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Dogtra SureStim H Plus Dog Training Collar

Dogtra SureStim H Plus

The Dogtra SureStim H Plus dog collar is for the dogs that are as small as 20 lbs in weight or above. This is an electronic collar that has settings from low to high power that controls the dogs.

Dogtra SureStim H Plus is a remote controlled device to help the dog trainers to calm their pets. Dogs when agitated is difficult to calm, control or train them at times. This device is worn around the dog’s collar and emits some vibrations that helps calm the pets and make the training session easier than before.

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The Dogtra SureStim H Plus training collar offers many vibrations settings to keep the calm even when the dog is too agitated. The range of the remote control and the device worn around the dog’s collar is ½ a mile. So the trainer really does have an upper hand even if the dog might think otherwise.

Features of Dogtra SureStim H Plus dog collar

  • The Dogtra SureStim H Plus dog collar is for the dogs that are as small as 20 lbs in weight or above.
  • This is an electronic collar that has settings from low to high power that controls the dogs.
  • This battery operated H Plus dog collar has 2 stimulation points that should stay close to the dog. The stimulations or vibrations are passed through these points that calm the dog and make them agreeable to the training.
  • There are 3 vibrations mode to make it more useful. The 3 modes are nick, constant and non-stimulating.
  • There are 127 levels of stimulations. These stimulation levels are displayed on the small LCD screen.
  • There are LED lights to indicate the battery level.
  • The dog collar is remote transmitter and receiver. It is completely waterproof.
  • The dog collar works on battery power. it uses Ni-MH rechargeable batteries.
  • The Dogtra SureStim H Plus dog collar is expandable to use for up to 2 dogs.
  • The overall dimension of the dog collar is 10 x 9 x 4 inches in height, width and length.

Dogtra SureStim H Plus battery, remote and indicators


Both the dog collar and the remote of the Dogtra SureStim H Plus is battery operated with a rechargeable battery. The device comes with a charger that can be used for both the collar as well as the remote to recharge at the same time. The split end charger cable has 2 ports that can inserted into the 2 parts of the Dogtra SureStim H Plus.

The charger is available for the 230 volt European wall outlet as well as the US plug for the 120 volts outlet. There is also the 12 volt car charger. The battery is charged within 10 hours. The indicator will show red color throughout the charging process. It would not turn green in the usual way. You need to estimate the time to know when to unplug and reuse the device.


The remote is universal for the Dogtra SureStim H Plus dog collars. You need to code the remote so that it is customized to the dog collar that you use for your pet. Both the dog collar and the remote must be coded.


The LED light shows the battery status. The lights would be blinking 4 times once the device is turned on. The green light indicates fully charged battery, amber color is medium life of the battery, red means you need to recharge the battery immediately.

These LED lights indicate the stimulation mode as well. The relevant color of the light when flashes steadily, the device is on constant mode. When the light is flashing on and off, the stimulation mode is nick.

Using the Dogtra SureStim H Plus expandable remote training collar

The Dogtra SureStim H Plus dog collar must be properly fitted to get the full effects while training. The collar should be comfortably fitting around the dog’s collar. The properly fitting collar would let you insert your finger smoothly under. It should be neither tight nor loose.

The Dogtra SureStim H Plus expandable feature is that the same remote could be used for an additional dog collar so that you can control 2 dogs at a time with the same remote.

The right position for the receiver box is on either sides of the wind pipe. This box should stay firm in its place and should not go around loose. In that case it is not properly fastened and should be fitted tighter.

The surgical stainless steel points on the inner side of the collar should be in contact with the dog’s skin, all the time. If it comes off loose, the stimulation would not work and the device fails. The improper fitting can also lead to scratching these stainless points on the dog’s skin causing irritation and wounds.

What comes in the box?

  • Black collar strap and a remote control transmitter
  • Battery charger
  • Splitter cable
  • Test light
  • Metal belt clip for the remote
  • Lanyard
  • Carrying case
  • SureStim H Plus user manual

The additional receiver collar is available in orange color. That comes without the remote and other additions. The Dogtra SureStim H Plus dog collar comes with a 2-year or limited lifetime warranty.

Dogtra SureStim H Plus reviews

Nathan is using the Dogtra SureStim H Plus for the second time. He likes the vibration feedback from the remote. He is also happy that the LED flashing light is now more on the visible side of the collar. He also gives thumbs up for the fact that there are replaceable batteries available. What he is unhappy with is that there is no way to know when the battery is fully charged. For all the goodness this Dogtra SureStim H Plus has, it is a bit worrying with this charging indicator.

Zoe is another rhappy user who has light use with the dog collar. He says the battery stays longer for a month with a full charge. He says it’s better than the other cheap rated dog collars available in the market.

Another user was fascinated with the 2 dog expandable feature of this Dogtra SureStim H Plus dog collar. The user also finds the ½ a mile range of this dog collar better than that of the other longer range collars. The user uses this collar also as a safe guard to protect the pet from wandering in unknown areas.


Dogtra SureStim H Plus dog training collar is for the mild to stubborn temperamental dogs. It keeps them calm and trainable. You don’t have to use cuss words to control them and also lets you keep the calm and throughout the session. The collar could also be used for controlling the pets any other time as well. You get it for a reasonable price and also have the option for an additional collar to be used if you have 2 dogs to train.

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