Cannabiscuits For Dogs

Cannabiscuits for Dogs
  • Biscuits with original CBD
  • Wonderful treats for dogs
  • Wonderful treats for dogs
  • Wonderful treats for dogs
  • Wonderful treats for dogs
  • Wonderful treats for dogs

Instant relief for dogs with joint problems and pain related issues. Proven and no side effects. 

Canna Biscuits or CBD Biscuits and treats can help your dog with various health problems from arthritis, pain, cancer recovery and digestive issues. CBD or Cannabinoids are not the same as Marijuana which has high THC levels. CBD is non intoxicating and proven to be safe. Its a natural herb and a natural way to treat conditions in dogs. It has been tested widely in humans and pet owners have been using it effectively to cure or control conditions in dogs.

Canna Biscuits are easier for dogs to consume and it’s tasty. Its also easy for humans to administer the right dosage. Drops in the form of oil are available but could be tedious to administer. Though medicated, the biscuits are flavoured encouraging the dogs to eat them as treats.

Warning : Not all CBD oil is good. Ensure that the CBD oil is derived from Hemp and not marijuana. The CBD derived from Marijuana has higher content of THC which is toxic to your dog. THC is a psychoactive ingredient . High THC Levels will have adverse effects for your pet and sometimes may be fatal. A THC Level of 0.03 or lower is recommended for pets. 

Canna Biscuits ingredients, Flavours and More

Canna Biscuits are 100% organic. They come in 3 different flavours and are available in 227 Gram Packs. There are approximately 40 biscuits in a pack. Each biscuit is bite sized and easy to consume for your dog. They contain organic ingredients and the ingredients vary from each flavour. Unlike many brands which use flavouring agents, Canna biscuits use the ingredients in its natural form in their products. 

Instant relief for dogs with joint problems and pain related issues. Proven and no side effects. 


Peanut Banana Apple Organic And vegan


  • Barley Flour, 
  • Peanut Flour,
  • Bananas, 
  • Applesauce, 
  • Peanuts, 
  • Flax Seed, 
  • Hemp.

Calories : 28 Calories Per biscuit



  • Barley Flour,
  • Farm Raised Turkey, 
  • Cranberries, 
  • Carrots, 
  • Cinnamon, 
  • Sage, Hemp.

Calories : 27 Calories per biscuit

Maple Bacon 

  • barley flour, 
  • cured bacon, 
  • maple powder, 
  • cinnamon, 
  • Hemp.

Calorie : 28 Calorie Per biscuit

Recommended Serving Size

Note : All Advanced Biscuits contain 2.4 mg CBD per biscuit

All ingredients are Organic and sourced naturally

Instant relief for dogs with joint problems and pain related issues. Proven and no side effects. 

What diseases can be treated with Canna Biscuits and CBD

  • Arthritis: CBD is known to relieve pain in the joints for dogs and humans. Aging dogs, its found to be very effective. Results may be seen in a few hours and regular usage for up to a week can relieve arthritis-related pain to a good extent. Your dog will be able to move around normally and will live without pain for a longer period of time and all without side effects. Research at reveals that CBD oil serves as a protectant for nerves and essentially cures Arthritis over time.
  • Anxiety: CBD oil which results in activating CB1 which is related to THC is known to have cognitive effects. This usually results in Drowsiness and High. The CB2 component usually helps gain immunity but has a great effect in controlling mood and anxiety. Research shows that people with ARthritis were known to have 2-10 times the chance of being anxious. With CBD oil, it not only cures arthritis, but a lot of people have seen results with anxiety too.
  • Digestion: Overtime and age, most dogs will have a lower appetite. With Pain related to arthritis or other health conditions, dogs will tend to eat lesser. It’s a common way their body combats pain-related problems. Over time the pain will not reduce but their health will weaken. It’s hard to force a dog to eat and they have to be willing to do so themselves. With CBD oil, dogs tend to have more appetite straight from the first dose. Over time, it not only relieves pain but also helps the dog eat better, giving your dog more energy and nutrition to recover from health problems
  • Inflammation: An article ( on research on mice has shown evidence of how mice react to sciatic pain and inflammation. A mouse with the surgical incision is tested to show positive results in treatment with CBD oil. It has also been noted that the mice recovered from sciatica and there were no inflammation-related problems.
  • Cancer: Cancer is one condition that is known to affect a large number of dogs. While there is a lot of propaganda on CBD oil and Marijuana and the cure for cancer, most of them are not tested. CBD oil will not help with treating cancer and it’s not to be considered as a cure. There is no evidence of CBD oil or THC in curing cancer. But what CBD oil does is relieve pain related to cancer. Chemotherapy and Surgeries usually take a toll on dogs. Even if your dog hasn’t gone through treatment for cancer, the condition itself is very painful for your dog. CBD oil can help relieve pain related to cancer and cancer treatment effectively.
  • Seizure: 89% of dogs suffering from Seizures found immediate relief with CBD. the study by Science Daily ( How CBD affects dogs with seizure. The CBD oil used in the research was derived from hemp, the same plant which is used in canna biscuits too. 
  • Pain: With old age, there are problems related to pain. Chronic pain is a condition that is very common in dogs. CBD oil helps with pain-related problems. May it is arthritis or cancer, the results are the same. 

Source :

Side effects of Canna Biscuits and CBD Oils in general

Though Natural , Some dogs (up to 3% ) show signs of side effects to CBD products. If you see any side effects to the CBD biscuits by canna pets, Stop administering the product immediately and consult a Veterinarian if required.

Side effects of CBD or Canna Biscuits include

  • Drowsiness
  • Vomiting.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Itching.
  • Dizziness

Though many of the research shows that there is no interaction of CBD oil or CBD products with other drugs, it’s often found that CBD could accelerate and increase the potency of the drug administered. Consult your vet if your pet is already on some form of medication. Your vet may help adjust the dosage of their medication or the serving size of Canna Biscuits to match the requirements of your pet

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First Aid Kits For Dogs on a Hike and everything in Them

I never carried a first aid kit for a hike for a long long time. I just took off and never bothered about accidents or injuries on the hike. Thankfully none happened.  It was one of those few trips when an elderly uncle decided to join me. Fortunately for me, he was not new to hiking and had been hiking for over 40 years. Sometimes with his dogs , sometimes alone and always with his wife nearby. He had climbed mountains (Mount Kenya was a frequent hiking destination for the couple) covered some of the savannahs and was a frequent visitor to the Masai mara. With his experience, I was bound to learn a few things.

Our trip was eventful, but that is for another day. We hiked 9 hours that day and it was a gruelling task. But it would have been worse without Fateh (that’s my uncle) and Mina (my aunt) around. At the age of 60 they did what I found hard at 30. What was very interesting was the first aid kit they carried. While they did carry a decent amount of food, a Walking pole and a list of things for their dog, including a rope (which he says he had never used till date), The First aid kit was the most interesting. 

It was not a first aid kit for just humans, but also had specific items which were for the dogs. The Bandaids were different and there were saline solutions, which I have never used and never thought was important on a first aid kit. 

This is when I realized that its important for a dog owner to have a first aid kit for their dogs. It was going to be helpful for the dog and god know, may be me too! 

What do you really need in a first aid kit for your dog? The usual Bandaids, antiseptics, a scissor and a tweezer. That’s what most people think at first. And it’s true. Most of the time, these are the only things you will need. But with a dog, things get a bit more difficult and different. Unlike humans, who dont stick their nose around everything in the wild, dogs have a tendency to be more explorative. This causes some harm . A bee sting, a porcupine sting, an allergy to fire ants or chewing on something in the wild could all create problems which could be inconvenient for the dogs if not fatal.

So what should a first aid kit contain when you are out hiking with your dog? Is it the same as those needed for humans? What else do you require and where can you get them? 

To Being With, Let’s take a look at some of the situations which would require a first aid kit. 

  1. Insect Stings : Insect stings are inevitable when it comes to a backcountry hiking trip. You never know what’s going to sting you. With a wide range of insects in the woods, chances are you will have an encounter or two during a trip. The same applies to your dog too. As a matter of fact, dogs tend to be a bit too nosy and end up with far more bites and stings than humans.
    While Most of these strings are not very dangerous, there are some which can really hurt and leave a bruise. A honey bee stings is nasty but they are not the only insects that sting. Think of a scorpion, albeit a small one or a spider. There are 100’s of insects which can sting and leave a bruise.
    While these stings are sometimes inevitable, there are a lot of ways to treat one, and sometimes even prevent some. For instance, A citronella candle can keep bees and mosquitoes away. 
  2. Sprains and strains : Chances are, Your dogs are excited to be outdoors. They may run around wild even without any obvious reason. And then there may be a reason to some too. It may be a squirrel or a rabbit which the dog may be after and takes a sprint at it. Accidents happen without a reason and sprains, strains and broken bones are common in dog when you take them out on a trip. It’s more or less like an 8 year old on a one day trip to the woods. They wander, run behind butterflies or small animals and eventually, they get hurt. There is no point trying to restrict them when they are out, but then its important to get the required treatment at the earliest.

    Most often the signs are obvious, Limping, Whining, a foot completely off the ground and sometimes, in serious cases, refusing to move. Check for the injured area and see if there is a swollen spot. While most wounds are usually small, there may be times when a dog comes across another animal and gets injured badly. If the wound is open, its important that you disinfect the wound and stop bleeding at the earliest. If the wound is not open, check for swollen areas, forien objects like a twig or thorn, clean the area and call the vet for advice. If it’s a broken bone or a simple sprain, your vet would be able to guide you through the right process based on the injury.  And yes… Return home. You can do that extra mile another day
  3. Foot Pad injuries : This is the most common type of injury in dogs on a hike. Thankfully, its also one of the least problematic to address but then its painful and requires attention immediately. Foot pad injuries , nicks and torn paws are common in dogs who hike in rough terrain. A mountain or the woods could have sharp rocks, twigs with sharp edges and even metal scraps or glass shards on the way. While most humans wear a shoe to prevent direct contact with the rough terrain, dog owners usually don’t use hiking shoes for dogs. Hiking shoes can prevent nicks and scrapes from the rough terrain and they are available for your dogs. While these can prevent the injury, most dogs do not find it comfortable to wear one on a hike.

    If the dog is injured, its important to clean the paw, remove all foreign objects,grass and small stones or sand and bandage him. Apply a bit of petroleum jelly and moisturizer to keep the paw moist and soft. Pain relieving antibiotic creams can be used. If you think that the dog is in pain, give a call to your vet before you proceed with any further treatment. Always ensure that the paw is clean and free from foreign objects before you bandage your dog’s paw. Most dogs can walk comfortably with the bandage on and the bandage will provide a padding which makes the hike comfortable. 
  4. Snake Bites: Snakes are a problem and most dogs not trained to handle snakes will get all excited and try to catch them. Snake bites should be prevented and a bit of attention to a dog and its behaviour will tell you that something is wrong ahead. Never let a dog handle the snakes. You may think that your large hunting dog may be able to handle himself well, but it takes only one spray of venom from the snake to stop even a large dog on its track.
    When a dog is bitten by snake bites, do not try to enlarge the wound or suck out the venom. Call the vet and ask what to do. Rush to the vet or emergency care at the earliest.  Do not let the dog walk back as this would increase their heart rate. When possible, carry the dog and minimize physical exertion for the dog.
  5. Sunburns, Heat strokes and Exhaustions : Sunburns are the second most common case when hiking with your dog, specially in arid areas. While humans dont feel the heat of the terrain, dogs are much closer to the ground and the heat is more pronounced to them. From burnt paws to extreme heat, the dogs have to endure the weather far more than you can every imagine. The only way for you to know it is to be on your fours on a terrain like that. 5 minutes is all you would need to go kaput! A shoe to cover their paws is a good start but being considerate, ensuring that their energy levels are high and keeping them hydrated can increase the level of endurance in your dog. This does not mean that they can go on a long marathon like most humans do. Packing Sunscreen for you? Pack enough water for your dog too. There is no shortcut remedy for heat stroke. Avoiding it should be your primary concern. Check for signs of heat stroke. Excessive panting, Tiredness etc should be watched for. Move to a cooler area and help the dog drink more water. Wet the dog with water. Ensure that the water is not too cold. Ice cold water is not recommended for drinking or wetting. When possible, cut short the trip and return home.
  6. Poison Ivy or Poison Oak : If you ever hike in areas with Poison ivy and your dog happened to be around it or even snacked on some, call your vet immediately. Depending on how much the dog has ingested, the vet may recommend a course of action. Most vets recommend an antihistamine to reduce the irritation. Its important that you bathe the dog as soon as you can. Ensure that you are well protected and you dont come in contact with the infected area directly.

