Genone Topical Spray For dogs

GenOne Topical Spray

GenOne dog spray is beneficial for treating skin infections by bacteria in dogs. This topical spray for dogs has anti-inflammatory and anti-puritic properties and acts as an antibiotic too.

What is VetOne Genone Topical Spray for dogs?

Genone Topical spray is a prescription topical spray used in dogs for the treatment of infectious skin rashes and lesions due to bacteria sensitive of gentmicin. Genone is taken from 2 words (ingredients) – GENtamicin sulphate and betamethasONE valerate. The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory formula of Gen one spray helps to get rid of irritation and infection from skin lesions. Genone Topical spray for Hotspots is famous for treating skin infections by bacteria that are sensitive to gentamicin. It also helps in reducing itching and inflammation. GenOne also assists in treating Hot Spots in dogs.

Hot spots are a type of skin disorder found in dogs that causes skin irritations and redness. It can be due to attacks of microorganisms and a remedy for treating hot spots in dogs in the GenOne Spray. The GenOne Spray Formula constitutes two active ingredients, Gentamicin that acts as an antibiotic and Betamethasone that acts as a corticosteroid. Not only for hot spots, is the GenOne Spray treats all dermatological conditions and infections on dogs, even infections that occur post surgery. It helps in relieving the inflammations, redness and itchiness on dog’s skin. As per the directions by your vet you have to apply the GenOne Spray on the infectious area on the skin of the dog. The GenOne Spray for hot spots is available in 3 quantities: 60ml bottle, 120 ml bottle and 240 ml bottle.

Genone Topical Spray Ingredients

The Genone topical spray ingredients are gentamicin and betamethasone valerate that effectively inhibit progress of gram positive and gram negative fungi in your dog’s skin. Read on to know more about how Gen one spray for dogs ingredients work.

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Domestic dogs tend to play around in mud and dirt which triggers allergic reactions in their body. If your pet is dealing with skin allergies pertaining to bacterial infection that just won’t give up the Genone topical spray ingredients is there to help out your worries.

Some of the ingredients of Genone topical spray for dogs include:

  • Gentamicin sulfate topical spary: topical treatment can inflate the bacterial infections of the skin
  • Betamethasone valerate: has been researched well and is a promising corticosteroids that comes with anti-inflammatory and antipruritic agents which alleviates the itchy activities of superficial lesions in dogs.
  • Purified water: for pH balance
  • Methylparaben and propylparaben: that acts as preservatives

The Vetone Genone spray for dogs ingredients are one of the most sought after products for skin lesions in dogs and help them to curb their itchy tendencies to a very great extent. However, there is no perfect product in the world and the antibiotic character of this product can induce certain side effects in the body. So make sure to consult your Vet before using this gentamicin topical spray for dogs.

Following are the combination of ingredients used for making Genone Topical spray for dogs. Each of these ingredients is proven to fight against bacteria and treat skin infections in dogs.

  • Gentamicin Sulfate
  • Betamethasone valerate

Gentamicin for dogs in Genone

Genone spray for dogs uses Gentamicin which is an effective treatment for gram-positive and gram-negative bacterial infections of the skin. It is an antibiotic ingredient used in Genone Topcial spray for dogs. It fights against bacteria and is treats severe bacterial infections. Gentamicin fights bacteria that may infect the blood, the respiratory system, skin or ears.

Uses of Gentamicin in Genone For dogs – What is genone spray for dogs used for?

Genone Topical Spray uses Gentamicin. This gentanmicin spray for dogs is effective in treating the following health problems in dogs:

  • Respiratory tract infections
  • Wounds
  • Skin infections
  • Ear infections
  • Internal organ infections
  • Pneumonia
  • Surgery infections
  • Blood infections

Betamethasone Valerate for dogs in Genone otic

Another powerful ingredient in Gen 1 Spray for dogs is the betamethasone valerate. This gentamicin sulfate with Betamethasone valerate topical spray provides anti-inflammatory and anti-purity activity in the topical management of infectious areas in dogs.

What is GenOne spray in dogs used for?

GenOne dog spray is beneficial for treating skin infections by bacteria in dogs. This topical spray for dogs has anti-inflammatory and anti-puritic properties and acts as an antibiotic too. This topical spray is easy to apply on the infectious region. It starts taking affect with continuous usage.

