Rimadyl for Dogs suffering from Arthritis

Rimadyl Caplets for Dogs

One of the first FDA approved medicine is Rimadyl which helps your dog from Arthritis. It is available in 25mg, 75mg and 100 mg with Pork Liver flavor chewable tablets (caplets). Rimadyl for dog arthritis is also used after your pet has undergone surgery and stands as one of the prescribed medicines to remove inflammation and stiffness in body.

Rimadyl for Dog, a non-steroidal medication for your pet dogs motivates them to build their muscles by relieving them from arthritis. It is approved by the FDA and is available over the counter in chewable Pork Liver flavored tablets.

One of the common diseases in canines is arthritis though it has been sadly noted that dog owners are not aware of this fact and often delay in treatment. Some even use human medicines for dogs which can be quite hazardous to their life.

Some of the Arthritis symptoms in dogs suffering from osteoarthritis is limping, unstable walk with hind legs, vomiting, irritative behavioral changes, frequent thirst, urination etc. If you notice these changes in your canine, then its time to take him to the nearest Vet immediately.

Often dogs with obesity are the topmost benefactors of arthritis. Important treatment involves strict controlled diet, physical therapy, acupuncture etc. along with dosages which will restore the proper movements. Help your pet to lose weight. Exercise with your pet, take him for a walk. Swimming is one of the best exercises as it doesn’t involve much pressure on their legs. Do not make your pet over exert himself such as jumping or running.

Rimadyl for Dog Arthritis

Over the counter medications are available for pets which includes non-steroidal and anti-inflammatory medicines (NSAIDS). One of the first FDA approved medicine is Rimadyl which helps your dog from Arthritis. It is available in 25mg, 75mg and 100 mg with Pork Liver flavor chewable tablets (caplets).

Rimadyl for dog arthritis is also used after your pet has undergone surgery and stands as one of the prescribed medicines to remove inflammation and stiffness in body. Although the dosage is in the Rimadyl pack, it is better to consult with your veterinarian before giving Rimadyl to your canine if your dog is currently undergoing homeopathic treatment or any other medication.

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Rimadyl for Dog Reviews:

Lots of dog-owners are of the view that their pets from chronic neck pain (before and even after surgery) have benefited from Rimadyl supplement as it provided much required relief to the pet. Even doctors from California, New York subscribe this med claiming that their clients claim sure benefits from Rimadyl for their dogs arthritis pain.

Though Rimadyl is an anti-steroid medication, it contains a chemical known as Carprofen and is a NSAID. Make sure with a qualified veterinarian about the side effects and confirm this medication if it is the only option. Rimadyl can be damage your pet’s liver and thus can even prove fatal.

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RIMADYL 100 mg for Dog Arthritis

Rimadyl for Dog
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Rimadyl carprofen is a non-steroidal drug with anti inflammatory properties specifically for dog arthritis and gives good relief from the pain and inflammation. Rimadyl arthritis supplement for dogs clinically proves as the best supplement in curing any signs of arthritis. It is an oral drug and is chew-able tablets. It selectively inhibits the enzyme cyclo oxygenase that generates prostaglandins involved with the inflammation. One dose daily provides both anti-inflammatory and analgesic or pain relief effects for up to 24 hrs.

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Rimadyl for dog gives relief from post operative pain of the soft tissues and other bone surgeries in dogs. It offers freedom of movement and thus more activity. It improves a dog’s overall quality of life. The boost in activities helps maintain a healthy weight and also slows down the progress of the illness. It comes in two more strengths of tablets, 25 mg and 75 mg and also comes as an injection that the veterinarian administers at his clinic.


RIMADYL chewable tablets are given orally. The dosage is 2 mg per one pound of body weight. Which means it will be 50 mg for a dog weighing around 25 pounds. The dosages as per the weight can be given once daily or can divide it in half and give it twice. It easy to cut these tablets in half for a half-a-tablet dosage. For post operative pain relief it is given after 2 hours of the operation. The tablet has got a liver-taste and hence dogs would love to chew them.RIMADYL for Dog – Side Effects

Some rare but severe digestive and liver problems are reported as side effects. Other symptoms of Rimadyl intolerance are appetite loss, vomiting, and diarrhea. On rare occasions it could be fatal. Discontinue the medicine if any of these signs occur, and immediately consult your veterinarian. All the above mentioned side effects are not shown by all the dogs. Most of them are rare occurrence. Since the tolerance and intolerance are depended on individual dogs, the results or reactions also vary from dog to dog. But diarrhea and vomiting are most common side effects for this drug.

RIMADYL Precautions

RIMADYL dog arthritis supplement should not be used in dogs exhibiting previous hypersensitivity to carprofen. It may cause gastrointestinal as well as renal toxicity. Not safe for dogs that are less than 6 weeks old, and pregnant dogs and lactating canines. Use of Rimadyl with other anti-inflammatory drugs should be avoided. It is not meant for human use, and must be kept away from children.

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