Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea can be used in dogs for treating various symptoms in a natural way. With this homemade stuff, you can give instant relief to your dogs suffering from upset tummy or stress.

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Chamomile tea may be known for its various health benefits in humans, but do you know that chamomile tea can be used for dogs? Chamomile tea can be used in dogs for treating various symptoms in a natural way. With this homemade stuff, you can give instant relief to your dogs suffering from upset tummy or stress. Take a look below at how your dog can enjoy the benefits of drinking chamomile tea.

Chamomile tea contains some natural disinfecting agents that help to fight the bacteria causing upsets in your dog’s stomach. Chamomile is one of the most commonly used herbal remedies in dogs. It has a wide range of uses with numerous health benefits. It can be used as a tea or tincture and is really versatile. Following are some of the uses of chamomile tea in dogs:

  • Chamomile tea helps to calm the digestive system, in case of improper digestion, vomiting or gas, you can give him chamomile tincture formula or tea to help soothe a nervous stomach.
  • Chamomile tea is recommended for dogs with colic, gas and even stress. It also helps with itchy skin and minor rashes. Cooled chamomile tea can be used on irritated skin as a rinse. This is particularly a good idea in combating the effects of flea bites, allergies and minor infections. This chilled chamomile tea has a cooling effect and can be applied directly to your dog’s coat. After application, simply allow your furry-friend to drip dry. You can also add aloe Vera juice or peppermint tea to increase the anti-itch properties.
  • Chamomile tea is useful for dogs with worms. It acts as a non-toxic treatment for long period of time. Its anti-inflammatory properties eliminate the risk of side effects.
  • Also, chamomile tea helps in treating anxiety in dogs.

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Chamomile tea for dogs – How do you administer it?

It is easy to treat your dog with chamomile tea. Just chill a cup of tea in the fridge. You can spray it directly on to the infected skin, or add it to their drinking water. Spraying on the coat will help with irritation, while adding it to the water helps to soothe his stomach.

You can add ½ mixture of tea with ½ mixture of water. You can raise the tea dosage if you find that it is helping your dog. If your dog doesn’t like drinking it, you could try freezing some of the chamomile tea water in an ice cube tray and let them lick it.
Once your dog ingests chamomile tea, it will kill away the nasty bacteria and help to soothe any irritation. It might take a bit longer to see the effects on his stomach but it will surely be cured.


Although chamomile tea is a great natural remedy to treat anxiety in dogs and those with upset stomachs, it is good to discuss this with your vet. This is a great way to take care of some basic irritations that dog experience and to really help them enjoy a better life.