Adrenal Harmony Gold

Side effects of Adrenal Harmony Gold for Dogs

Adrenal Harmony Gold

Adrenal Harmony Gold is a natural remedy for the Cushing’s disease in dogs. It is natural not just for the namesake but in actual made with natural medicinal herbs that help in relieving or treating the symptoms and its causes. There are many drugs available in market to treat this condition but they all have its unfavorable effects. Since the Cushing’s disease itself is a result of side effects of some drugs, it may not be advisable to go for another drug to have another kind of adverse effect. That’s why Adrenal Harmony Gold which is 100% natural and there is no presence of any chemicals.

Side Effects Of Adrenal Harmony Gold

Adrenal Harmony is being satisfactorily used by many and has found positive response to this disease. Though its effect is not scientifically proven, the statistics shows that it is highly effective in both young and old canines. The ingredients used has been used in treating the many symptoms of this disease can effectively handle them in a favorable way. The ingredients individually may have some side effects but when combined together as Adrenal Harmony no side effects have been shown or reported so far.

Adrenal Harmony is not supposed to take if the canine is pregnant since its effect on them may not be predictable. It is not to be taken along with any blood thinning drugs. The basil-Tulsi, turmeric, is known to have interactions with those drugs and the chances of bruising or bleeding are more.

But whatever the case may be since Adrenal Harmony Gold is administered in smaller quantity there is lesser chance of getting any side effects if at all there is a scope for it. Natural medicine can be harmful only when it is taken in higher quantity for a longer period. There is no chance of having larger quantity of this medication for such cases happening. Adrenal Harmony is safe to use only on canines but not for humans. In case of human consumption the consequences may be troublesome. But as far as the pets are concerned it will be more than safe to say that it is suitable for them and there is no need to worry.

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