    Dogs with plenty of fur dont have much of a problem, but those with shorter fur have the risk of contacting the plant directly, specially where the hair is less. The ear, under the belly etc are places where hair is short and chances of irritation is much higher when in contact with the plant. Medicate the dog only after contacting your VET
  7. Broken Bones! :  Though rare, Do not try to fix this problem yourself. Call the vet and ask him for recommendations. Chances are, you will be asked to bandage the injured area as best as you can and reach the clinic at the earliest. An emergency care number should do you good at such circumstances. If you doubt that your dog has injured himself and it is a broken bone, Return back as soon as you can and get medical help. Your first aid kit should have all the required bandages to help the dog till you reach professional care.

There are 2  situations you could be facing while on a hike. At least these are the 2 which I am always scared of.

  1. Injury, due to other wild animals, accidents or even a car crash or a fall.
  2. Ingestion of toxic material, may be a medication he ingested or the mosquito repellent he decided to chew on. 

First aid kits for dog injuries 

Injuries can be small or big. A small cut on his feet may be much easier to clean up and bandage, but large cuts are a bit different. With excessive bleeding , you would want a completely different kind of bandage and medication. You should be prepared for both situations and hope that you would never have to use them.

Add your contacts to a list, an information card. This should include all emergency contacts for your dog. The veterinarian, Nearest emergency care numbers and YOUR Number apart from anything you think is necessary. The list is not bound to be too exhaustive. May be 3-4 other numbers but these numbers are better off on a piece of paper or card rather than your phone. There may be a remote possibility that the dog wanders off and is found by someone else. In these circumstances, it’s important that whoever finds the dog, be able to contact you, your vet or an emergency care for your dog. It’s also important to have your vet’s number first because you would want to consult him almost always before getting the first aid done for your dog.

Bandaids, Gauze and more

Injuries to dogs can happen anytime. Your priority should be to stop the bleeding, disinfect the wound and wrap it up to prevent exposure. For most people , this is easier said than done. I can’t stomach blood and i dont have the experience. While i can handle myself in a situation of crisis, it would be useless if i had no experience in doing whats needful. Getting a first aid course for your dog is the first thing you need to do. Most cities do have a free course for first aid. There are plenty of online courses too , for instance the Redcross First aid course for Pets cost only $25 and you could do it at the comfort of your home at any time. While this course is very basic, it should get you started with the immediate requirements. 

Back to Bandages and gauzes, there are some things you can find right at home and there are a few which are easily available at stores. For instance, a sanitary pad, commonly used by women is an excellent choice to stop woulds. Ensure that it’s suitable for your dog and is compact. But there are others which are available in the human first aid kits, Like a gauze or cotton, and even to stick up gashes or big wounds.

  1. Gause (4 X 4 inch squares) : Gause is important for wrapping up injuries and wiping off wounds. A cotton swab is a good alternative but cotton tends to stick to the wound and is painful when you have to remove them. Gause is more suitable for covering the wound up , especially the ones which are skin deep. This is one of the most basic items you will need to clean up and cover wounds.
  2. Women’s Sanitary Pad (Just in case and its always easily available) : While this may look silly, A sanitary pad is not only safe but also very effective in stopping bleeding. Most wounds if not very deep can be stopped with a sanitary pad and tight bandage. 
  3. Pet Wrap Adhesive bandages : While you could use any bandage, the pet wrap bandage is elastic and has adhesive on one side. Its easier to wrap these around the pet and it helps to get a tight grip on the injured area, stopping bleeding just by the pressure in most cases. Be sure to put the adhesive part to the top and not on the skin of the dog. Putting the adhesive part on the skin area will stick the dog’s fur to the bandage and make it harder for you to remove and painful for the dog. These are small things which are taught in the first aid courses.
  4. Sterile Non Stick Pads : the sterile non stick pads are used right above the wound and below the pet wrap bandages. These can be medicated with antiseptic cream or used directly. 
  5. Butterfly Bandages : While rarely used, the butterfly bandages are excellent for closing up gashes which are big. A few bandages can close most gashes in seconds, preventing bleeding. The butterfly bandages are great for areas where the pet wrap bandages dont work. For instance, the back area of the dog or the thigh, where the pet wrap may slide through or its hard for you to put the pet wrap bandage on. 
  6. Waterproof Surgical Tapes : Surgical tapes are also great for patching up wounds with the gauze or a non stick pad. Surface wounds can be easily covered with these.
  7. Duct Tapes : In extreme cases where you can’t cover the wound with normal surgical tapes and every other resource, the duct tape is an alternative. It’s rarely used but it’s surely an emergency utility which you will thank yourself for having.


  1. Scissors : You need a scissor to cut the bandages, especially the Pet wrap. Tools like the scissors are always useful and you would never know when you need one of these.
  2. Tweezers: Tweezers are particularly effective in removing foreign objects from a wound. A small piece of stick, a bee stinger or fleas. Fleas are to be removed as soon as possible because they could cause more serious problems like Lyme disease in your dog. 
  3. Slip Lead : Slip Leads are useful in case of emergencies. If you don’t have a leash or if your dog has wandered and the person who finds it needs a leash, the Slip Lead could come very handy. The slip lead is also excellent to be used as a muzzle when you need to protect yourself from dog bites while you are attending to the dogs wound. Use the Slip lead to act as a muzzle when attending to wounds. 
  4. Disposable Gloves : Gloves are great to protect yourself and the dog from any form of transmission . You may have germs in your hand because of all the hiking. You wouldn’t remember what you touched last and touching the dog with the same hand could create bigger problems than the wound itself. The glove is also a great protection for you to protect from any diseases being transmitted through the wound to you..
  5. Razor  :Razors are handy when you have to clean up the area of the wound to bandage it. Its a handy tool which may come to be useful but in most cases, it’s rarely used.
  6. Irrigation Syringe : Irrigation syringes are great for flushing out a dog’s eye from any foreign particles. You can use saline solutions to flush out your dog’s eye from small stones or insects. The irrigation syringe can also be used to flush out dirt from wounds.


  1. Hydrogen Peroxide : One of the rarely used chemicals in the first aid kit but a lifesaver when you need one. Rarely used to clean wounds because this could be harsh on the skin of the dogs, but often used to help the dog vomit when it has ingested something toxic. Hydrogen peroxide is not to be used without medical advice. Which means, call the vet before you use hydrogen peroxide. The vet would advise you on using it or not. Some cases , the vet would advise you to leave it be and help remove the ingested item through the stool. So, better contact the vet. Using hydrogen peroxide is harmful for the dog if not done correctly. Its safer to get professional help.
  2. Saline Solution : Saline solutions are much more easier on the wounds than hydrogen peroxide. Get one without disinfectants. The one with disinfectants are great for cleaning contact lenses but not so good for cleaning wounds. Saline solutions are also great for cleaning the dog’s eyes. This is a multipurpose solution and a must have in your first aid kit.
  3. Chlorhexidine Solution : The Chlorhexidine solution is an antiseptic solution which help sanitize the wound and prevent it from infections. Its important to keep the wound cleaned and covered and this solution does the first part, by keeping it clean. It disinfects the wound and prevents it from getting septic.
  4. Benadryl : Bendadyl , or for that matter, any medication is to be administered to dog only after medical consultation. So ask your vet before administering benadryl for your dogs. Benadryl is great if your dog is allergic to certain items, sticks his nose in a hole with fire ants or even a bee sting which he is allergic too. The dosage is usually 1 mg per pound weight of the dog. Warning : Never administer any medication without consultation with a Vet.
  5. Styptic powder : Styptic powder is used to clot blood specially from the nail area of the dog. During treks and hikes dogs often injure their feet , specially the nail area and if you have any experience with dogs injuring their nails, specially when they have the quick area of the nail injured, it could bleed crazy. This is the time the Styptic powder can be very useful in Stopping the bleeding almost in minutes. While the dog will have to endure the pain, the bleeding will surely be in control .
  6. Triple Antibiotic Ointment : When you have cleaned the wound, you will need a cream to apply on the wound which will prevent it from being infected and also heal faster. The triple antibiotic cream is a mixture of 3 antibiotics which helps prevent any form of infection on the wound. The Triple Antibiotic ointments are especially effective in contaminated wounds and can be avoided if the wound is clean. Chances are, on a hike, the wound would be contaminated and its safer to use one of these.

Hiking List for Dogs and all the Things You need on a Trek

The Best Dog hiking Gear You need To Own Now

When you live in a city like New York, life is a bit monotonous. You wake up, Get ready go to work and come back late in the evening, have dinner and you are in bed. But for a person with a dog, a dog parent so to speak, life is a different. You usually dont just wake up, but you wake up to bad breath of your dog licking all over your face. You are dragged down the road for a walk in the morning and by the time you are back, you are already tired and want to go back to bed. But then you have to go to work and before that there is a long line of things you need to get done. To begin with, you need to feed the dog and ensure that you dont leave anything that the dog can chew on while you are at work. While most dogs are OK with you gone for an hour or two, they dont really enjoy you out at work for 8 hours. Even with the Dog walker coming in twice for an hour to take the dog out, It is not sufficient for the dog. 

Dogs love outdoors and thats the reason, and a big one that they are excited everytime you go out hiking. The smell of the soil, Away from the city, no pollution and Nature by itself excites the dog. They are happier in this habitat. So when you are off hiking next time, be sure to take your dog with you. He will thank you with all its heart and trust me when i say this… its BIG.

Trekking with your dog is not to be taken casually. You are not going to a dog park. There are lots of things which can happen when you are out on a hiking. Your dog may run off behind an animal and get lost. Your dog will need food and water apart from some form of pretction from nature if its going to rain. You may also look forward to some assistance from the dog itself in the form of him/her carrying his own stuffs like the water bottle and the food. He may need a bed to sleep on if you intend to sleep over outdoors. 

Hiking with your dog is a responsible decision , to be considered carefully. Its more or less like traveling with a 5 year old. You never know when the child is going to be hungry or thirst and there could be a million things you would want to consider apart from the food itself. Its almost all the same for dogs too.

Here are some of the things i carry every time i need to go on a hike, specially if i am going to be on a 2-3 day hiking trip.

Leash To Seat Belt Buckle Restraint

Most dog parents have had the fear that their pet would jump out of the window if he or she came across another animal or something which excites him. We try to keep the window half closed or only slightly open in the hopes that the dog does not jump out of the window from a running car. 

