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5 Home Remedies That Worked For My Cesar To Get Rid Of Allergies – Home Remedies To Help Ease Dog’s Allergy Symptoms

It really hurts me when I see Cesar suffering from allergies, his red eyes and red spots on the scratched spots are one of the most hurtful things for me. Although there are several natural medications available for treating our dog’s health issues, I always love to go for home remedies. When I had a sunburn on my face, I tried all those ointments and face creams to get rid of the mark, but found no results. It was when I applied aloe Vera gel on to the spot that I found a great relief. Now the mark is no where seen on my face and now I am a believer of natural remedies, be it for me or for Cesar.

My dog has a problem of getting allergic to a variety of things. If he is new to a place, he starts showing uneasiness. If its a hot sunny day, he keeps itching and licking. I wanted to know what actually was his problem and found out that these were his allergic symptoms. So how am I gonna treat his allergic symptoms with home remedies? Is it possible? Well, definitely YES. I had found some after googling and some from my vet friend.

Following are some of the home remedies that can actually help your dog ease from dog allergy symptoms;

  • Apply herbal topicals: Cesar used to scratch a lot and I used to bath him once in 3 days. But nothing found effective unless I tried applying peppermint spray. You can make it yourself at home. Mix 3 small cups of rubbing alcohol with a quarter cup of peppermint oil and allow the solution to get settled. Pour all the solution in a spray bottle and spray it on affected areas specially neck, back etc. To avoid fleas attacking your dog, you can also spray it on pet’s bedding and household carpets.
  • Clean your dog’s ears with white vinegar: My friend told me this idea as his dog had ear infections caused by allergies. He put a few drops of white vinegar inside his dog’s ear. He did this only after he was confirmed that his dog was suffering from ear infection. The possible symptoms of dog ear infection includes shaking his head a lot, your dog has a lot of brown-pink ear wax, scratching and rubbing his ears and has a nasty smell coming from them. Even if you take your dog to a vet, he would suggest you to pour a tiny amount of white vinegar inside the ear canal and gently massage the area before wiping the outer ear with a cotton ball.
  • Reach for apple cider vinegar: I searched for a remedy with apple cider vinegar to ease dog’s allergy symptoms and found one from google. If your dog’s skin has become so itchy that he has scratched a lot or licked his paws so much that a hot spot has popped up, then spray some apple cider vinegar directly onto the spot. This will help to dry up the spot within 24 hours and keep you from having to shave the area in order to treat it. Apple cider vinegar is also found effective for getting relief from liquid cough, runny nose and clear water discharge coming from your dog’s eyes. Adding a pinch of apple cider vinegar on his diet would also do the job. For a 50 lb dog, add 1 teaspoon twice each day to your dog’s food.
  • Switch on to a natural diet: During the end of spring, Cesar used to vomit badly. We took him to our vet and he said it was symptoms of diarrhea caused from food allergies. There can be many reasons why your dog isn’t ok with the food. The commercial dog foods that you get today are loaded with preservatives and additives that some dogs are allergic to. You can stop feeding him the dog food that you have been feeding him, instead prepare food for your dog using only natural ingredients. If you find any change in your dog , then he is probably allergic to one of the preservatives or additives. Either buy dog food that does not have those ingredients, or continue to prepare your dog’s food from now on.
  • Bathe your dog often: The common form of dog allergies is related to environmental allergies, which include pollen and dust mites. This can be eliminated if you bathe your dog with soothing dog shampoos ( not with human shampoos) and conditioners. It is highly recommended that you use dog shampoos instead of human shampoos as dog shampoos will keep irritants off your pup’s skin and coat. If your dog looks neat and clean and you think he doesn’t need a constant bath, wipe off hos feet and legs after he comes home. 

These are some of the remedies I tried at home instead of going for vet prescribed medicines. Keep in mind if your dog has severe symptoms caused by skin infections, blood in the urine or stool or pustules in the ear, you need to take him to the vet asap. For a healthy and long life of your dog, it is good to add olive oil to your dog’s food.

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