Vetionx Arthro-Ionx

Vetionx – Manufacturers of Arthro Ionx

Founded by Albert Duoibes in 2006, VetionX is one of the few companies which help Pets with degenerative Diseases. Arthritis, Diabetes and a range of diseases are cured by the products from Vetionx. Arthro-Ionx and other products are manufactured in a FDA approved facility with stringent quality control. What more? There is help when ever you ask. there are live videos , and help on how the vets (practicing with years of experience) cure these diseases at vetionx. Check out the Vetionx site for more details.

Key points to note include

  1.  Stringent Quality testing
  2. Excellent support
  3. FDA approved
  4. HomeoPathic
  5. No side effects
  6. Range of products for a range of diseases and range of pets too…

What more can you ask for?

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