We also worry that in case of an accident what kind of protection would a dog have. With you wearing a seatbelt, chances are that you would do ok. What about a seat belt for your dog? Also, some dogs are always excited and want to run even inside the car, sometimes making driving a mere impossible task. You would have loved it if your dog could just sit in the back area of the car without intruding into the front portion. 

A seat belt buckle could go a long way in keeping your dog in the back seat without him running around in the car. It is both safe for you and your dog. It attaches to your existing leash and acts as a seat belt when traveling. It can be removed when you are off the hike and you can use the leash normally.

The Perfect Dog Harness For a Drive

An alternative to the Buckle is a dog harness which can double to hold your dog in place. Dog harnesses are designed for impact and work better than buckles. It’s safe for the dog and does not exert too much pressure on one area, the neck or collar area like in a seat belt buckle with a leash. The Harness ensures that the impact is distributed throughout the front body. The harness is tested and thoroughly so. The Harness took 8 years to implement and has been tested with simulated dogs. There are dog vests which act like harnesses. You Could call them harnesses in general but the vests are much lighter and cover lesser surface.

The Dog Leash 

You will always need a leash. Walking your dog in a park or taking him hiking will require that the dog be leashed to prevent him from running into unknown territories and even harm people. While the law does not require dogs to be on a leash at all times, its important as a dog parent to be responsible for the wellbeing of your pets and others too. So get a leash for you dog while you go hiking. You may decide not to use it after all if you are comfortable with the dog and the dog itself is not too excited to run around. 

Dog Hiking Bags

When on a hike, Everyone carries their own belongings and this rule goes for your dog too. He carries his water, food and the accessories he should carry with him. No exceptions. That’s when the Hiking bags come handy. Though it may feel inhumane, Dogs love to work and if they are doing something to help you, they will be pleased and afterall, they are just carrying what belongs to them. It’s their food and water and a bit more. Its not like you are loading it with a ton of things which they can’t carry. Investing in a hiking bag is a good idea.

Dog Bowls

When traveling, you don’t want to carry things which are bulky. A dog bowl at home, made from stainless steel or china may not really work outdoors. Carrying it is always a trouble and you want to travel light. You should look for dog bowls which can fit in a backpack or preferably your dogs hiking bag.There are plenty of collapsible and foldable dog bowls which the dog can carry in his hiking bag. These are light and take up very little space. ITs perfect for traveling though this may not be a great option for regular use. 

Jackets For Dogs

What most people overlook while hiking with their dogs is the weather. While we may be prepared for the rain, cold weather or the heat, we dont really think about how our dogs would cope with the weather. We tend to accept it as a given that the dog will handle the weather just fine. This is not always the case. In cold weather, even if its not snowing, your dog will find it very uncomfortable. It goes the same with rains and hot weather too. We wear a hat when its too hot. Why shouldnt the dog have the same privilege at least while hiking. Hiking could be fun for you and the dog but it is more fun with all the protective gears. The Jackets designed for dogs were usually for cold and rainy weather. But these days you do get jackets for summer which can reflect heat and light while keeping the dog cooler. Whatever weather you are going out to, if its going to be nasty, you could be a little more prepared for it and prepare your dog for the same too. Check out some of the best jackets for both summer and winter below.

Dog hiking backpack carrier

Now this is not actually worn by the dog but by you. And most backpack carriers are designed for small sized dogs. If you are on a hike with a smaller dog, there are times when they get tired. They are small and the energy levels are high in the beginning but soon slow down. There are times when they would appreciate it if you would carry them for a while. The dog backpack carrier is designed to carry small to medium sized dogs on your back while hiking. It doesn’t matter if your dog is tired or injured during the hike, you will always have an easy way go get him to or back from the trip. Backpacks come in plenty of designs. You will need to make sure that the backpack is cool for the dog and is not too heavy on you. Try the backpack before you purchase it if its allowed. This will give you an idea about how comfortable the backpack is for you and your dog. Some dogs, especially during the first time may be hesitant to get into the backpack. They may need some encouragement and if you can try it out, you will know if the backpack is right for you. The best brands will come with proper ventilation and cooling. Also check if the bag will be approved by the airline company if in case you ever plan to fly with your dog in the future.

Water Bottles for dogs

Water is one of the few things we all carry for a hike. Even a small hike would feel a lot better with a bottle of water in hand. Your dogs will feel more thirsty than you due to their small sizes and exertion. Carrying a bottle of water though is not always easy. From how much water we need to carry to how to feed the water to the dog are all challenges we need to address as dog parents. Thankfully, there are water bottles which are designed just for dogs. Easy to carry (if on a long hike, they can carry it with the right provision) to feeding them (comes with a cup attached to drink from), these bottles were designed with dog owners in mind. They don’t usually carry a lot which makes them less heavy for you or the dog. You can also use it for the occasional dog park visit or the visit to your vet. As a matter of fact, you could always carry it with you when you are with your dog. 

You should look for bottles made of steel or plastic. I prefer steel as plastic is not eco friendly but steel could be a bit heavier than the plastic variations. Check out a range of Dog water bottles here.

Dog Belt and Collars.

Some dog leashes come with a collar and are often called belts. Collars are the most basic apparel a dog should wear. May be the law does not require your dog to wear one but a Dog belt has various advantages. To begin with, collars are the easiest ways to attach some of the gadgets to the dog. A tracking device usually comes with easy means to attach to a collar. While trekking a dog collar could be used to attach beacons to track them when dark. Collars are easy to attach to a chain or leash. Simply put, A collar is the simplest product a dog should always wear. And while hiking, the dog collar becomes even more important. Dog belts and collars are available from various stores, but be sure that they are compatible with the other devices you purchase. You should be able to fit your tracking device or a beacon to the collar easily.

The Dog Boots and shoes.

Most dogs love to walk barefoot. Many dogs don’t even like the concept of wearing footwear. It’s uncomfortable to them. It does take a bit of time to get them used to a pair of boots or shoes. Its recommended that you practice them with the shoes on at home. Half an hour every day should do fine. Once they get used to the concept of wearing shoes, its going to be much easier for you to get them to wear one when you are trekking. Hiking brings in a lot of possibilities. Some parts are hot and others rough. A good shoe for your dog should prevent your dog from getting blisters in his foot or injuring it. Some parts, like rocky mountains, are not just harsh surfaces but hot during summer. Your dog has more chances of blisters in bad weather and the shade is not always easy to find. 

Shoes need not be very fancy. They need to provide comfort. A breathable should would be better in some cases, but surely you would want one which could hold your dog’s weight and still be easy on him and comfortable too. 

Dog Bowls While hiking

Dog bowls can be used for feeding water or the food he carries in his bag. You dont need a bowl which you use at home, which may be bigger and heavier. You should look for something which is lighter and easy to pack. Hiking does come with some hard terrain and you can expect the dog to bump into a few things while at it. Your dog should be comfortable carrying it and also eating it. There are plenty of foldable dog bowls available which also doubles as a bag to carry treats, if it’s a small trip. Check out the wide range of dog bowls you can buy now for your hiking trips.

Dog Bed For an overnight Hike

When you plan to stay overnight, You need to prepare your dog a bit more than the normal morning to evening hikes. The dog requires more food, water and a bed. While there are plenty of good beds online, there are only a few which are easy to carry on a trip. Most beds for dogs are designed for homes. They do not take traveling into consideration. A bed for traveling and hiking needs to be a bit more rugged, tough, easy to carry and preferably light. No matter what kind of bed you get for your dog, it needs to be comfortable. A bed too think is not a good idea and a bed too fluffy may just be too hard to carry. Also remember that trekking and hiking is not a one time affair. We tend to hike in all seasons and just about any time we feel like it. Purchase your dog beds to accommodate all weather. A waterproof bed would be a great idea for dogs, especially if you trek during winters or rains.

Dog Blanket

While not 100% essential, the dog would love to be cozy during a trip specially during winters. A Blanket is a safe investment if you live in a colder area and hike regularly. Winters could be harsh and you would never know how cold you could get. An additional blanket may be too hard to carry and you may always feel a bit of doubt when it comes to a blanket and if you really need one. ITs better to be safe in some cases, and especially when it comes to the weather.

First Aid Kits For Dogs

Its just a small box with bandaids, ointments and disinfectants but this could be a life saver when you are hiking with your dog. The things which we overlook as small and not so important are sometimes the most important ones, specially when there is a crisis situation. Injuries and accidents could happen to anyone at any time and while hiking , the chances are more with possibility of medical attention lesser than ever. If you were at home and if there was an accident, you have access to a car, the vet may be ready on call, medication is only a few minutes away. While on a hike, it may take hours to reach back to your car and medical resources may be even further. A small kit can extend the life of yur dog by hours and if needed by days. Having the right First aid kit is crucial for every dog owner and its a must carry for people who are on a hike with their dogs.

Dog Hiking Emergency Slings

Hiking Emergencies sometimes require that your dog be carried. While carrying a smaller dog is much easier, larger dogs and even medium sized dogs are pretty hard to carry long distances. For smaller dogs, a backpack or a daypack for the owner could do a good job but for larger dogs, a back pack is not an option and carrying the dog would be difficult. Even when there are circumstances where a dog cannot walk through, like a rope bridge, you may need to carry a dog across. The emergency slings are perfect for people who require that their dog be carried. It doesn’t matter if its for a few minutes or an hour, the Sling is nearly comfortable for the dogs (of course its not the most comfortable thing to be carried on someone’s back) and also easy on the dog owner who carries it. Some slings do come with an option to carry the dog in the front. The Dog hiking Front Carriers may be easier for medium sized dogs, but may put a lot of weight on the dog owners’ back if they try to carry a heavy dog on their front. 

Best spill proof dog bowls for sloppy drinkers

In search for a water bowl which can help me prevent the mess my dog makes around it. While your dog makes the mess and has all the fun with a bit of water, you run around every time there is a puddle of water on the floor. Accidents or no accidents, its not fun to have more chores to do because your dog just felt like having a bit of fun. Occasional water spill is admissible but everyday? And sometimes more than once a day? 

For some time, i started feeding him an ounce of water every few hours. I realized that this was a problem because sometimes i forgot and sometimes my dog was more thirsty for the little water to quench. And I did not want to fetch water for my dog every hour! Surely not when i am in the middle of a long video call or when i am watching a movie…

So i decided to fix this problem for once and all. I know that i cant teach the four legged monster not to make a mess. Tried it several times and it did not work. He has slobbery tongue and his lips are wobbling and jiggling all the time. And when he drinks, he does not lick the water like most dogs… He more or less bites the water ! Thats different from most dogs. And that splashes more water around. Solution? Its easy if the water is little on the bowl. He will be forced to lick it and not splash it around. or the other solution was to get a really big water bowl. Really big water bowl was not a practical option because my dog loves water. I mean water not just for drinking but also playing with it. So a big bowl will mean a pool for him and i have no intentions of making a bigger mess.

Some bowls are designed specifically for slobbery pets. I am not sure about cats but surely dogs are slobbery. Mine is. A labrador at 1 year old is not very understanding to your requirements and needs. For it, everything is play and water is a really interesting toy, with the side effects of quenching thirst. So innovative designs in water bowls for dogs. 

