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5 Cute Things Your Dog Does That Actually Could Be A Cry For Help

To be frank, I was not that fond of dogs. I even didn’t like them coming and lying on our bed (not mine, my friend’s). I still remember those days when I used to cry and run away from dogs when I used to stay with my grannie. But all this changed when my sister Sherly bought one cute Golden Retriever. His shining eyes really brought a spark in me. At first, I never used to even spend time with him. When Sherly used to take him for walk, I was happy that he was not there at home for that time being.

I used to lock my room so that he won’t get into and mess up with my things. But then I started noticing that when I come home from work, he used to wag his tail and come behind me as if I have brought him his treat. I started loving him slowly and gradually. Today, I take him for a walk, bath him and feed him with his favorite food. He started being my world and my happiness. Not just his happiness, his worries started bothering me so much.

This is why I wanted to write an article for all the dog owners as they won’t be knowing about their dog’s actual problems. Dogs behave in different ways and do some truly amusing things. Although most of their antics are fun and cute to watch, there are a few that can actually be something related to a health issue. Here are some of the dog signs you need to seriously take care of;

  • Scooting: People laugh when they see a dog sliding his bottom across the floor or carpet. This is actually not a healthy sign as it is associated with pain and itching. A common cause is infection of the anal sacs. Anal sacs are small glands located on either side of the anus. Normally sacs empty their fluid when the dog excretes, but if the secretions are thickened or the emptying ducts clogged, the gland becomes over full and uncomfortable for the dog. Next time you notice your dog scooting, it is sign that you need to take him to the vet.
  • Rubbing his face: Rubbing his face is a common sign seen in almost all dogs, especially during the end of spring. This is because of the seasonal allergies and that his face is irritating or itching. He might also rub his eyes or ears. Sometimes the rubbing becomes so excessive to rub the hair away around the eyes. Make sure his eyes and ears are alright and there is nothing stuck in the mouth. Dogs who constantly rub their face over carpet or floor are doing so for a reason. Tell you vet and get your dog treated asap.
  • Bowing: Dogs have a habit of bowing when they are in fun mode. Play bows are usually easy to differentiate because the dog is bowing with glee and anticipation. But when your dog bows at rest, it means that he is showing a sign of abdominal pain. One reason why your dog is having abdominal pain is because of pancreatitis. This occurs when dogs eat high fat foods. Consult your vet when you see him bow next time.
  • Tail chasing: Most often we see dogs (either owned or not) chasing their tail and ignore them thinking that they are just his time-pass gestures. But sometimes this type of behavior is a sign of an underlying problem like spinal abnormality, pain or dermatological issue.
  • Kicking a foot when scratched: When you see your dog kick his back foot, its an indication of excessive itching. Dogs who are not allergic or parasite-free don’t spend a lot of time scratching. He does this because of the flea-attack. So don’t forget to go to the vet if you see your dog kicking his back foot.

For many of us, including me, its our dog that make our day more brighter and happier. If you notice any behavior of your dog suspicious or abnormal, please ask your vet for further assistance. It just takes a few minutes and your dog will thank you for what you have done for him.

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