Oral Care

DentaSure All-Natural Oral Care SPRAY & GEL for Dogs and Cats – 4 oz – ONE of EACH

Today, pet owners are becoming more and more aware of the importance of their dogs and cats dental health. However, dental cleanings are expensive, and not everyone can afford them regularly. Also, pet owners will not like their pets to put under harmful anesthesia. In addition, your pet will not like brushing their teeth. Hence, […]

Eye Care

Primalix Cataractin for Cataracts in Dogs & Cats >BEST SELLER

Primalix Cataractin for cataracts in dogs and cats is a herbal supplement that helps pet owners to maintain healthy and clear vision in their pets thus eliminating chances of surgery. The herbal extracts of Primalix Cataractin contain powerful antioxidants that improve blood circulation in the ocular and cerebral area thus assisting in better eyesight for […]

Arthritis in Dog

Arthritis Double Power Pack – >BEST SELLER

Arthritis Double Power Pack comes with the combination of two powerful products – Primalix Arthridia for relief from pain and inflammation PLUS Flexasure Cell Cleanse and Joint Hydration Formula. These two proven formula work hand-in-hand to alleviate any arthritic symptoms such as pain, inflammation in joints etc. The product is recommended for both cats and […]