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A pet food puzzle is any toy or object that contains food, and the pet needs to work to find a way to obtain the food. As your dog plays with toy the food falls out of the hole. It is perfect for dogs just learning to work to eat.

Feeding a dog, its entire day’s food, in one sitting without any effort or mental simulation will evade nature’s design. The best way to obtain physical and mental simulation is to start feeding on from pet food puzzles. It allows hunger to be the motivation to play and eat. A pet food puzzle is any toy or object that contains food, and the pet needs to work to find a way to obtain the food. Molecuball is one such type of food puzzles. Molecuball is molecule –shaped treat dispenser dog toys.

Many pet owners start feeding all home food from puzzles instead of bowls and report it as a great success. As your dog plays with Molecuball the food falls out of the hole. Molecuball Treat Dispensary toy keeps your dog happy, healthy, mentally simulated and physically healthy. In raising a healthy and well-adjusted pet, it is important to provide an enriching and stimulating environment. The Molecuball is perfect for dogs just learning to work to eat. It’s simple design, hard plastic exterior and large opening allow food to spill out readily with little effort.

Features of Molecuball

  • Through healthy play and exercise, it reduces boredom and destructive behavior of the pets.
  • It develops and maintains dog’s physical and mental alertness.
  • Easy for dogs to mouth and carry
  • It can also be used for portion controlled feeding.
  • It is safe and easy to use.
  • It is made of durable, non-toxic thermoplastic so it won’t damage carpets and furnishings.
  • It will help to avoid separation anxiety.
  • Perfect size for small and medium dogs.
  • The controlled food release compels dogs to eat slowly, and allow them to feel full before overeating.
  • It can be easily spotted anywhere as it comes in bright colors of red and blue.

Customer Review

Customers are happy with the product as it works perfectly and it is a little trickier than the ball. With the large size Molecuball, they were able to put a lot of kibble in it. As per them for a dog well trained in treat balls, this Molecuball will empty quickly. It is a healthy, temporary distraction for their pets. Molecuball is preferred by many rather than investing in expensive bowls. Dog trainers highly recommend this product.

The top critical review is with its durability, some customers say that their pets easily managed to rip it open. So need to be more careful. It might not work well with very large breeds and aggressive chewers.

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The Molecuball is a unique interactive toy. It is made of tough, safe, non-toxic thermoplastic material to endure the roughest of play. Because of its molecular design, it rolls and slides in unpredictable directions. The Molecuball challenges the mind and body of any dog with treats. The dogs can easily access the goodies by moving the cube around with his nose, mouth, and paws. However, this feeding method is not usually helpful for territorial, fearful, threatening or food possessive barkers.

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