Composure Max Liquid For Dogs & Cats

Composure Max Liquid For Dogs & Cats

Composure Max liquid is a supplementary support for the dogs and cats that calms their nerves immediately upon administration. This calming formula is made of components that has direct effect on the nervous system and bring down the metabolic activities involved with stress.

Stress is something that we encounter every day of our life. Life is almost the same for the cats and dogs also, at least with regard to the stress. The impact of stress is different in the pets than us. They tend to be hyperactive, anxious, and nervous, shows behavioral abnormality etc. Composure Max liquid is a calming formula that is easy to administer. It is a supplementary support for the dogs and cats that calms their nerves immediately upon administration. It reduces the stress related functions inside their body and provides a pleasant composure to them, without affecting their personality or emotional balance.

Composure Max liquid features

Composure Max liquid is made of components that has direct effect on the nervous system and bring down the metabolic activities involved with stress. Doing so will not affect the other activities around.

Composure Max liquid does not make the pets drowsy. It works to the target and stay away from others. The ingredients help reduce the hormones or other compounds that are produced during stress and urge the pet body to produce the counters instead.

Composure Max liquid contains the active ingredients vitamin B1- thiamine, L-Theanine, and a calming complex made of proteins.

The inactive ingredients are corn starch, soy lecithin, non-fat milk solids, glycerin, maltodextrin, guar gum, sucrose, sorbic acid, silicon dioxide, vegetable oil, and water.

How Composure Max liquid works?

Composure Max liquid contains the vitamin B1 that can fulfill the vitamin deficiency, which in many cases are the reason behind the behavioral pattern sin pets. As for the L-Theanine, this is a derivative of a neurotransmitter involved in controlling the stress hormones. The calming complex is made of milk protein hydrolysate which works along with the L-Theanine amino acid.

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Composure Max liquid administration

  • Composure Max liquid is easy to administer from the bottle given. The dosage is measured in teaspoons. The quantity differs according to the weight of the pet. All doses must be given twice daily. Do remember to shake the bottle well before every use.
  • For cats and small dogs, the recommended dosage is ¼ teaspoon.
  • For pets that weigh 26 – 49 lbs, it is ½ teaspoon and that for those has 50 – 75 lbs, make it ¾ teaspoon. For larger pets that weight above 75 lbs, the dosage is 1 teaspoon.
  • The dosage may be increased under too stressed conditions and also as an instant calmer. The increase of dose can be doubles or tripled according to the situation and as per the vet’s advice.

When to use Composure Max liquid

Pets are easily prone to stress and it is worse in the case of cats. Cats are too sensitive and gets agitated and anxious at the slightest provocation. Even a change in the carpet is enough to make them anxious. Composure Max liquid is highly effective in calming the pets that are anxious to,

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  • Environmental changes like a new home, or family member or the loss of any.
  • Boarding and kenneling also makes them nervous and they start licking or biting.
  • The vet visits are the most common cause for stress in dogs and cats.
  • Holidays, large parties with loud music etc.
  • Separation anxiety, moving or travelling etc.
  • Fireworks and thunder storms also cause anxiety in the pets.

The Composure Max liquid reduces the impact of these changes in their bodies without affecting their general health. The excessive scratching, urination abnormality, trembling, shivering, the destructive tendency etc can be troublesome. Composure Max liquid can calm the pets that shows any of these symptoms, instantly.

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