Confused With All The Terminology On Dog Food Labels? This Is How To Read & Understand It Correctly

Dog food bought from store will have lots of info on the label and it is difficult to understand each and every word correctly. We think more the info, better the product would be. In real, it may not be so.


There would be information on the age group it is recommended for, ingredient list, type of ingredient, and a lot more no-sense terms as well. What do all these words mean? Do they really meant by what is written on the label? It is really hard to find it out if al is completely true or not. Here are some hints to help you choose wiser, the next time you go for shopping.

Organic Food – The Most Confusing Of All

We might jump in whenever we see ORGANIC written on the label. You might want to wait a little bit and check thoroughly of the product is 100% organic or has only a limited amount of organic content or if it has the logo on it. What does that mean?

100% organic written on the food label means the dog food is completely made with organic ingredients only. You can trust it blindly. It would also have the USDA organic logo on it.

If the food label shows only ‘organic’, the product contains only 95% of organic ingredients in it and the rest are normal ingredients. Here also the USDA organic logo could be fixed on the label.

‘Made with organic ingredients’ written on the label is a tricky one. It means only 75-94% of organic matter is used in the making of this dog food. It cannot use the Logo as it requires 95% or above to get it. These foods are safe but have only lesser organic content.
If the dog food label shows only the ingredient list, it does not have any trace of organic content in it or contains less than 75% of the total quantity.

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AAFCO statements

AAFCO approves the dog food labeling as maximum and minimum for the food ingredients on it. Proteins and aft should be labeled as min. quantity in the ingredient list, whereas the fiber and moisture requires to show the maximum limit. The labeling is done in descending order of the quantity included.

If the label says it has done the AAFCO animal tests, you must know that the formulated food does not undergo the animal testing and your dog could end up being the real testing animal. All other procedures might have done there but the tests in live animals may not be.

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If the food is for ALL STAGES, it means it suits the young and active dogs. AAFCO controls the food for gestation, lactation, and adult and growth stage of the dogs.

The No-sense Terms Used On Dog Food Packs

If you come across the words like allergen free, human grade, holistic on the food packets, do know that there is something fishy. The human grade food has got nothing to do with dog food. Not all human foods can be fed to the dogs so having this kind of words on the label is just not right.

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Allergen free could mean that no direct allergens are added but the dog food might have some traces of allergens from the manufacturing units. In short it might not be really allergen free.

Holistic! Simply putting together ingredients and having various minerals and vitamins does not make a holistic food. The dog food cannot come without processing and it can never be 100% holistic. The food should be nutritious and balanced, that is what it should be.
All these terms are only part of the marketing strategy and to attract people.

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