Causes feline kidney disease

Kidney Support Gold – Cat Kidney Disease Support

The kidney problems in cat or the kidney failure is one of the leading causes of feline death. It is one health condition that has no real symptoms to detect at the early stages. The kidney failure is only detected and diagnosed through the vet’s visits. Failing to go for a regular vet visits makes the situation worse for many cats. The symptoms appear only when the kidney is irrevocably deteriorated to do its functions.

Today Our pets are more important to us than some of our regular possessions  We may like our car and the house but we may never want to part with our pets. Unfortunately a lot of problem comes with love and a lot more with using all those products which are advertised on Televisions.

You do see ads of McDonalds and KFC on television but doesn’t mean that you are going to feed your kids the Fast food joint meal every single day. Its simply not practical to feed our kids with the high fat, Low nutritious food. Likewise, Feeding Commercial Cat food for our cats could be a disastrous. Our cats were designed to eat meat and fish. they simply love it and they are meant to eat just that. Cooked food and a lot of other ingredients may just be right but the key is the meat and in its right and fresh form

Packed commercial food contains the worst ingredients ever possible obtained and processed to make cat and dog foods. They are neither nutrition nor healthy, and instead making it one of the biggest health hazard for our pets. Avoiding packed food will also avoid Addiction towards branded food, Avoid Diabetes and other diseases which were un heard of a few years ago. The causes of Feline kidney disease begins with food, Environment and water. IF we can address these key issues we can be sure that our cats will live a healthy lives.


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