Kidney Support Gold

Kidney Support Gold: Kidney health in your pets

Kidney Support Gold – Dog Kidney Disease Support

Kidney Support Gold – A PetWellbeing product is a very effective natural support for dog kidney disease. The medicine contains time honored herbs which are used in traditional Asian medicines for good health of kidneys and for the overall health.
Kidney Support Gold helps to maintain urination, thirst, appetite and energy levels in dogs. It also helps to maintain general vitality in dogs and provides proper immune support.

Kidney Support Gold is a natural medicine for the normal functioning of the kidneys of cats and dogs. It is safe to use and can be used for a long term to support renal functions. The medicine contains time honored herbs which are used in traditional Asian medicines for good health of kidneys and for the overall health.

The Kidney Support Gold can do the following functions:

  • The blood urea and creatinine will be maintained in normal levels.
  • Normal fluid and electrolyte balance can be maintained.
  • The nephrons health is also supported by this. Nephrons help to filter blood in the kidneys.
  • The protein level in the urine is maintained.
  • Promotes normal response of the immune system to bacteria, viruses and other infections or diseases.

In addition to taking Kidney Support gold, it is recommended that you give your pet sufficient amount of water. This very important for the health of the kidneys as this is the medium to remove waster from the body. The phosphate and protein quantity in the diet has to be low, for the undisturbed functioning of kidneys.

It is recommended that the Kidney Support Gold not be used along with blood thinners (other medications). There is also a 90- day money back guarantee on the product. You will definitely start noticing the difference in your pets’ lives before that!

To prepare the Kidney Support Gold, organically cultivated and wild harvested herbs are used. They also use proper manufacturing methods, certified by the GMP in order to prepare the medicine. Also, the full biochemical spectrum of the herbs used in preparation are preserved in the product so that you get a high quality and fully potent medicine for your pets renal kidney health. The labs making the medicine are also FDA approved and certified. All the batches coming out of these labs are tested for quality.

The Kidney Support Gold can support the kidneys of your pets during the two most common kidney problems: Chronic Kidney Failure and presence of kidney stones. These problems arise as they age, although they can occur younger ages as well. These are the main causes of chronic illness and death in dogs and cats.


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