#1 Heyrex Torus Filtered Dog & Cat Water Bowl ($76.88)

  • Holds up to 2 Liters of water
  • Available in 2 Colors
  • Activated Carbon Filters
  • Solid Construction
  • travel Lock for Spill free Commute

One of the first bowls which came to my attention as the Heyrex Torus Filtered Dog & Cat Water Bowl. A bowl with a knob which had 3 indicators. Slow water flow so your dog really does not have a lot of water to play or make a mess around. Thats a very good sign. Water storage and FILTRATION? Interesting. Easy to carry while travelling, Very interesting specially if i had to take it while trekking and while i need to travel with my dog long distance. it is skid proof. The plastic is safe. Looks durable too.

While the Heyrex Torus is an interesting water bowl, i do have a concern or two. The colors are interesting and wouldn’t be sure if my dog would just drink water out of it or make it into a chew toy. Especially the knob. That seems like an easy place to start chewing on. May be it will get to the body later! No matter how good the plastic is, i don’t think its going to take a lot of time for my dog to figure out a way to chew through it. 


  • Great design
  • Water storage
  • Water  filtration
  • Easy flow with just enough water at disposal
  • Easy to travel with
  • Holds up to 2 litres of water!


  • Concerns about dog chewing it.
  • You cant clean the inside (storage area ) of the bowl.

#2 The UPSKY Slow feeding water bowl ($15.99)

  • 3 Colors
  • Holds 35 ox of water
  • Simple floating design
  • Easy to clean

The Upsky Waterbowl has a very simple design. It has a bowl with a floating cover which prevents access to the entire bowl of water. The dog sees only a bit of water on the top. The dog is forced to lick the water rather than gulp it all. There is little chance of spills unless your dog is going to lap even that little water, which is quite hard. There is a downside to this bowl though. Especially if your dog is playful, it will figure out that pushing the top layer down will give it access to more water to splash around and play. If you have one of those few dogs which love to dip their snot into the bowl, push it and make funny noises, then this bowl is not going to be very useful. Sooner or later, the dog will find other uses for this water bowl. It holds up to 35oz and can be sufficient for a day for most dogs. The Bowl is easy to clean and can be disassembled. It is skid proof. Personally i don’t think that this is a bowl which i would love to carry around while traveling. It’s cumbersome and chances of spills are high. It’s perfect if you have a small to medium sized dog and for home use. 

Great for

  • Small medium dogs
  • Simple Design


  • Not so good for traveling
  • Plastic. I really dont enjoy plastic or rubber for my dogs especially when they are known to chew them

Similar Products 

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iPettie Dog Bowls

Lumo Leaf

Keador Dog Bowls

Songway Water Bowls

Vech Dog Water Bowl

YAlanle Dog Water Bowl

Okawadach Dog Water Bowls

Youthink Water Bowl

#3 The Road Refresher No Slobber Water Bowl ($19.99)

  • Easy to clean , Dishwasher safe
  • Prevents water from spilling
  • Simple floating cover design

The Road Refresher Water bowl is a small upgrade to the UPSKY water bowl. With 3 different sizes for large,medium and small dogs, with different water capacity per bowl. The Non slib base keeps the bowl in place and does not allow it to move while the dog is drinking from it. The tapered lip  is clearly a good upgrade for dogs with a lappy tongue which can spill even the little water in the bowl. The Road refresher is dish washer safe and its recommended to be cleaned regularly. Your dog will require some training to start drinking from the bowl initially. The road refresher water bowl is not really the best option for traveling dogs. Though it does say that its great for traveling, chances of spills are high. More over its quite cumbersome to carry a bowl that big while you are one  a one day trip.

#4 Petmate Deluxe Fresh Flow ($19.86)

  • encourages your dog to drink water
  • Oxygenates and Filters water
  • Spill free design
  • Easy to maintain

There is something about flowing water which encourages dogs to drink from them. A stream or a river is a great place for dogs and you would see them occasionally drink from them. Its quite natural for them to drink from flowing water. The Petmate Deluxe fresh Flow Water bowl is clearly a great option for dogs that are not keen on drinking water. Encouraging your dog to be hydrated is important and the Petmate deluxe fresh flow does a small part.The water bowl comes with a submersible motor which keeps the water flowing. Flowing water is naturally high in oxygen, which is clearly a good thing for dogs. The water bowl also comes with inbuilt charcoal filter, which keeps the water fresh and potable. The water dispenser holds 108oz of water, plenty enough for a day or two.


  • Dogs are encouraged to drink the water more often. 
  • Flowing water helps increased oxygen in it
  • Water filtration ensures your dog has clean water at all times


  • Requires a bit of maintenance
  • Chances of spill are a bit high
  • Dogs sometimes tend to be playful with flowing water

#5 The Neater Dog Water and food bowl. ($59.99)

  • Kick Proof, Spill Proof and Elevated
  • 2 Layers for easy cleaning
  • Guaranteed Results and Extremely durable

the Neater Dog Water and food bowl is an elevated platform for dog Food and water placement. the bowls are the normal stainless steel bowls. The Neater is more or less a container for both the dog food bowl and the Water bowl. whatever food or water which spills out seeps into near the mesh and drains to the bottom container. Accidental spills or slobbery dogs, the water never touches the floor. The Neater comes in 3 different sizes and is perfect for most dogs and even cats. The design is simple and being elevated, is often comfortable for the dogs. Playing around with the bowl is not an option anymore. Unfortunately, this is not suitable for traveling. So if you are looking for a bowl which can also be used while traveling, this may not be the right option. Apart from that, this is one of the best products which doubles as a bood and water bowl one. 

Pros :

  • Excellent design
  • Works great
  • Too big for the dogs to play around with.


  • Not so good when traveling.

#6 Kurgo Collapsible No spill water bowl ($11.69)

  • Easy to Travel With
  • Simple design but Works
  • good for up to 24ox of water
  • Lifetime Warranty

The silicon based Kurgo water bowl is one of the best things when you are traveling, especially when you are trekking. You want to reduce the weight and luggage while you ate traveling and having a compact bowl is a great idea. The Kurgo Water bowl is made of silicon. Its design is perfect for dogs who are slobbery. So if you are in a car, this is a perfect water bowl for your dogs. It does not skid and its a bit hard to spill the water around. The product is hard to break because its more or less like rubber, but that also makes it a bit dangerous for dogs that chew. This may be a perfect dog bowl for dogs when they have your attention and when they are not left alone. Traveling, in car, trekking could all make great use of the Kurgo water bowl, but its not a good option when you have to leave your dog alone for a long time. Chances are they will chew on it and that may not really be a good situation for you to be in , specially when you are on a trek and dont have veterinary help


  • PERFECT for travelers, trekkers and as a car bowl


  • Dangerous for dogs that are teething and chew.

#7 The Ordermore Dog Bowl and no spill water bowl Combo – $21.99

  • Perfect for small and medium dogs
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Doubles as a food bowl and a water bowl
  • Spill safe water bowl design
  • Slow feed food bowl design

The ordermore dog bowl is a combination of both a water bowl and a food bowl in one. the slow feeder bowl helps dogs not gulp up food which is a cause for many problems including obesity and choking. The Waterbowl uses the float cover technique to prevent the dogs from accessing the full water resource. The bowl is good and effective for messy dogs and surely for dogs with health issues. The bowl is not good for traveling with but its perfect for dogs which make a mess at home. its easy to wash and maintain. 

Best Dog Nail Grinders

Larger dogs, tougher nails. A normal nail grinder may work but wouldn’t be just as effective. I am sure that your dog does not have the patience to sit through a mani pedi like most of us. A good nail grinder should be quick at its job but silent. It should be able to get the job done safely without hurting your dog and everything else is an added benefit. Rechargeable battery, USB recharge, corded grinders, LED Lights, Diamond grinders and a lot of other features can be useful and sometimes even preferred. 

Below are some of the best Nail grinders which were rated high on Now, we went through each of them carefully. There are a lot of pictures and videos on amazon to show why some of these products are preferred by customers and why some customers are NOT happy with some of these products. One of these trimmers may just be right for your dog and your dog. 

Top Rated Nail Grinders For Dogs

Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder

  • Diamond head
  • USB Charging
  • Easy to clean
  • 3 Port 2 speed capability to cut nails for small, Medium and large sized pets
  • Fast and Quite grinding
  • Built in LED light to see the quick
  • 3 hours operating time with 2 hours full charge time

The Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder is one of the best rated nail grinding devices online. It is Very quiet (less than 50 db) and easy on your dog. No anxiety due to the noise. The LED Light is a key feature upgrade which enables you to see the quick. Chances of accidents decrease by more than 50% with the LED Light and dog owners find it more comfortable and easy to see the quick area. The diamond head with 3 port access makes it very easy to trim the dogs nails to the right size and shape. It’s easy on your dog and you. The charging time of 2-3 hours gives you a full operation time of up to 3 hours. With 2 speed option, you can get a quicker faster cut with the fast option and fine tune it with the slower option. The Casfuy Dog Nail grinder is recommended by professionals.


  • Pawanti Nail Grinder for dogs
  • Less than 40db sound
  • 3 Port, 2 speed grinding tool
  • 2 hour charging and 8 hour operation time
  • USB Chargable
  • Diamond head grinder
  • Power and charging indicator

2 Speed option with an 800 mAh Lithium battery which charges in 2 hours and operates for 8 hours is impressive. The Pawanti Nail grinder has a usb charger with 2 speeds. a 7000 rpm for more precise fine cuts and grinds and the 8000 rpm for a faster cut and grind or for harder nails. The Diamond coated grinding wheel will last a long time and is durable yet effective for grinding hard dog nails. The pawanti Nail grinders come with 3 ports for small medium and large dogs and is silent. Its sound is between 20-40 db. The pawanti grinder comes with a clipper and the USB charging wire. 

Bousnic Dog Nail Grinder

  • 2 Speed
  • USB Chargeable
  • 3 Hour charging with 2 hour run time
  • Life time warranty
  • Removable Port cover for easy cleaning
  • Diamond Drum Bit
  • Suitable for large , medium and small dogs
  • silent (60db or less)

The Bousnic Dog nail grinder is one of the best sellers with over a 1000 reviews. The grinder comes with a life time warranty. the Nail grinder is simple in design and features. The Bousnic Nail grinder comes with 2 speed variations and is silent and vibration free. The Head is strong and the motor is quite powerful to handle tough nails. The Nail grinder is easy to carry and travel with. The usb charging makes charging easier but the only down side is that the run time per charge is only 2 hours.

Viixm Dog Nail Grinder

  • 2 hours charge with 8 hour operation time
  • Low Noise and vibration
  • 2 speed 3 grinding ports
  • Easy to clean and comes with a cleaning brush

The Viixim is one of the best when it comes to battery life. Charge once and use it for 8 hours. The viixm comes in 2 speed options and 3 ports. The motors are powerful and can handle tough dog nails. It features a charging indicator. 

i-pure Dog Nail Grinder

  • Easy USB charging and cleaning
  • 2 hours charging with 3 hour run time
  • LED Light design
  • Powerful Upgraded motor with Diamond emery grinding wheels
  • Quite, Less than 60 db sound
  • 2 Speed Motor

The i-pure nail Grinding tool is more basic than most other grinding tools. Its basic and comes with 2 speeds and usb charging capability. The LED light feature helps you to see through the dogs nails and prevent accidental grinding through the quick. Its silent and does not vibrate a lot. The i-pure grinding tool comes with an extra head. The emery coated grinding head lasts longer and needs lesser servicing. 

