slight irritation in the GI which does not last long. Do consult your dog’s Vet before ingesting any medication.

Adrenal Harmony Gold by Pet wellbeing is a herbal supplement for dogs who are suffering from Cushing’s disease. There are a lot of reviews available in various sites of which almost all are positive.

Adrenal Harmony Gold for Dog Cushings Reviews

For dogs who are suffering from Cushing’s disease, Adrenal Harmony Gold is the ultimate remedy for increasing your dog’s life.

Adrenal Harmony Gold for Dog Cushings is made out of complete herbal ingredients such as Holy Basil leaf, Astragalus root, Fresh Ashwagandha root, blessed Thistle flower etc. and many more which helps your dog by:

  • excreting toxic waste from their body
  • boosting the immune system
  • calming their senses and healing any inflammation
  • balancing the Cortisol hormones as overproduction leads to Cushing’s
  • supports the function of the liver and maintains blood pressure levels

Adrenal Harmony Gold comes in drops formula which helps in easily ingestion in your pets. The bacon flavor easily suits your dog’s taste.

There are a lot of reviews about Adrenal Harmony Gold online and most are quite positive. Many pet owners who have ordered this product are satisfied with the results. Their claim is though this product takes it own time, you can see better results within a few weeks of consumption. A pet owner whose dog was diagnosed with Cushing’s at the age of 12 had undergone a lot of tests and consumed steroids very much. The pet owner’s dog is now 16 is completely healed from Cushing’s after consuming Adrenal harmony gold for about a year and does not pant or drink excess water.

However, another side claims that this is another false hoax like many other herbal products available on the market and does not promise much. A review from a dog owner who was feeding Adrenal Harmony Gold for months did not see any progress in his pet’s health.

Adrenal Harmony Gold has been in the market for quite a while now and is currently among the topmost herbal supplements for dogs. Choose products wisely and DO NOT go with your own instinct. Look up a lot of reviews from people who give the definitive statement about their experiences with a product and always consult your Veterinarian before ingesting any medication on your dogs especially if she is pregnant or taking blood thinners.