How To Treat Diabetes In Dogs? – This Simple Guide Will Help You

Diabetes in dogs? Are you kidding me? This was how I reacted when our vet said that Rex (my Dachshund) was having diabetes. Well, I actually have no idea of how he was caught with diabetes. Experts say that canine diabetes is a hormonal disease where the body, more precisely the pancreas loses its ability to produce insulin or there is an overproduction of glucose releasing hormone – glucagon.

Female dogs are more at risk compared to male dogs because of the changes in their reproductive hormones every time they go through a season. Being a dog owner , I thought this was just a rare disease found in dogs. But studies reveal that the occurrence of canine diabetes is one out of every 10 dogs worldwide.

Symptoms of dog diabetes

  • Some of the common symptoms seen in dogs having diabetes is
  • Unexplained weight gain or loss
  • Excessive urination
  • Increased water consumption
  • Lethargy


When you find any of these symptoms on your dog, please make sure to have his urine checked by your local veterinarian or get some glucose test strips to test your dog’s urine at home. It is recommended that you do multiple samples over a period of few days, before and after eating, to ensure that you do not miss a spike in the blood sugar.

Home Remedies To Keep Your Dog healthy from being diabetic

When your dog is diabetic, make sure you do these following treatments right from your home.

  • Keep your dog on a grain free diet
  • A raw or cooked diet is ideal
  • Avoid vaccinating your dog.
  • Massage cinnamon essential oil daily on the pads of their feet
  • Do not use heart worm preventative drugs
  • Give one drop of Blood Sugar Gold in each meal
  • Feed about 50-65% raw or cooked meat, 10-25% raw only bones and 10-25 % green, leafy vegetables.
  • Avoid artificial supplements and vitamins
  • Give the gemmotherapies fig tree, hedge maple and European walnut – 5 drops of each with each meal for support of pancreas and proper functioning of Gastro Intestinal system.
  • Make him do plenty of exercise.

Herbal Remedies For Dog Diabetes

Instead of injecting chemically formulated medicines, trying herbal remedies can benefit your pet from diabetes. If you are the owner looking for a more holistic approach, look for natural medications with these following ingredients.

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  • Chromium – its an effective ingredient in improving the effectiveness of insulin. Chromium also balances the cholesterol levels and reduces the risk of heart disease.
  • Bilberry –this helps to stimulate the insulin production as well as reducing the blood sugar levels in animals suffering with Type II diabetes. Bilberry helps to improve the vision, promote speedy recovery wound and tissue healing.
  • Galega officinalis – Galega Officinalis is used in natural formulas to improves the functioning of pancreas.

Testing At Home

Rather than taking your dog to the veterinarian for monitoring the insulin levels, you can check this at your home itself. The new testing devices work well on the ears of dogs and cats. Also, you get a more clear reading because of the absence of stress your dog faces when he is on a veterinarian clinic.

Using frankincense essential oil would also be of great help for your dog. Apply frankincense essential oil to the pads of the rear feet. If your dog doesn’t love it, try diffusing the frankincense in the room where he sleeps.

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