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SPARK – Daily Nutritional Supplement for Dogs and Cats

SPARK – Daily Nutritional Supplement

Spark Daily food supplement is 100% natural without any additional contents that produce any side-effects on your pet’s body. Simply sprinkle the Spark supplement powder on your pet’s food and watch him chow down.

Spark Supplement is a natural nutritional supplementary powder for your pets that is manufactured by Rocky & Bella and is available online at Read on to know more about Spark dog supplement…

Like humans, all living beings need nutritional foods to survive on this planet. Your pet kitty or doggy will devour anything you offer them with love. Be it cheese or chunk of meat….but think how healthy is it? Unlike us, foods for cats and dogs differ as per their lifestyle. But most of us are not aware of their requirements. Here are some things for you to consider:

Spark supplement for your Feline (Cats)

  • Think cat…tiger sized. Cats need twice the amount of protein rather than dogs and humans and their main nutritional food is meat. Felines need to savor on amino acids or any animal protein.
  • Cats require fatty acids for dissolving vitamins such as E, A and D. Dehydrated foods can be one of the reason your feline is gaining weight as they tend to eat more of the carbs in canned/packed foods. Spark supplement can help your cat great deal and with the right dosage things just work in your favor.
  • Water in on’s life is inevitable. Without water, cats have the risk of getting dehydrated. So, keep a bowl of fresh water near to your cat’s food.
  • Exercise is important at the risk of getting your feline to be overweight. Play with your kitty for with some time like ping pong or hide and seek.


Spark for dogs

  • Your pooch needs more protein and less carbs. About 18% of your pet’s food should contain protein which can be derived from fish, meat or vegetables.
  • Dogs need fats for keeping paws, skin healthy. In fact, fats keep your canine energetic but limit to about 9% of fats if your pet is an adult dog.
  • Fiber foods such as rice bran, oat bran, apples without seeds (seeds are cynide for dogs), brown rice etc. are sources of rich fibers.
  • Life without water is unimaginable. Keep a bowl of clean water along with dog food or as and when your pet needs it.
  • Obesity can be harmful for dogs just like humans. Take your doggy for a walk or play games with him. A daily dose of Spark Supplement will work wonders on your canine’s health.

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Spark Nutritional Food Supplement

It is a well known factor that pet supplements are processed with preservatives and artificial flavors which absorb most of the nutritional elements that are required for your pet. Spark Daily food supplement is 100% natural without any additional contents that produce any side-effects on your pet’s body. Simply sprinkle the Spark supplement powder on your pet’s food and watch him chow down. Spark Daily food supplement improves the digestive system and enhances the immunity power. It contains chlorella, barley grass, freeze dried beef liver etc, which increases the bone strength, rises the level of antioxidants, protein thereby helping bowel cleansing and repairs tissues.

As Spark Dog supplement comes with a 90 days guarantee, i.e. if you are not satisfied with the product, you can claim your money back. Lots of reviews are hovering over the Internet about Spark Dog supplement with pet owners claiming that this product has the power to cure even cancer in felines and canines. As it goes without saying, though Spark Daily food supplement is void of any side-effects, it is best recommended to consult your Vet before ingesting this product in your pet’s food.

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