FaveHome Nail Grinder for Dogs and Cats

  • 2 Speed, 3 Port option for all sizes of dogs and cats
  • LED Light with Diamond Grinding head
  • Double Power Motor
  • Large capacity Batery
  • Power indicator
  • USB Charging
  • Removable Port

The Fave home Nail Grinder is perfect for both dogs and cats. It is easy to clean, full recharge in 3 hours and can run for 4 hours in a full recharge. The Grinder comes with 3 ports which is perfect for all sizes of dogs and runs in 2 different speeds. Its quite silent , Easy to carry and simple to handle. Revews indicate that more than 90% of the users are satisfied with the product. Some users do complain of loud noise and the grinder not being able to get through tough nails

Ilimize Dog Claw Grinder

  • Fast charge (1 hour recharge with 4 hour operation time)
  • Silent (less than 40db)
  • 2 Speed 3 ports
  • Diamond Bit stone

The Ilumize is a fast charging Dog nail grinder. It charges in 1 hour and gives you an operation time of 4 hours which is plenty. the Nail grinder comes in 2 speed and 3 port option and its 2 LED light near the head makes it easy to see the nails while you are grooming. The Ilumixe is considerably silent and vibration is less. At top speed it has 8200 rpm and the lower speed is 6000 RPM. the top speed is considerably good and should be used with caution. A few complaints about the product indicate that its not suitable for tough nails. Overall though, it has excellent reviews

Razoo Nail Grinder

  • 10 Hour Operating Time
  • 2 Speed operation
  • LED Digital Display
  • USB Charging
  • 50 db Speed
  • Suitable for all sizes of pets

The Razoo Is a simple, Compact and easy to maintain Dog nail grinder. It has everything that most other nail grinders have and a bit more when it comes to battery life.  the Diamond grinding wheels makes it easy to grind tough nails and with a smooth and silent powerful motor, the dogs feel quite comfortable. one of the most highly rated product with more than 94% people rating the nail grinder as excellent, the Razoo is one of the best rated Nail grinders on Amazon

Pieviev Dog nail Grinder with Trimmer

  • 3 in 1 Grooming tool
  • Change from grooming tool to grinder in seconds
  • 2 speed
  • under 60db low vibration motor
  • USB chargeable

The Pieviev is not just a nail grinder. It also acts as a trimming tool with a change of the trimming head. So if you had to groom your dog, its easy as removing the head and replacing it with the desired one. Simple, easy to use, easy to clean and easy to carrt design makes the pievieve grooming tool one of the most rated and reviewed product on amazon. 

Aushen Pet nail Grinder

  • 4 port design
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Low Noise and vibration
  • 2 speed design

The Aushen is a standard , very normal Nail grinder with an extra port. while most of the nail grinders on amazon has 3 ports, the Aushen has one exra port to fit in. The aushen nail grinder is rated 4 / 5 on amazon and is one of the top selling nail grinders. The pack comes with a nail grinder, clipper, nail filer , usb cables, 2 grinding heads and a user manual

The Petural Dog Nail Grinder

  • Quite 2 Speed Motor
  • 3 Port design
  • 6 Hours working with a 900 mah Battery
  • USB Recharge

Slopehill Professional Dog Nail Grinder

  • 2.5 hour charge, 4 hour run time
  • 3 Port 2 speed design
  • Upgraded silent motor
  • Diamond grinder wheel for Faster cuts

Petlibro Compact Dog Nail Grinder

  • 7 hour run time on full charge
  • 2 port 2 speed design
  • Diamond Bit head
  • Easy to use , Quite and protective

Deemen Nail Grinder

  • 18 Hours Run time
  • Low Noice & Vibration
  • 2 speed 3 port design
  • Diamond Bit Grinder
  • Fast Precise trimming

Hiraliy Nail Grinder With Upgraded motor

  • 20 Hour Run time in full charge
  • Low Noise and Vibration (less than 40db)
  • Safe and effective Diamond Bit Grinder
  • custom Stepless Speed Motor

Pecute Nail Grinder

  • 2 Hour charge , 14 hour work life
  • 2 speed motor
  • 2 Grinding heads and 4 port sizes
  • Less than 40 db silent motor

Rodzon Professional Nail Grinder

  • Rechargable 2000mah Battery
  • 4 hours fast charging with 17 hours work life
  • 3 Grinding ports 
  • 2 Speed Adjustable
  • Lower noise and vibration

DMYCO Professional Dog nail Grinder

  • Powerful trimming
  • Super Low noise and USB Chargeable
  • great after sales service
  • Safe and popular

Boence Dog Nail Grinder

  • Powerful Silent motor
  • Fast charging 2000 mah battery
  • 1.5 hour charging and 8 hour work time
  • USB Charging

Dycsin Dog nail Grinder

  • 20 Hour work time with one charge
  • stepless Speed control
  • 3 Grinding ports
  • Low Vibration and low noise
  • 2000 MAH battery wtih 3.5 hour fast charging

Laika Stepless Speed Nail Grinder

  • Stepless speed regulation
  • Advanced Diamond grinder with Branded motor
  • 20 hour battery life with a single charge
  • Size fits all pets
  • USB Rechargeable

Iokheira Dog nail trimmers and grinders

  • Recommended by professionals and Vets
  • Double LED Light design
  • 2 speed and 3 Grinding ports
  • Low Noise and vibration
  • USB Chargeable
  • 1 hour recharge with 4 hour work time

Flybanboo Nail Grinders for Dogs

  • Comfortable, Researched Cylindrical design
  • Ultra low noise motor
  • 600 mah battery
  • 2 hour run time on a 3 hour charge

oneisall Nail Grinder for dogs

  • Safe and super quite
  • USB Chargeable
  • 2 speed motor with 3 ports
  • 2 hours run time in 3 hour charge

peteme Dog nail Grinder

  • Safe and effective trimming
  • Super quite , low vibration motor
  • 2 speed 3 grinding parts
  • one year warranty
  • USB Rechargeable

Dimunt Dog nail Grinder

  • stepless speed design
  • Super Low noise
  • 2000 MAH Fast recharge battery with 20 hour work life
  • 3 Sized ports for all dog nails

Conairpro Professional Dog nail Grindder

  • Powerful motor
  • Made to last
  • Designed for safety of pets
  • Quite , Light weight
  • Protective adjustable cover
  • Extra band and stones included

PettingPal Dog nail Grinder

  • 20 Hour work time in one charge
  • Stepless Speed design
  • Super quite Motor
  • Safe and effective

Dremel 7300 PT Dog nail grinder

  • Professional Dog nail Grinder
  • Variable speed from 6500 to 1300 rpm
  • Light Weight, Silent
  • 2 year warranty on battery

Ruff n Ruffus Dog nail Grinder & Clipper

  • 6 Hour run time in single charge
  • USB Chargeable
  • Comes with an extra head and a clipper
  • Durable diamond bit
  • 40% lesser noise


  1. Are nail grinders good for dogs?

    It does not matter what you use, Nail Grinders or Clippers. What matters is the comfort of your dog and the ease of performing the task for you. If you are uncomfortable with the clipper, and most people are, Chances are you will like the grinder. Nail grinders are more precise and chances of hurting the dogs too is much lesser. Chances are, your dog will prefer the grinder better than the clippers any time. Clippers often tend to injure the dogs toe and dogs usually don't enjoy their nails being trimmed with a clipper. Grinders are silent and safer.

  2. Is it better to cut or grind dog nails?

    Grinding is often safer. Unlike Human nails, dogs' nails are different. While the nails do look long and ready to be cut to the shortest, dogs nails contain something called the Kwik which runs inside the nail . If you cut into the kwik, it will bleed and hurt your dogs. Trim our dogs nails regularly and the kwik will recede. Not knowing where the kwik begins and cutting your dogs nails will injure your dog and often create anxiety every time it sees a clipper. With a grinder, chances of injuring your dog is much lesser and you can control how much and how fast you can trim.

  3. How often should you grind your dog's nails?

    There is only one right answer to this question and it would be when your feel your dogs nails require trimming. Some dogs tend to have their nails grow slowly while others seem to grow them faster. The diet plays a major role in the growth of nails and hair but its also their lifestyle. If your dog is more outdoor and runs around in tarmac or concrete, his nails will be trimmed naturally. Digging too keeps the dogs nail slightly trimmed. Most small breed dogs, toy dogs and medium sized dogs which spend their time indoors will see their nails grow faster. Its not that their nails grow faster but they are not trimmed naturally. These dogs may need trimming more often than dogs that are outdoor and active. Older dogs too will require more grinding than younger dogs which are always active and playful. Watch your dogs nails often and if you feel that its ready for a trim, use the grinder. 

  4. Can you grind dog nails instead of clipping?

    For short nails , Grinders are more preferred than clipping. Its safer, silent and less stress for your dog. Clipping is ok for dogs too as long as you know how to do them. For most dog parents, its easier to use a nail grinder instead of a clipper because its safer, easy to use and you can control the nail grinder more easily than a clipper. Also, your dogs will prefer a grinder to a clipper anytime.

  5. Do dogs feel pain when you cut their nails?

    Yes dogs do feel pain if you don't take care while cutting their nails. Cutting nails are usually a stressful process for your dogs. They don't enjoy it and often try to avoid it because its painful. Once bitten twice shy. Making grooming an enjoyable process is important. If your dog is going to run every time he sees a clipper or trimmer, it will make the process horrendous for pet owners. Learn to make the dog like the process. Ensure that you don't hurt your dog when you are cutting nails. Use a grinder instead of a clipper. Ensure that you don't grind the dog's nails for more than a few seconds. Ensure that the grinding head is not hot before grinding your dog's nails. Taking small precautions can avoid injury to your dog and make the entire process easy for you and your dog.

  6. How do you grind overgrown dog nails?

    Do its slow and dont rush into it. A millimeter or two each time is safe. Cutting or grinding too deep into the nail often ends up cutting into the kwik of the dogs nails which hurts the dog. No matter how overgrown your dogs nails are, there is no short cut to getting it short again. Its more or less like a weight loss process or brushing your teeth. Cut a bit today and wait a few day to a week to come back again to it. By this time, the kwik would reced and the nails would be ready to be cut again. Everytime you cut the nails right, the kwik recedes and its safer for your dog to have his nails cut.

  7. What angle do you cut dogs nails?

    When you are cutting your dogs nails don't go flat out at 90 degrees . this is not the right way to cut the dogs nails. For an effective cut, grind the nails of your dog at 45 degrees or roughly around that angle. This not only gives your dog an effective cut but also ensures that you don't cut through the Quick / Kwik that easily. 

  8. How do I know where to clip my dog's nails if they are black?

    Lift your dogs paw carefully and look for a dark spot under the nail. If your dog's nails are black, you will find a darker shaded black spot. You can cut till that area as that black spot is often the beginning of the Kwik. Ensure that you grind the dog's nail at slow speed if the nails are already short and make sure that you do it at a 45 degree angle.

  9. How long is too long for dog nails?

    If your dog's paw is scratching on the surface of your floor everytime it walks or you hear a clicking sound every time he is about and around, its often the nails which are making the noise and it needs a bit of trimming. It sounds like your 5 year old was walking around with your high heels in the house. If you look carefully, the dog's nails should protrude from its paw nearly touching the floor. The nails should not touch the surface of the floor. If its touching the floor… its time for a trim.

  10. Does walking your dog trim their nails?

    Dog walking to some extent does trim the dogs nail. It depends on a few other factors too. Are you walking your dog on asphalt or concrete which is rough or in the park or in a smooth surface area. If the surface is rough, the nails will gradually trim down but it also depends on how long you walk your dog and how regularly you do it. Dog walking is not an alternative to trimming your dogs nail though. It isn't practical to walk your dog 2-3 hours every day for most people. 