The GenOne is a product of VetOne and is approved by FDA. It is very important to stick to the dosage levels and follow the directions of use as mentioned by your vet for best results.

Vet One Gen One spray Usage

  • For the better treatment of your pet, remove excessive hair and clean the main area and adjacent area.
  • Hold the bottle 3 to 6 inches from the area and spray Genone Topical spray to the infected area twice.
  • Repeat this 2 to 4 times daily for 7 days.

Genone Spray 60 ml / Genone topical spray 120 ml

GenOne spray 60 ml and GenOne topical spray 120 ml are both one and the same topical sprays which are FDA approved and treats bacterial skin infections in dogs. We do not recommend GenOne spray for cats. The main ingredients in GenOne spray 60 ml and GenOne topical spray 120 ml are gentamicin and corticosteroid. Gentamicin topical spray for dogs is an anti-biotic and is heals any skin infections with bacteria which are sensitive to gentamicin. The corticosteroid relieves the itching, swellings and other discomforts on the bacterial infections and skin lesions. The GenOne spray 60 ml/ 120 ml prevents any skin infections after surgery and also for hot spots.

GenOne spray 60 ml and GenOne topical spray 120 ml are specific only for dogs. Do not use on any other animal including cats. We also do not recommend for humans. The dosage should be as per the instructions of the vet. It is not to be used for pregnant dogs.

Uses Of Genone spray dogs

Genone spray treats skin lesions in the dog especially the superficial lesions in dogs by bacterias sensitive to gentamicin. Gentamicin is bactericidal and is against variety of gram negative and gram positive bacteria. Specifically gentamicin is active against many organisms found from the canine skin like klebsiella sp, indole positive and negative proteus sp etc. Betamethasone helps against inflammation and irritation from itching. It helps for the relief from sores genone spray can be used daily four times according the suggestion of the veterinary doctor. Main use of genome spray is that it can cure any sore cases as it provides a cooling or soothing effect to your pet. Always have a concern with your veterinary doctor before administering the spray.


Why Gentocin Topical Spray for hot spots in dogs

Genone Topical Spray is best for treating superficial lesions that often lead to inflammation or itching. Gentamicin treats the bacterial infection whereas betamethasone helps with the swelling and itching.

GenOne topical spray for dogs

Topical Spray GenOne relieves bacterial skin infections as well the inflammation in dogs. The presence of betamethasone valerate provides the antipruritic activity.

Gentamicin topical spray for dogs is easy to apply for dogs. Simply clean the infectious area and depress the bottle twice for 2-4 times a day for a week.

GenOne topical spray for dogs is a vet prescription medication and requires a nod from your vet to buy it from anywhere. It is only meant as a topical medication and is not for ingestion. Store GenOne bottle in cool temperature and refrigerate, if needed.

GenOne Precautions

  • Administration of Genone spray for dogs beyond 7 days may result in delay of wound healing.
  • Administering Genone spray orally to your pet may result in inhibition of endogenous steroid production following drug withdrawal.
  • Do not use Genone spray if your pet is pregnant or allergic to ingredients (gentamicin, betamethasone valerate).

Genone Side effects

Side effects are seen on your pet if you use the product for more than 7 days of therapy. Some pets may show side effects to corticosteroids. These include thirst and urination, panting, diarrhoea, vomiting and behavior changes.

If you notice any of these symptoms in your pet, please visit your nearest veterinarian.

Sizes of Genone Spray for dogs

Genone Topical Spray comes in plastic spray bottle in 3 different sizes.

  • Genone Spray for dogs 60 ml
  • Prescription medicine Genone Spray for dogs 120 ml
  • Genone Spray for dogs 240 ml

Genone Spray For Dogs ears – Reviews

  • Natural formula Genone Topical spray reviews are excellent with many pet owners thanking for its amazing performance and quick healing.
  • Jill, one customer from New Jersey claims that this product alleviates his pet from itching and scratching.
  • Another user says that the spray is relatively odorless and is very effective in clearing up the rash and any associating infections.
  • Stuart from Savannah says that Genone Spray helps his Golden Retriever from hot spots.

What is GenOne Spray for Dogs?

