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4 Foods That Help Remedy Dog Bad Breath Naturally

I didn’t know that these 4 foods that help remedy dog bad breath naturally was really effective

You know, dog bad breath is a common problem but yet many people opt to ignore it until the last stage? Two years back, my poodle Ginger, one year old at that time, started having smelly breath. I did some extra care in cleaning its teeth but the problem persisted. Like others, I was a big fan of internet and surfed all that I could find out. I was aiming to find a solution other than the drugs or chemicals. There were many natural remedies.

Recommended Dog Foods

It was not until 4 months that I could boast that, see the difference? May be I was giving her too low. Anyways, what matters is that I got positive results. Here are those 4 miraculous veggies that helped by Ginger get her sweet breath back.

Carrot was the most doubtful of all these remedies. It was supposed to scrub the tartar from the canine’s teeth, while it crunches it. It also helps produce more saliva to wash down the bacteria. The vitamins and other nutrients in them were added advantage. Ginger loved the baby carrots and was ready to have 2 or more at a time. Initially I did the mistake of giving her the cooked carrots. I put the carrots in boiling water for a while, I was not supposed to. The 3rd day on wards I did right by providing her the raw carrots with all its crunchiness.

Lemon seemed to be the easiest of all. I squeezed the juice of half a lemon in to her drinking water. With lemon I was careful to start low in dose and increase it gradually. I started with adding a teaspoon of lemon juice in one gallon of water and checked if she picked up the taste different. She didn’t and I continued to add more amount of lemon juice into the water. I also used this lime water to clean her teeth.

I used mint in her crackers. I am a lazy person and used the ready to use salt free crackers for canines from shop. Crunch these crackers and mix it with a quarter cup of mint leaves. Chop the leaves well to help in thorough mixing. Add a little water to this mix, little at a time to bind it together. Take out the dough little by little into small balls or in any shape. Once you have used the entire dough, place these in a wax paper and it goes into the freezer. Once it is set, you have the mint crackers that cure the bad breath in dogs. I also tried the iced mint tea. She was ok with it as long as it is ice shaped. The liquid form, she didn’t prefer.

Parsley is the controversial one among these natural bad breath remedies. There were different schools of thoughts. One said it was ok for the dogs while the others had the opinion that it is not. As long as the leaves help reduce the bad breath, who is complaining, not me. I left all the debate to the scientists. I knew parsley could not be bad my beauty and I tried. Guess what, it might have worked. The supposed antibacterial activity of parsley leaves has killed the bad breath causing bacteria.

All these vegetables helped remove the tartar and other food particles from the dog’s teeth to make its oral cavity cleaner. It also worked with the digestive system it seems. Since both oral care and digestive system are the main culprits for bad breath, these veggies might have done their work well to get me positive results. Now my Ginger has non-smelly breath, I am still continuing with the lime water and occasional mint tea cubes. I must say that I am relieved and happy. I couldn’t ask for more.

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