Dog cushings disease affects over 80% of all old dogs. there seem to be no much reasons for the Cushings disease to occur in dogs. Some dogs are more prone to cushings than others but there is no reason a particular dog cannot be affected with the Cushings disease.

Cushing’s disease is usually preventable with the right diet and exercises. Cure, on the other hand, is not fully evolved in prescription medicine. Natural remedies have been found effective in the dog with the Cushings disease for a larger extent. While prescription medicines usually bring in a lot of side effects and also reducing the dog’s lifespan a lot, Natural medicines slow down the process of cushings and sometimes have been found to reverse the effect totally.

Natural and homeopathic medicine for Dog Cushing’s disease includes Adrenal Harmony gold. Adrenal harmony gold is a fully natural medicine with ingredients sourced from organic plants. The effect of these ingredients has been separately tested since ages. From ancient India to The Chinese and even the Egyptians have used one or more of these ingredients to control symptoms similar to Cushing’s disease in humans. Adrenal Harmony Gold is packed with the same ingredients which we humans have tested on us. The problem of hyper adrenal disease, Cushing’s disease is also a condition seen in humans but treatment are more effective than in pets. We urge you to check out the website for Adrenal harmony gold from the below link before you proceed any further.