Kurgo Loft Dog Jackets

Kurgo Loft Dog Jackets

Kurgo Loft Dog Jackets – It has two side adjustment points for a comfortable fit. 2-way zipper to incorporate underneath harness/lead attachments. Reflective piping for visibility.Machine washable.

Not just humans, but dogs too suffer from terrible winter and extreme temperatures. Well not to worry, humans have solutions for almost anything and everything. Kurgo loft dog jackets offer warmth and comfort to your pooch during extreme cold weathers.
Want to know more about these trendy cool jackets made for dogs then stay tuned. It is not fashion but common sense to use jackets when it is seriously cold out there. Don’t you feel bad when your buddy shivers in the cold?

What Are Kurgo Loft Dog Jackets?

I will tell about the features in the next section but before that take a look at the color schemes they come with

  • Blue/Orange
  • Green/Charcoal
  • Chili Red/Dark Charcoal
  • Ink Blue/Sea Glass
  • Deep Violet/Light Charcoal

Features Of Kurgo Loft Dog Jackets

  • Use it two way as it is reversible
  • Water resistant
  • Easy to maintain as they are machine washable
  • Fits comfortably with two side adjustment points
  • Reflective piping for visibility
  • 2-way zipper that allows in underneath harness/leash attachments
  • Microtomic™ Ripstop material
  • Highly durable
  • 140g Polytech fill for providing warmth

Do Dogs Need Clothes And Jackets?

Well, this question pops up first in many people’s mind. There is no wrong in thinking like that and since they are animals, they have natural abilities to deal with nature. However, remember pets are domesticated and they have lost some of their traits in the process of evolution. Their food habits and lifestyles are different from the wild.

Again, some dogs have a lighter coat with less fur and they feel terrible cold just like us humans. That is why they shiver aggressively after exposure to cold winters. On the other hand, some dogs have their own external protection layering to withstand cold. In short if your dog shivers and feels the cold then bring him a jacket and it is that simple.

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How Does It Feel To Wear The Kurgo Loft Jackets?

Your dog will feel every bit of warmth during the chilly fall and winter months. It is a reversible, quilted coat that perfects fits into your dog’s body, provided you order the right size. Made Microtomic™ Ripstop material and 140g Polytech filling, this jacket is lightweight. It fits perfectly for any breed and it is waterproof. It comes with a zipper opening, which allows you to access the harness to attach the leash. If you have an athletic dog who loves going outdoors, no matter what season, then this coat is the best gift you can give him. It is a perfect companion to go for a hiking, adventure, and outdoor sports, especially during winter months. It fits perfectly and allows your pooch to move freely without any discomforts. It keeps the core body warm and dry with its short length and does not cover the entire length.

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Do All Dogs Need Such Jackets?

No, it is not a good idea to buy a jacket if the dog does not need one. Smaller breeds like toy breeds have very short hair and thin coats, so having a jacket for such dogs will help to provide them with warmth. It will help your dog to feel better and protect from frostbites.

In addition, some dogs that have their hair cropped by owners require jackets when they are out in the cold. Since their hair is cut off to avoid matting, they are more prone to cold weathers and its adverse effects. Older dogs with weakened immune system can also suffer from extreme weathers. They need extra protection, as their body will not able to tolerate the cold and extreme conditions.
Therefore, it is better to equip them with jackets that keep them warm and stable. As a piece of advice, it is better to keep your dogs indoors especially during winters and extreme temperatures. Also, make sure that the pup does not stay outdoors without supervision. They can get frostbites and hypothermia if left out for a long time.

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Kurgo loft dog jackets Customer reviews

Many happy customers have a lot to say about this product. Kurgo loft has a wide range of products like beds, pillows, sweaters and other accessories. They even sell high-quality harness and leashes. Their products are highly applauded by customers and are pet-friendly. Go through the below comments and know yourself.

“Place an order and you will not be unhappy. This loft jacket is as cool as other products like loft bed. I have many products from the same brand and this jacket is simply awesome. It keeps my tiny pooch warm and comfortable”

“I usually order online and never bother to write reviews even if the product is good. However, in this case, I thought I should write something. Loft jacket from Kurgo is superb and my dog likes to wear it before going outdoors. He himself asks for the jacket before hitting the outdoors. It is a durable make and worth buying for the price.”

“I ordered Kurgo loft dog jackets for my pit mix and she weighs around 55 lbs with 26 inches girth. I went for the medium size and I was skeptical whether I would receive a useless product. However, to my surprise, the jackets arrived neatly packed and were of high quality. It is reversible and that means you can wear any color according to the shade that you got. It is easy to put and take off. She does not mind with the jacket on her body. Now when I take the jacket out, she knows that we are hitting for a hiking trip”.


Kurgo loft carries a variety of dog winter coats & jackets to protect them from scorching winters. Now you can keep your pups warm and dry with these comfortable jackets. The plus point is that it comes in various colors and sizes. It is also waterproof that makes it a highly favorable choice. This product is worth buying and highly recommended to keep your dogs safe during the winter falls.

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