Resthyro vs Thyro-up for Dog Hyperthyroidism

Resthyro for Dog Hyperthyroidism


Resthyro helps dogs with hyperthyroidism, the condition where excess thyroid is secreted in the system to create health problems in dogs

Hyperthyroidism is rare in dogs but it does occur. The Conditions mirror that of thyroid cancer and the symptoms are Excessive hunger , Weight loss and Thirst. No matter how much food you provide, it always seems less. But the weight of the dog is going down. Thyroid problems could be leading to cancer and a complete check on the disease should be done with a veterinarian. Yes Hyperthyroidism is Fatal if left untreated. Traditional medicines for Hyperthyroidism includes surgery but is not recommended in most case by vets as most dogs suffering from Hyperthyroidism are above the age of 10. Surgery at that age may not be the right thing unless its inevitable. Resthyro on the other hand is natural, leaves no side effects and is an excellent remedy for Hyperthyroidism.

Thyro-up for Dog Hypothyroidism

Thyroid-Support-Silver-for-Hypothyroidism, a condition where enough thyroid is not produced by the thyroid glands could create health issues. Thyro-Up, helps balance thyroid in Dogs

Dogs, Cats and even humans have problems related to thyroid. Ageing could be a cause for most thyroid problems but most influential is the lifestyle factor. Today Hypothyroidsim in Dogs is a concern. Hyperthyroidism on the other hand is a major problem in Cats. These 2 conditions are both related to the thyroid gland and is termed depending on the condition. Hypothyroidism is related to not enough thyroid secretion while Hyperthyroidism its related to excessive thyroid excretion. The right amount of thyroid in the system enables your dog to maintain a good health and live a steady long life. Symptoms of Hypothyroidism in dogs include

  • Dull coat
  • Greasy skin
  • Bad odor
  • Low energy
  • Weight gain
Since these are symptoms most dogs attribute towards some other disease it would be wise to check with a veterinarian before administering Thyro-up or for that matter any natural medication.
Why is Thyro-up Better than Traditional Medication?
Traditional medication usually involves injecting Thyroid to the system. This is almost always effective but with one problem. Its hard to determine the amount of thyroid required for each dog and also how much deficiency has to be fulfilled  There is no pre-written quantity to be injected for each dog or each breed and the quantity varies almost every other day for the same dog too. Injecting excess thyroid could result in Hyperthyroidism which is also a health factor. Reduced Thyroid injection will show poor result. Thyro up instead helps create thyroid naturally and is highly effective in its ability to make the Thyroid glands work. Since its natural, There is no reason to doubt excessive thyroid secretion and its always safe.

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