  11. Does it hurt a dog when you cut the quick?

    The answer could be a quick Yes. It does hurt the dog if you cut the quick and thats one of the main reasons dogs hate getting their nails trimmed. If you have cut through the quick ever before, your dog will shy away when you try to cut its nail. You should be careful and practice cutting your dogs nails. The key is to trim only a bit every few days so that the quick recedes .

  12. Why does my dog scream when I cut his nails?

    Chances are , if you are using a clipper, you have either cut through the quick or you have bent the nails because you got the wrong position. Often its the quick which hurts the dogs.Even while grinding , you do sometimes go too close to the quick and that hurts .

  13. Do long nails hurt dogs?

    Long nails are a problem in dogs. While naturally its not so painful, activities like digging and playing in the park could be a problem. While they are playing or at the park, chances are they really don't care or feel the pain but later, you find the dog limping around at home because their nails hurt. Trimming your dogs nail regularly is important. Its safe for you and hygienic for your dog.

  14. How do you cut a scared or uncooperative dog's nails?

    Dogs need to be calm before you can cut their nails. If they have been injured previously due to the process, they will not be cooperative while you touch their paws or see a clipping or grinding device in your hand. Calm your dog and let him smell the device. Help him be comfortable around you, touching his paw and slowly move by touching the paw with the device while its not on. This may take time but once the dog realizes that there is nothing harmful in the device touching it, it will eventually calm down. This may take a day or two of practice. Once the dog is not really worried about the device any more, try to hold his paw. Most often the dog will not be worried anymore. Trim slowly and every nail you complete, treat the dog. Sooner or later, the dog will associate food with the process and will be encouraged to cooperate. Watch the video at .

  15. Can you use a regular Dremel on dog nails?

    While both the devices are nearly the same, a dremel is not really designed for grinding dog nails. Dog Nail grinders are designed for the purpose and are much more suitable for trimming dog nails. Avoid using a dremel on a dog or for that matter experimenting with odd devices. 

How Long Can You Leave A Golden Retrievers Alone

How long can you leave your golden retriever alone? 

6 Hours. Now this is not a golden rule and you cannot expect a 4 week old golden retriever puppy to stay alone for 6 hours. That’s not practical or wise and it’s very irresponsible as pet owners to leave a young pet alone at home for even a few hours. Before you leave a pet alone for a period of 6 hours, it requires a lot of training. They need to feel comfortable with their environment, Food to eat, water to drink and activity of some form to keep them occupied. 

  • Training your dog To obey
  • Address all issues from stress, anxiety and a lot more
  • Improve Dogs health and Temperament.

About the golden retriever and their socializing needs

Golden retrievers are family pets. They have a high need for people and pack around them. They love exercises. They are always eager to learn. Attention keeps them going. They are intelligent and caring but if you don’t train them to be left alone, they become aggressive, destructive and prone to behavioral problems related to anxiety and separation disorder. Excessive barking, chewing and destruction follows. When the golden retriever does not know how to keep itself occupied, it creates ways to be occupied. Chewing is the best thing dogs do and they love to do it. Barking is a way to show out their frustration. It’s also one of the few ways they communicate. Training your dog to be left alone is a time consuming process but important nevertheless.

Golden retrievers are social dogs. They are intelligent and most importantly they are working dogs. They need to be around people and doing things. They want to help and they love to do whatever it is they can to please their owners. Being without their owner around is a punishment in itself and punishing a dog for reasons it doesn’t know is bad for both you and the dog. 

  • Train Your Pet like a Pro
  • Obiedience, Potty Training and more
  • Address behavioral Issues.
  • Expert vets and Professionals For support

Training your golden retriever to be alone

  • Month one – three.
    Your pup needs as much attention as it gets. Even if you feel that you are educated and well versed in puppy care, no one can care for the pup better than its mother itself. Professionals will tell you that a pup should not be separated from its litter before 8 weeks. 12 weeks is the right time for the pup to be separated from its mother. By this time, most pups can feed and groom on their own. They are happy and with enough attention will not suffer from the anxiety of being away from its mother.
  • Week 9 to 12.
    The Fourth month is usually the starting point for a lot of training. Potty training, Small tricks like sit and stay and even training them to be alone for a short span of time. Most dog owners find it hard to keep their pet alone for even a short span of time unless they are in a crate or caged. This is not a practice recommended for training dogs to be alone. They need to be out of the crate and in a comfortable zone to begin with. Use their bed as a space for them to be comfortable , safe and the go to zone. Encourage them to be on their bed for a few minutes. Move away . It may be hard the first few times but eventually. They will stay for a minute, then a bit more. This will continue up to 5 – 10 minutes. This is a good beginning. Don’t expect your dog to stay away for more than 10 minutes for the first month.
  • Month 5 -6
    Leave your dog alone in one room with the doors closed for a few minutes. When they start barking , command them to ensure that you are around, But let them out a minute later. Continue the practice, increasing the time a little more for a month or two. After a few weeks of practice, leave your home for 5-6 minutes with the dog in its usual spot. They will come out with the door open and not find you. Ensure that you are back and treat them. Increase the time by 5 minutes every second day. The dog will be assured that you will return soon and will expect you. 
  • Month 10-1 year
    Most dogs will be used to being left alone for 3-4 hours without a problem. Ensure that you pet your dog when you enter. Treat them well and feed them immediately. Take them for a walk and exercise them as much as you can immediately after you return. They always look forward to your getting back and this is the small treat for them.

Also ensure that you exercise them before you leave home. Draining their energy as much as you can ensures that they will be encouraged to rest. Leave them enough water and food for the next few hours. 

Be warned that dogs will occasionally chew on things they find interesting. Remote controls are often the enemy for my dog but it varies from dog to dog. If they can’t find something to entertain themselves with , they will entertain themselves with whatever comes in their way.

What happens if a dog is left alone for more than 6 hours?

Most dog owners are working parents. Our dogs need to be at home for more than 8 hours, sometimes longer. Is it even practical to own a dog when your responsibilities and time takes so much of a toll? Dog owners are like parents and we need to make the same kind of sacrifices and preparations that we take for children

Sometimes it’s important to have a pet sitter. Maybe we could ask the neighbour to help with looking after the dog when you are gone for the day or maybe just feed the dog and take it for a walk when you are away. If you cannot make arrangements for someone to take care of your dog when you are gone for a longer period of time, expect accidents. It’s not the dog’s mistake . It’s yours.

Dogs are social creatures. They need to be around other dogs and humans to fulfil their emotional needs. Golden retrievers are working dogs. They need to be active and around humans. The more the better. When you deprive them of their socializing needs, they will tend to show signs of anxiety. Incessant barking is the beginning of the problem. If your neighbours complain about barking when you are not around, just take note. This is the beginning of the problem and it’s time to take measures of correction. It’s not late yet and it will be sooner than you know. Don’t be angry or frustrated when you find part of your furniture missing or your favourite pillow opened up and shredded. 

Dogs left for 8 hours or more will start experiencing anxiety and separation disorders. Whining, barking and chewing are all signs of the same and if not corrected immediately it will become a practice which cannot be controlled. 

Use of crates while you are away

Using crates to train your dog to be alone is not a good option. Though pets can be trained to like their crates and feel safe in them, its bad for pets to stay in crates for extended period of time. Crates restrict movement. With lack of movement for extended period of time, your pets will face health issues including arthritis and other movement related problems. Dogs are active animals. They walk, run and play around the entire day and restricting them to a crate is like restricting someone in a small space 8 waking hours a day. Its more or less what most prisoners get when they are in isolation. That would be disastrous. We have a possibility of heart diseases, arthritis, joint problems and even depression if we would spend 8 hours in a space so small. For a dog this is a lot worse. 

Crate training should be limited and surely not used for keeping your pets alone while you are working. 

Hiring a Pet sitter or a dog walker

Pet sitters and dog walkers are available in certain areas. Find someone who can walk your dog 2 times a day or even once when you are gone. If you can find a pet sitter who can take your pet for a walk and care for him while you are away, its a great help for both you and your pet. You may never know, there are people who would love a dog but cant have them at home always for several reasons. They would Take care of your pet for an additional money and they may simply love it.

Find a home where there are kids (if your dog is trained to be with kids and is safe). Kids are usually full time partners for your dogs. Both , your dog and the child will find company in each other. Your dog sitter too will be forced to keep the dog longer at their place because it helps their child in several ways. Apart from having the child occupied, the dog feels happy around children. 

Dog walkers are not easy to come by and it requires someone you trust to leave your home keys with. Apart from the home keys, you need to trust the person with the dog too. Teenagers may be willing to take your dog for a walk for that extra money but they may not be good with dogs and lack the training to care for your pet. They may also be a bit careless. A dog walker needs to be responsible whatever age they are.

Day care for dogs

If you cannot find a dog walker or a dog sitter, find a day care for dogs. There are day care for pets which may feed and walk your dog while you are away. Your pets will have their entire day with other dogs and socialize. They will be taken care of and fed. Exercise is often abundant in most day cares for dogs and your dog will be eager every day to go to the dog day care. 

Some day cares are disney world for dogs. Plenty of toys. A lot of friends and food when they are hungry. Dogs love it and they are eager to meet you every evening when you return. 

Dog day cares will add up to your cost, but its a wonderful option for pet owners who cannot be at home for an extended period of time every day.

Are Golden Retrievers Hypoallergenic & Tips For People With Allergies

If you love dogs but find it difficult to pet them or be with them due to your allergies you may not be all out of luck but if your choice is a golden retriever, you may need to reconsider. Golden retrievers are not hypoallergenic. As a matter of fact, no dog is actually 100% hypoallergenic. If you are allergic to dogs, you are allergic to dogs. You will not be allergic to one breed and not the other. But the degree of allergic reaction will be a lot different from breed to breed. 

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False assumptions

  1. Dog Hair and shedding is the cause for allergies : No. Not really. ITs not the hair which causes the allergy but the dander. Dander is more or less the dead skin which calls off the dogs body along with the hair. This is a natural occurrence in all dogs. Even if the dog does not shed a lot, there is a good chance that the dander will cause allergies to some degree.

    How do you rectify : Rectification of this problem requires a two pronged approach. Don’t blame the dog for your allergies, though its the reason for it. Keep your home clean, and air it out well. The best option for closed rooms are an air purifier. Try a hepa air purifier for your home to get the dog dander out and clean the air at home. This itself should control your allergies to a great extent. Think of every thing you can keep the dander out and your home clean. Avoid carpets and furnitures that trap dander and dust. IF you cannot remove the carpets, ensure that they are shampooed frequently. Do not allow your pets on the furniture, specially those which are poros and can trap dander and dust.

    Now to the dog. Shampoo and bathe the dog at least once a week. Twice is better but at least once a week is important. This ensures that the dander leaves the body of the dog and it does not shed it all over your house increasing the symptoms of allergy
  2. The second false assumption is that some dogs are hypoallergenic and others are not. The fact is that all dogs are a problem if you are allergic to them. Its just the degree of allergy which differs. Smaller dogs usually shed little dander than larger breeds. A Golden retriever is a medium sized dog and sheds quite a lot. Chances are you will have more spells of allergic symptoms with a Golden retriever as compared to a pug. So if you are allergic to dogs, choose a smaller breed. Smaller breeds like Shih Tzu with lots of hair are actually less allergic to people than short coated breeds like rottweiler or a Labrador or even the Golden retriever. Think Small if you are allergic to dogs. Its much safer and less allergic to own a smaller dog. The smaller the dog does not mean that the affection it gives you is smaller. They are always a bundle of joy, no matter how big or small they are.
  • Train Your Pet like a Pro
  • Obiedience, Potty Training and more
  • Address behavioral Issues.
  • Expert vets and Professionals For support

Puppy vs Adult Golden retriever allergy

A lot of dog owners who were perfectly well with their dogs when they were young find it hard to be with them when they are adult dogs. Golden retriever owners and other big dog owners find this situation confusing and blame the breed for their allergies. They are also not sure why the allergy started off suddenly while they had no allergies a year ago when the pet was a puppy!

