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9 Reasons Why Your Dog Will Make Your Life So Much Better

Anyone who owns and loves a dog knows it how hard it is to live without them. Yes, I too had the same experience when I lost Rony. Rony was my first pet and we really had a good time when he was there with us. But one fine morning, we saw him missing. We searched him all over our place and found no where. It was that boring and stressful for me. Considering my passion towards dogs, my dad gifted me another sweet puppy on my next birthday. Yaa hooo !!!!!!! Now, am really happy and feels like am on top of the world. 

Several studies have shown that owning a dog has many benefits to the dog owner – for his physical and mental well-being. Following are some of the health benefits a dog owner will get from his dog.

A walk with your dog is like you get your body full recharged: When you take your dog for a walk, its like you are also getting a walk. This will help owners who are actually looking for losing weight as a walk will help you in shedding the excess pounds from your body.

Walking with your dogs will help you stay more active than people who don’t go for a walk. A 2006 Canadian study have found that dog owners were more likely to participate in modern physical activity than those who didn’t go for a walk. Compared to non-dog owners, owners walked an average of 300 minutes per week.

Dogs strengthen the bonding between humans: Recent study at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University found that people who have strong connections to their pets also have social and relationship benefits. I completely agree to this statement. The researchers surveyed 500 candidates of 18-26 year old and found that those who had strong attachment to pets reported feeling more connected to relationships and communities. They also found that more attached a person was to his dog, the more empathetic and confident he or she was.

Some dogs can detect cancer in humans: When properly trained, your dogs can detect if a person has colorectal cancer, just by sniffing the person’s breath. He can also detect whether the person has colorectal cancer just by smelling a person’s stool. It is said that a dog’s sense of smell is up to a million times better than a human’s. 

Dogs will ensure that you don’t eat things that you are allergic to: Dogs trained from Florida Canine Academy can smell even the slightest hint of peanut in a room. This becomes highly beneficial for people who have intense peanut allergies. These dogs are so good that thy even detect peanuts in a cookie or in a candy bar that is wrapped in a lunch box.

Just a look at your dog will make you feel happier: Studies conducted in Miho Nagasawa of Azabu University, Japan found that just by looking at your dog, the oxytocin level raised intensely after interacting with their dogs. The interaction here is just a stare into their dog’s eyes. Those who looked into their dog’s eyes for a long time had bigger dose of oxytocin.

Dogs help in calming down your stress levels: One of the psychology professor at Buffalo University – Karen Walker performed a series of tests that proved dogs can help reduce people’s everyday stress. She found that the stress levels of the owner was significantly low when the dog was there in the room.

Your dog will help prevent your child from developing eczema: A study conducted in 2010 found that children who were allergic to dogs but lived with at least one of them during their first year of life had lower risk of developing the chronic skin condition eczema by age 4.

You will start appreciating the simple things in life when you start owning a dog: We humans are very bad in appreciating good things, even the simple things. But when we have dogs at ourt home, we start accepting even the simple things and feel happy for the small things he do. This will benefit you in your social life as well.

Your dog will force you to be social: When you take your dog for a walk, you are forced to interact with people because you have to walk with that dog in public. Seeing a cute pup alongside you will make them initiate a chat.

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