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Denta Sure – All Natural Oral Care Spray for Dogs

Denta Sure – All Natural Oral Care Spray for Dogs

Denta Sure is one of the easiest good habits that you can incorporate into your dog’s routine. It is an all natural herbal formulation that can remove the tartar and plaque from the teeth. To make it short, it is a natural and powerful dental cocktail for dogs.

You absolutely adore your dogs and no doubt you would do anything under the sun to get them a peaceful, long, happy, and healthy life ahead. Getting the all natural oral spray – Denta sure for them would be the next best thing that you can do for them.

You would get them the best healthy food. It is the same food that can cause several dental problems for them. In the domesticated scenario dental health of the dogs are more on the decline. The lack of enough raw food as much as they would have got naturally is a major concern.

Brushing the dog’s teeth regularly can reduce the plaque and tartar deposition on its teeth but that is not enough. The professional cleaning can cost you….. well, beyond what you can afford. The simple solution could be is to use the Denta Sure oral spray.

Dentasure Oral Health Aid

Denta Sure is one of the easiest good habits that you can incorporate into your dog’s routine. It is an all natural herbal formulation that can remove the tartar and plaque from the teeth. To make it short, it is a natural and powerful dental cocktail for dogs. It can,

  • Remove all layers of plaque that have accumulated over the time.
  • Lighten’s the dog’s teeth
  • Helps strengthen the gums and teeth
  • Refresh the dog’s breath so that you no longer feel the stink
  • Reverse gingivitis, gum inflammation. Relieve pain and tooth decay
  • Protect the teeth against cavities and bacterial attack.

Denta Sure is available as an oral spray and also in gel form. In either form, Denta Sure dissolves the plaque and tartar and washes it away. All of these are achieved by not using an ounce of alcohol in it. This is also an easy way to dental hygiene in fussy dogs that refuse to sit down for a brushing. After all they are not born to have their teeth brushed. So simply spray the Denta Sure and rest assured that your baby’s teeth stay clean and healthy.

Importance Of Dog Dental Care

As mentioned earlier, the domestication has left the dogs with fairly unclean teeth, no matter how much you try. They no longer eat as much raw food as they are supposed to, to get the completely clean oral health. Though plaque, tartar, cavities, and gum inflammations are regarded as poor dental care, they can also be much more than that.

Studies show that oral diseases can be related to many serious internal problems. There is a long list of diseases that are linked to the oral diseases. The major ones are heart disease, kidney disease, stroke, liver problems, diabetes, nasal infections, and even oral cancer.

It does not take much to notice the dental problems in dos. Stinky breath, pain in the mouth, decayed teeth, tooth loss, gum inflammations are the common symptoms. Their teeth will also have dark depositions of plaque and tartar. If any of these symptoms are prominent, make use of Denta Sure.

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Dentasure Ingredients

Denta Sure has 4 major ingredients that offer the holistic treatment for the dental problems. They can treat the plaque, infection, or inflammation and also prevent them from happening. It contains grapefruit seed extract, grape seed extract, propolis extracts, Pure Stevia, and Xantham gum.

  • Grapefruit Seed Extract: Grapefruit seed contains plenty of antioxidants that has effects on oral infections, gum problems, bad breath, and teeth deposition. It also has other uses in relieving cold and flu, sore throat, inflammation in other parts of the body, digestive issues, etc. this extract can alkalize the dog’s body and restore general health. When the infectious bacteria try to attack they will be unable in the alkaline body fluid.
  • Grape seed extract is different from the grape juice or extract. This extract is solely taken from the seeds of grapes. Grapes are harmful for dogs so only the seeds are used for the manufacture of Denta Sure. The bioflavonoid in grape seeds strengthens the body tissues and heals the gums. The antioxidant property of the extract can boost the blood vessel health, skin and reduce the cancer risk. If the oral health is somehow related to other health issues, this extract can make a huge difference. The polyphenols can reduce the oral sugar activities and prevent the tooth decay causing bacterial growth.

Other Key Ingredients include…

  • Propolis extract has natural antibiotic properties. It is taken from the resin of honey bees. It can identify the harmful bacteria from the good ones and attack only those that are harmful. Research has established its activity against the H. pylori that causes ulcers. It can also strengthen the immune system and fight the common cold and flu.
  • Stevia is known as a zero sugar sweetener. The extract from this plant can helps combat diabetes in dogs. One of the reasons for poor oral health is diabetes and Stevia helps fight the situation. It can inhibit the growth of tooth decaying bacteria. It is also one of the common ingredients used in tooth paste and mouthwashes.
  • Xantham gum I used in the gel form of Denta Sure. The Xantham gum is gluten free and safe for the dogs. All the above extracts are combined with this gum to make the gel form.

Using Denta Sure Oral Spray Or Gel

The Denta Sure Oral Spray can be applied directly on to the dog’s teeth. All the effort you need to do is to get your pet sitting obediently and have its mouth opened. Spray the solution on the area that has larger plaque or tartar deposition. The dog will lick the area after application that helps spread the application. It is just apply and leave it. No need to brush the teeth or rinsing after application.

Spray Denta Sure twice every day for 2-4 weeks. After a month use it once a day as maintenance. Make sure that the Denta Sure is sprayed at least half an hour before food time. Ideal time would be night time when the dog is less likely to take anymore food. This allows longer time for the formulation to do its work.

The Denta Sure gel can be applied in the similar manner and leave it to work on its own. Follow the similar dosage timings as for the oral spray.

Plaque that are newly formed or years old will all be erased with regular use. For heavier tartar build up, it is recommended to wipe the teeth before Denta Sure application. The tartar would be loosened and with a little help from your side it is easier to remove. Moreover, wiping the loosened tartar prevent the dog from swallowing this and reduce the bacterial growth.

Plaque is something that is inevitable and it will come back if you are not careful enough. Regular use of Denta Sure can prevent its re-appearance. Once daily or at the least once in 2-3 days should be followed.

Purchasing Denta Sure

Denta Sure will be needed at least 3 bottles at a time. It can be bought together as 2 or more bottles. Discounts are available on the single or two bottles online. Try it yourself on your dogs to see the amazing difference. It does not cost much. Two bottles do not cost more than $40. With Denta Sure, there is no vet consultation, professional cleaning, or the trouble with anesthesia.

Dentasure Reviews

Dentasure spray is a complete hit among many pet owners. Users claim that Dentasure helps a lot in keeping the pet’s dental life healthy. There is no bad breath and you can feel clean and fresh breath post usage of Dentasure. In fact, Dentasure has received 5 out of 5 star ratings from pet owners. Here are few of the Dentasure reviews straight from the user’s heart.

Fred Brennan From Waymouth, MA – “I am a person who speaks his mind especially if I am not getting a product worth my money. I used Dentasure teeth spray on my cat. Within 3 days of use, her brown looking teeth had turned to light shade of yellow. I am blown by how fast this product works. The fact that it is all natural and shows improvement in her dental health is huge to me. Keep up the great work!!!”

Renee Lofton, Pueblo, CO – “My Yorkshire service dog was having his teeth cleaning ritual every year from the past 7 years. I began using dentasure. It works. In fact, it is the only product my dog loves to lick from my palm. Giving another couple of weeks and I am sure his teeth will be clean.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy dentasure dog spray?

You can purchase Dentasure from the official website or buy it from amazon.

There is a growth on my dog’s gum. Can Dentasure fix it?

Do understand that Dentasure is a product that helps in maintaining a healthy dental health. It removes deposits of tartar/plague, coloring of teeth and soothes any inflammation. However, growth on the dog’s gum is a crucial factor that needs consultation from your Vet.

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