Kidney Support Gold

Kidney Support Gold – Remedy For Dog Kidney Problems

Kidney Support Gold – Dog Kidney Disease Support

Kidney Support Gold – A PetWellbeing product is a very effective natural support for dog kidney disease. Kidney Support Gold helps to maintain urination, thirst, appetite and energy levels in dogs. It also helps to maintain general vitality in dogs and provides proper immune support.

KIDNEY DISEASES IN DOGS: In dogs, kidney is the most effected organ as age progress. Health problems related to the dog is the most common cause of death among older dogs. The main two types of kidney problems are chronic renal failure and kidney stones.


If you feel dog is suffering from kidney disease, you should help it only with home remedies, you should consult your vet and discuss with them all the symptoms and signs that are observed. Your vet after physical examination and certain tests will help you to diagnose the disease condition and diagnose. Discuss the treatment required for your dog which can also include fluid treatment, dialysis, drugs and it may also require kidney transplantation.

If your dog is diagnosed with a kidney disease, a low sodium diet is recommended. It would be best if you could provide a reduced protein diet for your dog.

HOW IS KIDNEY SUPPORT GOLD GOING TO HELP YOUR DOG? Kidney support Gold is a perfect natural support for those dogs suffering from kidney diseases. This magical blend will help you to maintain the energy levels, regulate the functioning on urination and thirst, corrects improper weight and appetite, maintain general vitality and support immune functioning.

The unique formula with herbal ingredients will help to support kidney health totally. This will surely help the aging dogs to restore and maintain nutrition in the form that is ready for absorption. Kidney support gold can be used for long term use for normal kidney functioning. This formula of kidney support gold will help in maintaining normal electrolyte balance and normal fluid in the body. This product will help in bringing up blood urea and creatinine levels in the body. It helps in maintaining the health of nephrons. It aids in building up the immune system to fight against the harmful microorganisms.


  • Cordyceps mycelium (Cordyceps sinensis): Tibet originated medical mushroom is known for being an energy booster, perfect functioning of kidney, liver and immune system. It also contains anti oxidant properties, some of the main vitamins, minerals, enzymes, sterols.
  • Rehmannia root (Rehmannia glutinosa): This herb was used by traditional Chinese herbal repertory and is rich in vitamin C, A and B. It is also known to replenish kidneys and support the right urination and give the maximum energy to fight against and the illness.
  • Dong Quai root (Angelica sinesis): This herb is originated in the eastern Asia and is one of the food items that are used widely in china. This is known for its medicinal properties as it helps in carrying oxygen and aids in providing normal blood flow to the body. It also helps to maintain hormones in the body.
  • Astragalus root (Astragalus membranaceous): This is known for its fighting ability against illness and diseases. It aids in the protection against free radicals and is also widely used for developing immune health.

Inactive Ingredients include Deionized water, vegetable glycerin and natural bacon flavor


You should observe your dog’s condition very well. Make sure that pet is in taking the adequate amount of water.

Keep cleaning the bowl that your provide your pet with water.

Have a diet with low protein and phosphate levels.
WHAT WILL MY ORDER FOR KIDNEY SUPPORT CONTAINS? If you place order for Kidney support gold for your dog through Pet well being .com, you will be delivered a bottle of kidney support gold containing a dropper.

WHAT IS THE COST OF KIDNEY SUPPORT GOLD? At present, pet well contains three main exciting offers. When you add one bottle of kidney support gold to cart, you can avail it for $37.95 saving $2. When you add two to cart, you can avail it for $71.90 saving $8 with free shipping. When you place an order for 3 bottles of kidney support gold, you can get it for $ 98.85 saving $21 along with free shipping.

DOES KIDNEY SUPPORT GOLD HAVE ANY GUARANTEE? The product comes with 90 days money back guarantee. All the ingredients before the contributing to kidney support gold are undergone with for identification test and are ensured for quality. The manufacturer claims that each batch of kidney support gold is tested and verified for purity and for potency. The manufacturer complies with the provisions of the CVM’s good guidance practices for pet dietary supplements.

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