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Activated charcoal for Parvo in Dogs

Activated charcoal for horses, cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, dogs, cat, poultry and birds. Natural antidote for poisoning and to control diarrhea – e.g. as a result of food poisoning. It is vegetable-based and able to adsorb numerous harmful or undesirable substances that may be present in the gastro-intestinal tract.

Natural medicines are sometimes wonderful and far more effective than traditional Prescription drugs. Activated Charcoal for Parvo Disease in Dogs is one of the many examples that works naturally and so effectively.

How to use activated charcoal for parvo?

An Experienced Dog owner with several cases of Parvo tried the Active charcoal treatment in her pups and found it to work in less than 8 hours. The pup which was dehydrated for more than 3 days started eating the next morning after treatment. Most dogs with Parvo disease abstain from drinking or eating altogether. There is a significant symptom of Parvo disease in dogs which are best analyzed by doctors. But if you are in doubt, active charcoal is very safe. Administer active charcoal 2-3 times a day in a 8 hour period gap. This will lead your dog to stop vomiting regularly and give your dog a bit more energy. Absorption in the body will usually increase and they will find the need to eat. Moreover, the Parvovirus will find its way out with the active charcoal ingredients in the body.

VetDtox™ Activated Charcoal Powder For Pets
Activated charcoal for Parvo is wonderful in stopping vomits in dogs with Parvo. Activated Charcoal for Parvo Disease in Dogs works naturally and so effectively.

Note: Activated charcoal is not recommended for more than 3 administrations. The gap between each administration should not be less than 8 hours. Administering Activated charcoal regularly will lead to lack of absorption in the body which may affect the dog adversely. Activated charcoal for Parvo is Wonderful in stopping Vomits in dogs with Parvo. In most cases, The Pup will vomit the first or even the second time but will be stable thereafter.

My personal Experience with Parvo and Activated charcoal came 3 years ago. Luckily i still have my pup (which is now a fully grown dog) alive. The first problem was that the pup had to get a vaccination on the 90th day. The 90th day vaccination usually stops most of the viruses and that includes parvo. I was a week late when the Parvo virus hit. Sadly it was not possible to vaccinate a pup which was already infected with the virus. So i had to get the virus out and then get the pup to vaccinate.

The Problem just started there. The pup started deteriorating and quite steeply. The second day the dog stopped eating . The third day there was no water consumption too. The 5th day i was sure that this was going to be the end. The vet could do nothing much but put him on saline. 2 bottles of saline was going to dehydrate. The vet wouldnt help. I had to do something and came acroos the Activated charcoal tests on the internet. I couldnt get activated charcoal from stores nearby . It was getting impossible and i had to get to make my own active charcoal. This was probably the worst idea but i was desperate. The first dose of home made activated charcoal powder was force fed on the fifth day evening. Sixth day i wasnt hoping for much. As a matter of fact i was just hoping that she wasnt dead. Thankfully she wasnt dead but she wasnt any better. The active charcoal was probably not helping on the first dose but it wasnt making things worse either. Second dose was on the sixth day. And then i had to try some herbal remedies with it. Mostly to clean up the tummy. A stuff which i take usually for Viral fevers and malaria, a thing called sudarshan Powder was added to the Activated charcaol an force fed on day 6 and 7. By day 7 nothing much was happening. The dog was dehydrated but not drinking still. The second dose of saline was administered on the 7th day. the 8th day, the pup started making improvements. Started drinking small cap full of waters. the 9th day it was better again. More water. The 11th day was on with milk and liquid food. The dog recovered completely in 30 days.

Frankly I thought the dog wouldnt survive. The rottweiler is now 3 years old and healthy. She does scare most people with just her looks . She is harmless most of the time(except for birds and rodents). Charcoal tablets are not available in many stores in india. Its hardly used . You get them online but when you have an emergency, You cant order things online and hope it will arrive in a week or 2. its useless.I personally wouldt really worry about dosage. Dosage for activated charcoal which has no side effects… get the dog 2-3 pills if its an adult. 1 if its a pup. Repeat for 2-3 times a day. there is no charcoal poisoning. or overdose for that matter

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