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Derma-ClO2 Wound Healing Ointment

Derma-ClO2 Wound Healing Ointment is a great product that you can stock in animal first aid kit. This powerful antiseptic/antimicrobial delivers excellent results. Dermawound is a technological innovation that allows safe delivery of chlorine dioxide gas to the affected area.

Dermawound is a Topical Ointment and an over the counter product that helps to heal the skin and prevent infections in animals. This product is easily available online and at various stores without a prescription.
Here is everything you need to know more about this antimicrobial wound healing lotion.

Dermawound Antimicrobial Wound Healing Lotion

Derma-ClO2 Wound Healing Ointment is a great product that you can stock in animal first aid kit. It helps to treat a variety of skin conditions and prevent many infections. Pet animals usually get scratches, wounds, minor cuts as they move around freely. They are more prone to infections unlike humans and they need extra care.

What conditions does dermawound help to treat?

Dermawound is a great remedy for treating hot spots, scratches, abrasions, and rain rot. This product helps to prevent fungal and bacterial infection on the skin. It paves way for quick healing and prevents scarring of the skin. To add more this product helps the swift healing of wounds without any irritation and pain.

Does Derma wound healing ointment work?

This powerful antiseptic/antimicrobial delivers excellent results. Dermawound is a technological innovation that allows safe delivery of chlorine dioxide gas to the affected area. ClO2 quickly works and acts as an antimicrobial. It kills all the microorganisms like bacteria, yeast, fungi, and virus within five minutes in vitro. The best part is that this product is safe for use as it is non-toxic, non-mutagenic and promotes the growth of new skin. Unlike other products, this one does not harm normal healthy tissues. The presence of ClO2 makes this product a strong anti-inflammatory agent and it promotes oxidation of free radicals. It also helps to eliminate harmful cytokines from the wound or infection. Cytokines are those chemicals released by the body in response to an infection or a wound. When these chemicals are removed or deactivated, it helps to provide relief from pain, irritation, and scarring of the skin.

This product follows a two-part mixing system and the mixture remains effective for almost six hours. The chlorine dioxide is present in a suspension with a very low number of ppm.

Dermawound Active ingredients: Chlorine Dioxide and Glycerin

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Dermawound Directions

All you have to do is press the pump to dispense equivalent amounts of product. Mix the two parts and apply to affected area or skin. Use this product as needed or ask your veterinarian for further directions.

Dermawound Precaution

This product is for veterinary use only. Never mix or combine this product with others. This product may discolor the fabric. It is generally safe and there are no reported side effects. If you find that, your pet has any discomfort stop using the product and have a word with your doctor. Do not apply this on serious wounds or deep wounds. If you have any doubts, you can ask the vet before using it.

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Dermawound reviews

The majority of the customers who used this product say that it works effectively and heals wounds quickly. They say that it prevents scarring of the skin and it is easy to apply on pets. In general, this product is a highly recommended choice for many pet owners.

  • Nicole “my dog had a small wound in his legs and this product was easy to apply on the affected area. It healed quickly and the entire puss was gone within a few days. It cleared up and my dog was quick on his heels. I am happy for one reason as it did not cause any infections.”
  • Jovita “I use this for my cats and dogs whenever they get minor scrapes, wounds, and skin irritations. It works like magic and I guess it takes away all the pain. My pets seem to be quite okay while using this product and I recommend this to all.”


This is one of the best products available for pets to treat minor skin problems like cuts, scrapes, wounds, and skin infections. It works effectively and prevents the growth of microbes. No other product provides such quick healing along with reducing pain and irritation. This product comes at a reasonable price and has many positive customer reviews. This product is a great addition to your first aid kid and you can use it whenever your pets need.

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