Toppl Dog Toy- West Paw Toppl Dog Toy

West Paw Toppl Dog Toy

West Paw Toppl Dog Toy – The Toppl dog treat puzzle is quite possibly the best interactive dog toy ever made. It can be filled with kibble, soft treats, hard treats and also frozen treats. The Toppl can be used alone or combine both a size large and size small together to create the ultimate dog treat puzzle. Designed to keep dogs occupied and also entertained for long periods of time.

As parents or owners, it is up to us to make sure that the pet dogs have a great time, every single day. It may not be possible for you to spend all the time with them, but you need to get them some fun-filled items for their time pass. The Toppl dog toy like West Paw Toppl dog toy are fun and at the same time some kind of mental exercise for them. You can hide a treat inside them and offer it to your dog and also let him find a way to get the treat out. Thus it is really one fun-filled toy come treat box.

What is West Paw Toppl dog toy?

The West Paw Toppl dog toy is a puzzle toy where you can place a medium or small treats inside them. There are grooves to hold the treat in place. You can let the pet to figure out how to get them out. This Toppl dog toy is available in different sizes that can be used together to make a complex puzzle for the intelligent dogs.

The smaller puzzle could go inside the larger one and is suitable to hold small sized treats. This treat could come out of the small hole provide on the side. Thus the dogs can play with them as well as try getting it out. In the process, the small treat would come out of the small holes and for the larger treats; they need to take the small puzzles out.

The dispensed treats would distract the pets for a while and they will be more interested to find more from them. This is one toy that suits all kinds of dogs. As a matter of fact you only need to get the right sized toy for each dog.

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Other features

  • The dogs can chew on these West Paw top dog toy. It has ideal strength for the chewing. The toy can also entertain the dog by itself, but it would be better if you are around to monitor.
  • You can stuff anything and everything inside these toys. Get 2 sizes of this kind of toy and also snap them together to make complex ones, as your dog get used to the single piece. This dog toy wobbles around and makes the dog run behind it. In a way, it is also a great way for the dog’s exercise as well.
  • The material used for making this toy is safe recyclable and non-toxic with no BOA, phthalate, or latex.
  • The West Paw Toppl dog toy can be easily cleaned and dishwasher safe. You can have this kept on the top rack of the dishwasher.
  • There are 2 sizes available, small, and large. They are sold separately and do not come as a pack of 2. The small has a size of 3 inches and the large one is 7 inches.
  • The color options available for these Toppl toys are tangerine, granny smith, and aqua blue.
  • These toys float in the water so can also be used as a bath toy.
  • The toy is made to let the dog insert its mouth into the toy, so make sure that you are buying the ideal size toy, according to the dog’s size.

Where to buy?

West Paw Toppl dog toy is popular in many online stores. It is easily spotted at Amazon. On Amazon, you can find them in many countries like USA, Canada, Australia, UK etc. The manufacturer West Paw International is offering international shipping for the products, so check with the official site, and also check if it could be shipped to your country.

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The general review is that the West Paw Toppl dog toy is easy to use and also to clean. The material is safe and durable with an ideal weight. The catchy color and the wobbly nature make it a hit among the pets. When are you getting one for your doggy?

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