Adrenal Harmony Gold

Natural Ingredients of Adrenal Harmony Gold

Adrenal Harmony Gold

Adrenal Harmony Gold is a homeopathic remedy for Cushing’s disease in dogs. This disease is caused due to the excess production of adrenal hormones as a result of side effects of some corticosteroid drugs or by abnormal functioning of that gland. Sometime it can be caused by the tumor in the pituitary gland also. Adrenal Harmony Gold is safe to use on any day without having to worry about side effects. It is an herbal preparation that includes many medicinal herbs that has been used for treating many diseases in the past and present.

Adrenal Harmony Gold is manufactured by Petwellbeing and is formulated by expert veterinarians, giving importance to the expected effects while selecting the herbs. The herbs selected have an overall effect in dealing with all the known symptoms of Cushing’s disease.

Ingredients Of Adrenal Harmony Gold

  • Fresh Ashwagandha root: An adaptogen that assists in lowering the blood pressure and in controlling the mood and stress level. It is also used in treating tumors and liver problems.
  • Holy Basil leaf: It helps in balancing liver functions and adrenal glands. It is anti-inflammatory and helps heal wounds and relives skin problems.
  • Fresh Turmeric rhizome:  It is antioxidant, anti-septic and anti-inflammatory. It is used in treating liver problems, skin infections, or skin itching etc. It helps in the effect of Adrenal Harmony Gold since skin problems are one of the main symptoms.
  • Bacopa herb:  Bacopa is a stress reliever and helps in other brain related or psychological conditions.
  • Sarsaparilla root:  Sarsaparilla helps in excreting toxins from body and protects liver function; maintaining blood pressure. It also improves appetite, helpful in Adrenal Harmony Gold to regulate the excess appetite in dogs.
  • Astragalus root:  An immune system stimulator that helps body to adapt to stress and resist any microbial infection.
  • Milk Thistle seed:  A protector of liver against toxins or chemicals by helping in its excretion. It also aids in denaturing those excess hormones.
  • Blessed Thistle flower:  Bit is used in treating skin troubles, supports liver functioning, heals infections and also in normalizing urine flow.
  • Chaste Tree berry:  Used as a hormone regulator and is much useful in Adrenal Harmony in controlling or eliminating the excess hormone in the body.
  • Prickly Ash bark:  It is a body tonic and stimulant, it improves immune system, and helps relive fever due to infections.

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