Adrenal Harmony Gold

Remedy For Dog Cushing’s Disease – Adrenal Harmony Gold

Adrenal Harmony Gold

Adrenal Harmony Gold is a powerful formula that is developed by an expert team of veterinarians to help and aid in the adrenal gland functioning of your pets. This blend with therapeutic actions is mainly adaptogenic and antioxidant. The ingredients that were selected will suit and aid in the adrenal glands functioning in the right and proper way it should in your dog. At times they too help and aid the pituitary and the hypothalamus glands. The ingredients that are mainly coming under adaptogens are herbs that support will help dog’s body to adapt naturally to stressors and will help in normal production of cortisol in normal range.


Adrenal harmony Gold is created by which was founded in the year 2001. The main goal while creating this Adrenal Harmony Gold is to bring wisdom to all the dogs that depend on them and to give an experience of holistic veterinarians to the dogs. Happy rounds with your healthy dog will ultimately make you too rise in your spirits.


The main problems with drugs, they might either stimulate or might even depress the adrenal function. The herbs that are present in adrenal harmony gold will not do these side effects like the other drugs. These herbs will help the adrenal glands to produce only the sufficient amount of hormone production in the right and in normal mechanism how it should be within the anatomical limits of a dog. The antioxidants that are present in the adrenal harmony gold will counter free radical damage which can later lead to degeneration.

All the ingredients named under adrenal harmony gold target mainly in the key cellular mechanisms to keep the anterior pituitary and the adrenal hormones in the right balance. This will also benefit your dog to be in a calm mood and it will also provide it to relax and sleep in a much better way.


Adrenal gland in your dog has the same importance as it has in humans. In dogs, the adrenal gland is the two small sized glands that are situated in the top of kidney and they are in a pressure to process various physiological processes in the body of your dog. The hypothalamus and the pituitary gland that is present in the dog’s body help and aid in sending the messages to the adrenals. So if the signaling has any default due to the functioning of the adrenal gland, pituitary or hypothalamus, it can easily reflect in the behavior, sleep, relaxation, and activities of your dog.

The normal functioning of the adrenal gland is to help dog’s body to produce corticosteroid hormone which will help in the right response to stress and inflammation.

Adrenal gland is important in regulating the water and the electrolyte balance in your dog’s body. This will help in the regulation of the normal limit of the urine output and in the thirst of the dog.

Adrenal glands are also prime for the blood sugar which will reflect in the appetite of your dog.


Adrenal harmony gold mainly targets 3 main glands which can be shortened as HPA- Hypothalamus, pituitary and the adrenal glands. They assist the body to strengthen the dog’s internal feedback mechanism in the regular and acceptable way for the dog. This will help the affected areas of the body which are been controlled by the secretion and functioning of the adrenal glands.


Help the dog to administer it orally twice daily. You can give your dog 1 drop for 2 lbs (1 kg) of body weight for weights upto 50 lbs. If the weight crosses 50 lbs you can add one drop for every additional 4 lb (2 kg) of weight.for 2 kg.

Since adrenal harmony gold is synthesized in natural bacon flavor. You can also adopt measures in a way that you dog will like to consume it the best and to maximum.


Blood thinners: Do not provide your dog with adrenal harmony gold if it is under the any medications that come under blood thinners.

Kindly make necessary arrangements for a veterinarian to undergo certain medical checkup of your dog. This will help them to establish safety medications.


Adrenal harmony gold comes with a 90 day money back guarantee. If your dog doesn’t improve within 90 days of span, the manufacturer is ready to give back the money to the customers.

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