GenOne Spray is a topical spray for treating superficial lesions and its infection in dogs. Spray the GenOne Spray 2 to 4 times a day when your dog gets an infection. Continue this process for 7 days. Before spraying the GenOne Spray you have to make sure to remove the excess hair in and around the infectious area. At a time the sprayer delivers 0.7 ml of the GenOne Spray.

Genone spray vetone

Genone spray vetone is a product for treating canine skin lesions and other infections on skin. The product comes with a combination of antibiotic and anti-inflammatory components that help in toning down the itchy symptoms to its best.

Genone spray vetone contains gentamicin and betamethasone along with methylparaben and propylparaben as preservatives. For maintaining the pH balance, the company mixed purified water with the key content. When you follow the proper directions, Genone spray vetone acts as one of the best topical treatment for bacterial infections and combats gram-positive and gram-negative fungus that is often seen in domestic animals.

A complete Vet medicine, the antipruritic activity of Genone spray vetone responds well on superficial lesions in dogs and effectively inhibits its growth thereby giving your dog a healthy skin to live on.

However, there are side effects of Genone spray vetone that promotes weight loss, polydipsia, polyuria, vomiting etc. and so on. Cushing’s syndrome is another side effect that may pop up if you useGenone spray vetone for long period. So make sure that you be vigilant and consult your Vet before ingesting this product for best benefits of your pet’s health. This product IS NOT for pregnant or nursing dogs.

Buy Genone Spray

If you are planning to buy genone spray, online purchase would be a better option. For immediate supply, there are local pharmacies stores that supply genone spray all over the world. Genome spray contains gentimicin broad spectrum antibiotics and betamethasone corticosteroids. Gentamicin is effective against wide variety of bacteria’s and betamethasone relieves pruritis or itching. You can buy sprays from any pharma websites with prescription. Federal law restricts the use of genome spray only with a prescription from the authorized licensed veterinarian. Check out the link given below to buy genome spray.

Genone Topical spray

Genone spray is a topical spray that treats superficial sores and pruritis especially for dogs.

Always avoid the use of genome topical spray if hypersensitivity with any of these components occur and kindly discontinue the use of the product and consult a veterinarian doctor. Always remove the excess hair in the area and clean the adjacent and lesion area. Hold the bottle upright and keep 3 to 6 inches from the lesion and administer 2 to 4 times daily for 7 days. The FDA strictly recommend the sale of the genone topical spray with the prescription from a veterinarian doctor.

Vetone Genone Spray

Genone spray is a product of Vetone. Vetone genone spray contain gentamicin base 0.57 mg gentamicin base and betamethasone 0.284 mg. Before using vetone genone spray always consider the antibiotic susceptibility of pathogenic organisms. Better use topical antibiotics to prevent further overgrowth of fungi, yeasts or bacteria.

Genone Otic – FAQ

From where to buy genone otic?

Genone Otic solution is an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory solution for dogs and cats in treating acute and chronic canine otitis externa and canine and feline superficial infectious lesions.

If you are looking to buy genone otic online, buy genone otic from the official website of

Are there any side effects for genone spray for dogs?

Genone spray for dogs do not cause any side effects. However there are chances that every medication can cause allergic reactions to some pets due to the hypersensitivity to any of the components. If found any side effects, please stop using the genone spray. The possible side effects for genone spray for dogs include enzyme elevations, weight loss, polydipsia and polyuria etc. Vomiting and diarrhea are also few side effects seen in both cats and dogs.

What is Betagen Spray for dogs (60 ml)? Is betagen topical spray available on amazon?

Betagen is again a topical spray like GenOne topical spray with almost the same ingredients, to treat skin infections like hot spots and rashes. Yes, betagen spray for dogs are available on amazon. Few use betagen topical spray for dogs ears (behind the ears). Do not use them internally without consultation from vet.

What is the recommended dosage of genone topical spray for cats?

The dosage of genone topical spray for cats depend upon the severity of the condition. Make sure to clean and dry the external ear and ear canal before using genone topical spray for cats.

The dosage of genone topical spray for cats is to instill 3-8 drops of genone and trade otic solution into the ear canal twice daily for 7-14 days. Make sure you clean the lesion and adjacent area before treatment.

If you are looking for natural remedy, then topicure spray has ingredients that are natural for dogs.

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