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Natural Remedies And Homeopathy for Megaesophagus in dogs

A lot of research has been done on Treatment for Megaesophagus in Dogs and there has been no credible solutions to it. Let us understand what is Megaesophagus in dogs.

Treatment for Megaesophagus in Dogs

Megaesophagus in dogs

Megaesophagus in dogs is not a common disease in dogs. The symptoms are mostly Vomiting in the initial stages and is often termed as regurgitating . Vomiting in the usual cases would take a effort to bring back the consumed food but regurgitating is often smooth. Megaesophagus in dogs happens due to a bloated or swollen esophagus. The food consumed is required to be pushed down to the stomach naturally by the esophagus but is often stuck at the esophagus itself and is reversed after a while. Megaesophagus in dogs could create problems if the food takes a path to the lung, creating complications

Treatment for Megaesophagus in dogs

Allopathy is often not helpful but to certain extent. Natural remedies are tried and found successful in a few dogs. Homeopathy has also been a field of study in Megaesophagus in dogs and there has been significant results with some of the medication. The most unusual but effective remedies is the Bailey Chair for megaesophagus, which helps the dog sit down for at least 10 minutes after the dog consumes its food. The food also plays a major role in treating Megaesophagus in dogs and is completely dependent on the dog. Every dog may have varied results . Some dogs may find results with dried kibble but the others may be well off with a liquid diet. The diet is a clear trial and error method. For now, below are the remedies for Homeopathic Treatment for Megaesophagus  in dogs.

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Homeopathic Remedies for Megaesophagus symptoms in dogs
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