The reason for the allergy is the same as that of why people find smaller dogs more tolerable than larger breeds when it comes to allergies. Larger the dog, the more they shed. We are not talking about the hair that they shed but the dander. Puppies don’t shed a lot at all. They are growing, have wonderful skin and coat and rarely have problems. As they grow older, they start to shed hair and dander is common. So the golden retriever which was an adorable pup just a few months ago is now a cause for allergies.

Also Women may have symptoms of allergies if they are pregnant with dogs. This is not particular to any dog but is clearly related to the dander which is shed by the dogs. While these allergies are bad for the time being, it also helps build antibodies which may result in the baby being resistant to dander in the future. 

Can you own a Golden Retriever if you are allergic to dogs?

The answer is almost and always a yes but… but with some effort and lifestyle changes and may be a bit of interior decoration.  Owning a dog is more or less like bringing a baby home. You need to make the home baby safe. Ensure the electric sockets are covered, the hard edges are blunted out or covered with protective layers and a whole slew of measures. The same applies when you bring in a dog and especially if you are allergic to them.

You need to follow a procedure to ensure that your allergies are in control. The dog will eventually produce dander and shed hair at some point of time. Golden retrievers are known to shed and they shed a lot. Its not the hair you should be worried about, but the dander, the small specks of skin which is not visible to the eye. 

If you intend to own a golden retriever and if you are allergic to dog, prepare yourself for a daily and a weekly schedule, dedicated to the attention of your dog and your home.

  1. Bathe the dog : Ensure that your dog is bathed and shampooed at least once a week. Bathing removes all the dander in your dogs body and keeps it from shedding for the next few days. This will keep you without symptoms for at least 4-5 days
  2. Groom the dog : This is more or less a daily task. Spend 10-15 minutes a day to groom the dog. Brush the dog well, entangle the hair and ensure that the entire body gets the attention needed. Give special attention to the belly, ears and the tail. We often overlook some of these areas. 
  3. Restrict access : Ensure your dog has no access to certain areas of your home, specially those where you frequent more often. Ensure that they are not on rugs and carpets. Avoid access to the couch if they are made of cloth of any kind. Access to bedrooms should be restricted. 
  4. Invest in an Air purifier. Air purifiers are more common these days with increased pollution but its also great for people with allergies. IF you own a golden retriever or any large dog breed, an air purifier is an investment worth considering.
  5. Remove carpets or shampoo them frequently. If your home is carpeted, you may want to consider removing them altogether. If this is not a possibility, ensure that the carpets are shampooed once in a week, specially if your dog has access to the carpeted area. 

If you can maintain your home and your dog, provide a hygienic environment for both you and your pet, chances are you can still own a golden retriever and live quite well with it without a problem.

Diet considerations for dogs with allergic owners

If you are the one with the allergy, its the dog which needs the care and attention. Think of food which is good for skin. What really helps your dog have better skin and coat? These are the foods your dog needs to help YOU minimize allergic symptoms. Some of the common dog foods to improve skin and coat include 

  • Food with high omega 3. This includes Fish like Salmon
  • Coconut oil. Coconut oil is safe if ingested and also work great for topical application on dogs with dry skin. 
  • Avocado. Avocado is a great fruit not just for humans but for dogs too. Avocado is known to increase coat shine and leave the dogs skin moist and health.
  • Apple cider vinegar. For reasons unknown, apple cider vinegar is great for dogs overall health and even its skin. Adding a few drops of ACV to the dogs food or water can leave the dog skin and coat shining.

Certain unorthodox methods are also practiced once in a while to maintain overall health of the dog which benefits the coat and skin of the dog. Fasting the dog for 24 hours helps the dog clean out its bowel and detox efficiently. Fasting should only be done once a month and water should be provided at all times during fasting. Detoxing the dog can also help the dog maintain its skin and coat.

The most common dog breeds for allergic dog owners

Don’t Worry if you cannot own a golden retriever. There are plenty of other dogs which are less allergic to you than you would know. Some of these dogs are adorable. They may be as loving and caring as a golden retriever too. 

  • Bichon Frise : Bichon frise is a toy dog, small in size and a wonderful family dog. They get along well with children if trained to do so. They do not shed and are considered hypoallergenic.
  • Miniature Schnauzer : Miniature Schnauzer are small family dogs. Loyal, attention seeking and playful. They get along well with people and other pets. Though they look like lap dogs, they arent. 
  • Poodle : poodles are high energy dogs, need attention, constant care, exercise and socializing. Socializing is key to these dogs and should be done from the beginning. They are not kennel dogs.Proper grooming is mandatory. They are easy to train
  • Yorkshire Terrier : Yorkshire Terrier  are wonderful companion pets and work great with elders and those who are afraid to own a larger breed. They are devoted, loving and affectionate. They are great personal companions and family dogs.
  • Shih Tzu : If you have kids, the shih tzu is a great companion for them. They are great with children and great family pets. They have a docile personality. 
  • Maltese : The maltese is a big dog in a small package. They are small but has every quality of a dog thats big. They are alert, loving, caring affectionate, highly energetic and love to learn new tricks. Excellent family dog , barks with every unknown noise and always alert.
  • Portuguese Water Dog : the Portuguese water dogs are the introverts. They are affectionate to their own family and kids if they are introduced early in life. They are cautious with strangers but show no reservation when showing love to the members of its pack and family.
  • Scottish Terrier : the scottish terrier is yet another dog which requires little attention. Its also one of those few dogs which has a big dogs personality but a small body. They require a firm hand and a strong leader. 

Stress Gold for High Stress & Anxiety in Dogs

Pets are individuals; they have their personalities, views, and opinions. The only thing they cannot do is to express how or what they feel properly. Thus, when they are in distress, they cannot just tell you that “Oh, am so stressed out, let me take some rest.” They express it in some other way. Besides, reasons for their stress can be many things like traveling, fireworks or thunderstorms, a new home or addition of a new pet, change in routine, insomnia, etc. So, are you looking for a natural remedy to cure stress in dogs? Then, you are on the right page of Stress Gold for Dogs.

Stress Gold – natural support for stress in dogs

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PetWellBeing Stress Gold is a golden opportunity for you to help your beloved ones to become free from fear and help maintain a stable and peaceful mind. It is a herbal mix that supports the nervous system to reduce nervous tension and restlessness. It’s a natural sedative without any side effects and is 100% safe. It acts quickly on dogs and does not cause stomach upset. This product does not contain alkaloids and is not narcotic. Stress Gold will help your pet relax and might make him sleepy.

It acts as the effective support for high-stress situations in dogs. Stress Gold works effectively when your pet is afraid of noises like thunderstorms or fireworks. Does your dog become nervous when

  • He is traveling
  • He is taken to the veterinarian
  • A new person/ pet comes to the home
  • There is a change in his daily routine
  • There is insomnia

We, if you find any of these symptoms on your dog, you can give him Stress Gold. Stress Gold is for stressed dogs.

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Stress Gold Ingredients – herbs of Stress Gold

The primary ingredients in Stress Gold act directly on your dog’s brain to produce a natural and safe sedative effect. The result is a calm reaction and decreased the tendency to hyperactivity. The class of herbal sedatives used in this formula is 100% safe and natural. The method won’t cause an upset stomach.

  • Skullcap herb (Scutellaria lateriflora):  A nerve tonic with antioxidant value, sedative and used for pain and soothing muscles.
  • Valerian root (Valeriana officinalis):  Sedative; works in case of mental stress, Besides, also acts as a tranquilizer.
  • Lemon Balm herb (Melissa officinalis):  Mild sedative, used for shock and stress, commonly used for anxiety and reactions to vaccinations.
  • Passion Flower herb (Passiflora incarnata):  A relaxant, mild sedative, pain reliever and normalizes heartbeat.
  • Hops strobiles (Humulus lupulus):  Acts on nervous system for longer time, sedative and relaxes the muscles; supports urinary system.
  • Licorice root (Glycyrrhiza glabra):  Adapts the body to stress through adrenal glands.
  • Fresh Wild Oat seed (Avena fatua):  A nerve restorative.
  • Chamomile flower (Matricaria chamomilla):  A mild sedative, useful for hyperactivity and indigestion.
  • Ginger root (Zingiber officinale):  For nausea or digestive symptoms due to stress.

Stress Gold Directions and Dosage

Advisable to use it not more than four doses a day. Stress Gold Dosage will be like one drop for every 2 lbs of weight up to 30 pounds. An additional one drop is added for every extra 4lbs. Can be given orally or mix with food or water of the Dog. The bottle must be shaken well before every use.

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  • Address behavioral Issues.
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Cautionary Notes

Do not use with nervous system depressants and, when the dog is under treatment for kidney diseases. Moreover, It is better not to use on pregnant animals. In case of complications, immediate medical attention is required. Similarly, do not use before anesthesia.

Stress Gold customer reviews – what the customers say

Overall, Stress Gold customer reviews show a positive impact. Initially, the product has helped their pet from getting over-reacted. Following are some of the customer reviews on Stress Gold.

  • Stress Gold review 1: A user from Ohio states that the product has worked well in treating anxiety and stress. They always keep stock of one bottle.
  • PetWellbeing Stress Gold review 2: “Calm for the pre-attack dog,” says Butch from WA. Their 3-year-old Chihuahua had some brain damage. As a result, he acts very ferocious and tries to attack anything, that he finds new. Finally, he was given Stress Gold. The overall results were terrific. Butch recommends the product to all his friends.
  • Stress Gold review 3: “Helped with our puppy’s stressful shaking on the car rides” by Jimmy from Cedar Key, Fl. H said that the product had calmed their puppy when traveling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Stress Gold for dogs work?

Petwellbeing Stress Gold is a formulation by a team of holistic vets and pharmacists. It is manufactured in an FDA registered facility. All ingredients of Stress Gold are known to reduce mental stress.

From where to buy Stress Gold?

You can buy Stress Gold from Petwellbeing website or Amazon.

Does Stress Gold come with any side effects?

All the ingredients of Stress Gold are 100% natural. The class of herbal sedatives used in this formulation is safe. Thus, it will not cause the upset tummy.

Is Stress Gold shipped to UK?

The product is shipped to UK. You can either buy from or from Petwellbeing’s website.

Cure and Care for Cushings in Chihuahua

Find Adrenal Harmony gold and other PRoducts which are 100% natural and safe for your pets. Cure cushings disease now.

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Cushings disease is common in Small dogs. In a short survey of 158 dogs affected with Cushing diseases, 8 were Chihuahua. And in the age group category, out of 142 dogs, 122 dogs were above the age of 10. Only 20 dogs below 10 years were diagnosed with cushings disease with the youngest being 5.5 years old.

The youngest chihuahua to be diagnosed in the survey was 9 years old and the oldest one was 15 years old.

The details were obtained from surveys from a leading natural remedies website for dogs, and came from patients who purchased medication for Cushings disease for their dogs.

Cushings disease, otherwise known as hypercortisolism is the condition were excessive cortisol is released. The problem could be  adrenal dependent or pituitary dependent. In very rare cases (5%) it could also be due to side effects of some medication (Steroids) which creates high cortisol. Diagnosis is usually done in 2 ways , the ACTH test or the LDDS test. These tests will be administered by your vet to confirm Cushings disease in your dogs. The treatment and course of action will follow based on diagnosis and how young or old your dog is.

The 2 common drugs used to treat cushings disease are lysodren and trilostane. Lysodren is known to have a lot more side effects and is not commonly used. Trilostane is the preferred drug by most veterinarians.

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Symptoms of cushings disease in your Chihuahua

  1. Shedding
  2. Overweight , specially in the stomach area
  3. Hyperactivity
  4. Excessive Hunger and thirst
  5. Excessive urination
  6. Panting

Find Adrenal Harmony gold and other PRoducts which are 100% natural and safe for your pets. Cure cushings disease now.


Cushings disease can be due to various reasons but the primary reason is old age. Your dog starts to lose efficiency in some organ or the other over age. Sometimes its the kidney, others have heart problems and then there is cushings. While there are pet owners who believe its the commercial dog food that creates a problem, there are others who blame vaccinations or other medications.

Food could be a problem for cushings disease and you may want to change the diet of your dog. Add more fiber, filling foods which are light. Going vegan temporarily is not a bad idea as long as your dog will eat. Avoid grains for a few days if possible. Add more vegetables. Fish is a good source of vitamins and minerals and will encourage your dog to eat. Flushing out the toxins in your dog is a good idea and the first thing you need to do.

Adding more protein and less carbs should be good to start with. Ensure that your dog eats enough. The first 2-3 days may be difficult but the quantity they eat will increase gradually. Do not feed anything processed. This includes traditional, packed dog food. Do not feed your dog raw meat. If you plan to feed raw meat, microwave it for 5 minutes to ensure that the food is free from all bacteria which may create even bigger problems for your dogs. Avoid Eggs altogether or only feed cooked eggs, preferably only white.

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  • Address behavioral Issues.
  • Expert vets and Professionals For support

Simple measures to keep your dog healthy with food.

Circumin : Turmeric is a natural source of circumin which is known to reduce the symptoms of Cushings in humans and dogs. It is safe to add half a teaspoon of circumin to your dogs diet even if it does not have cushings or any other issue. Treat it as a supplement.  Adding Turmeric to your dog food could help cure the dog over a period of time. Do not expect to see results overnight. IT takes up to a week to see results. Circumin is an anti inflammatory compound with many health benefits. Its also an anti tumerigenic which helps prevent the pituitary gland or adrenal tumor from growing. It also generates cortisol efficiently. You will find results of thesis and research on Circumin for Adrenal gland tumor and cushings below.

Reference : NCBIBioscientifica

Apple Cider vinegar : Adding 2 table spoons of apple cider vinegar in tthe water bowl will help your dog with a lot of problems. ACV is known to remove toxins from the body and helps your dog retain its skin. Overall ACV is known to be one of the most beneficial , simple food additive your dog can have. Its safe and benefits range from Better skin coat, healthier digestion, controlled appetite and more.

CBD Oils : CBD Oils have been researched to have a range of benefits in dogs from being anti inflammatory, Anxiety  to reducing pain. Its known to reduce symptoms of cushings disease and easing your pet a lot. Though this is not a cure for cushings disease, it will control the symptoms of your dog, specially anxiety. CBD oils have been tested and have gone through a range of research, In 2018, a research shows the benefits of Cannabinoids in treating a long list of conditions. More information is available on

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Life expectancy of a Chihuahua after diagnosis of cushings disease

Experts say that your dog will most likely die of old age as opposed to cushings disease because most dogs are diagnosed with cushing during their later stages of life. This does not mean that you ignore or overlook the problem. You could easily correct it naturally and even with medication. Most Chihuahua will live 2-4 years easily with treatment. There are dogs which have lived up to 5 years with reduced to no symptoms at all after treatment and proper care. The first thing most pet owners should do is understand the problem and address the issues. Food, Exercise, small changes to diet may be required for you pet. Addressing these small issues could get your pet to live a smooth and happy life with reduced symptoms.

Why Natural medicines are Better than Trilostane or Lysodren?

Its mostly a question of choice and making a decision based on pros and cons. Trilostane works and so does lysodren (though with some side effects) but if you take your dogs age into consideration, you would want to think again. Many pet owners compare Trilostane and lysodren treatment to chemotherapy in humans. Its isnt completely true but cannot be overruled either. The purpose of both these drugs are to remove the tumor in your pet, roughly the same purpose as chemotherapy. The drugs do come with a bit of side effects and some dogs seem to lack the energy after treatment. Your Chihuahua will feel a lot lethargic after treatment and the treatment usually continues through out their life. Pet owners dont really enjoy seeing their loved once upon a time playful dog looking dull and pained. Many would simply like to see their dogs happy during their last few days of their life.

If your dog is young enough to go through the drug process, we do recommend trying Lysodren or Trilostane. Its clearly tested and works. But if your dog is old (more than 10 years) we recommend that you dont pain it with drugs for the rest of its life. Chances are you could see your dog a lot more healthier with natural remedies which will show results and keep your dog happy.

One other reason is the cost. Treatment of Trilostane would cost you anywhere between $2200 – $2500 per year. If you opt for surgery, the costs could go up to $5000. Some pet owners cannot afford that kind of money and find natural remedies more affordable.

Find Adrenal Harmony gold and other PRoducts which are 100% natural and safe for your pets. Cure cushings disease now.

Complications due to Cushings disease

SARDS Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome is a rare disease in dogs which can be triggered by cushings disease. A few cases of SARDS were noted in dogs with cushings disease and is suggested that Cushings is the reason for the same. More information on the study is available on

Prevention, diagnosis and tests.

Cushings, though it looks a lot like an age related issue, most of the time, it is not diagnosed. Veterinarians recommend that your pet be tested for cushings from the age of 6. Early testing could get your dog to be treated effectively without drugs and most of the time, you would notice a change in diet is all it needs to get back to normal or at least not getting the condition worsen. EArly diagnosis will save you a lot of pain and money. Treatment would be much simpler and less painful for your dog.

Prevention of cushings is a debatable topic. You could add circumin to your dogs diet every now and then. But there is nothing to guarantee that you would be able to prevent the condition.

NHV Stimmune Tablets for dogs

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Stimmune for Dog allergies is a natural blend of potion to relieve your dog of stress and painful condition during its allergic time.

Is it possible that dogs have allergies too? Yes. It’s true that dogs can suffer the same kind of allergies as human. Treat it with Stimmune for Dog allergies and your dog shall be thankful…

Dogs are essentially like the human when it comes to allergies. They can be allergic to anything starting from food to Dust and chemicals or right about anything which humans are allergic to. Their symptoms too are sometimes very much the same as humans though you cannot be assured that the symptoms will always be the same. For instance, a dog allergic to dust may cough out the whole day while another with the same allergy will have a bloated face and red eye, but no cough at all. Understanding your dog’s allergic conditions will always help you treat your dog with the right medication. Stimmune for Dog allergies is a natural blend of potion to relieve your dog of stress and painful condition during its allergic time. So its basically going to remove the symptom of the allergy after its been caused.

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Stimmune for dog allergies

Stimmune is not a preventive medication and it will not cure your dog of the allergies. instead, Stimmune treats the condition after your dog has been in contact with the source of allergy. This way, your dog will have less impact on the allergy and soon it will build up its immunity towards to source. Stimmune improves your dog’s immunity to fight against the source of allergy.

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Quadritop Ointment for Dogs Ears and Eyes (Uses and Alternatives)

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  • Ear infection
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Quadritop Ointment for dogs is a topical application cream which comes in 7.5 Ml, 15ml, 30 ml and 240 ml tubes. The product is sold on prescription only. The generic name of Quadritop ointment is Panalog. Its common in use for chronic otitis, interdigital cyst, Anal gland infection and some skin conditions including candida infections. The product is prescribed for Dogs and cats  only and are not for human use. Its not to be used for any other animals apart from cats and dogs.

  • Training your dog To obey
  • Address all issues from stress, anxiety and a lot more
  • Improve Dogs health and Temperament.

Uses of Quadritop Ointment

Quadritop ointment is primarily used for dermatological problems and ear infections in dogs. They are also used to treat candidal infections and interdigital cysts in dog paws.

Quadritop Ointment For Dog Ear infections : This is the most common use of Quadritop Ointment in dogs. Its used from mild to even advanced stages of ear infections in dogs. Very rarely, dogs tend to have hearing problems when quadritop is used. When this happens, stop administering Quadritop ointment immediately and consult your vet. This problem is not uncommon, but needs attention.

 Quadritop Ointment For Dog Dermatological Problems : Dermatological problems including Candida and Hotspots and a range of fungal problems can be treated with Quadritop Ointments. If possible ask your vet to recommend another solution, an alternative to quadritop. If there is an alternative to Quadritop ointment, specially for areas where your dog can reach and lick, you should take an alternative. Quadritiop ointments are known to have a long list of side effects and you could avoid it with an alternative solution

Quadritop Ointment For Dog Paw : the most common use of Quadritop ointment in paw is interdigital cyst. Again, this is an area where you dog could reach and you should avoid using Quadritop ointment when possible. Also, there are researches which prove that the cyst could be the problem of lack of immunity. Try to increase the immunity of your dog to prevent problems like the cyst.

Quadritop Ointment For Dog Vulva : There is no clear evidence that the quaditop ointment is effective or even recommended for dog vaginitis or application of the same to the vulva. Dogs anal infection is treated with Quadritop ointment and is found to be effective. There has not been cases or research to show evidence of use of quadritop ointment on dog vulva or vaginitis.

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The dosage for Quadritop ointment is dependent on the condition. For topical application, apply a thin film over the infected area. is not unusual to fill the glands with the ointment if its infected, specially the the anal glands. for ear application , apply just enough that it does not block the ear canal , but reaches the infected area. Always seek veterinary help with dosage and do not overdo the prescription. Application is usually once per day to once per week, but rarely there are cases where application may happen 2-3 times a day based on the infection.

Recommended Products For Dog Ear Infection

Ingredients and Side effects

Nystatin : Nystatin has a list of side effects from mild to severe. Diarrhea, Vomiting, Hypersensitivity, rashes and hives are seen in pets. Sever conditions may include allergic reaction, slow heart rate and bronchospasm.

Neomycin Sulfate : An antibiotic used to reduce risk of infection , Neomycin Sulfate comes with a range of side effects from drowsiness, diarrhea, vomiting, confusion, increased thirst, weight gain, loss of appetitie, shortened breath among others

Thiostrepton is an antibiotic with side effects including SAP and SGPT Enzyme elevation, vomiting and diarrhea

Triamcinolone Acetonide is a medium to strong potency corticosteroid. Weight loss, and vision problems are common side effects.

Long term use of Quadritop ointment in dogs could lead to cushings disease.

Alternative to Quadritop ointment

Ear infection could be a treated completely with natural remedies. Natural remedies and cures may be slow and time consuming. It also requires regular attention. But there is one good side to natural remedies. Its safe, effective and without any side effects. You can soothe your dog’s ear infection with warm compress. A spray of Apple cider vinegar will help heal the infection. Application of turmeric can stop infection promptly. Your dog could also use some turmeric and honey in their diet to boost their immunity. Garlic and mullein oil application is effective for ear and skin infection. While all these remedies work, it does take time, a lot of care and you will need to do this several times a day.

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