Blood Sugar Gold – Regulate Diabetes In Dogs

Blood Sugar Gold for Dog Diabetes

Blood sugar gold from Petwellbeing is a supplement which helps in regulating diabetes in Dogs. This is a natural supplement for diabetes in the dogs. Moreover, this Natural product Blood sugar gold also supports the production of healthy triglycerides along with maintaining the health of the eye and liver.

Blood sugar gold from Petwellbeing is a supplement which helps in regulating diabetes in Dogs. This is a natural supplement for diabetes in the dogs. Firstly, the working of the supplement is done by normalizing the serum insulin levels along with controlling the levels of healthy cholesterol levels. Moreover, this Natural product Blood sugar gold also supports the production of healthy triglycerides along with maintaining the health of the eye and liver.

Diabetes in Dogs- what is canine diabetes?

Diabetes in Dogs is well known as canine diabetes Mellitus. Usually, this Diabetes is diagnosed when a dog’s pancreas fails to produce the needed amount of insulin. Insulin is the controller of the sugar in the body and since there is a shortage of that the sugar builds up in the bloodstream rather than entering the tissues for energy creation. There are many negative consequences with the increase in blood sugar which includes even fatal symptoms like kidney, heart or liver failure.

Some of the common risk factors that come along with diabetes are

  • Obesity
  • Low levels of energy
  • Genetic predisposition
  • Pregnancy complications
  • Lag in the healing time of wounds

Diabetes mainly occurs in female dogs. Besides, it can also arise from a dry kibble diet. Being overweight and diabetes share a close relation as sugar is converted to fat.

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Symptoms of dog diabetes

  • Increased thirst and also frequent urination.
  • A basic lethargy in all the activities and also weakness.
  • Showing signals of pain in stomach
  • Eyes will be see with cataracts
  • A drastic decrease occurs in the weight of the dogs. If no reason can found for the weight loss, there is a high probability that the dog has diabetes.

Blood Sugar Gold diabetes support for dogs

Blood Sugar Gold is a unique formula made by a team of holistic veterinarians. The effective herbs of Blood Sugar Gold help to maintain healthy blood sugar. The formula contains herbs that support eye and liver health. When used consistently over time, Petwellbeing Blood Sugar Gold may assist your dog’s body to maintain healthier blood sugar levels. With Blood Sugar Gold, you can naturally treat diabetes in your pet.

Blood sugar gold – Does Blood Sugar Gold really work?

This formula has been formulated by holistic veterinarians for maintaining the stable level for sugar in the body. The medicine mainly uses some of the most natural and effective herbs for its manufacturing. The mixture also contains herbs that are known for supporting the functioning of the liver and eye. The users should choose Blood sugar Gold as:

  • It is a certified organic and ethically wild harvested as the formula ingredients are grown organically without the presence of any pesticides.
  • The ingredients of Pet wellbeing Blood Sugar Gold are grown using Good Manufacturing practices as all the facilities are working on the aforesaid principle.
  • Full spectrum extract: The manufacturing process takes effort to preserve the biochemical spectrum of the ingredients to maintain the potency for curing of the condition.
  • Testing: Testing is one of the most amazing features of the facilities that are involved in the manufacturing of the medicine. All the batches are tested for their quality and potency thus making it efficient.
  • FDA registered facility: All the manufacturing is done in FDA registered facility. This  ensures the quality of  the batches.

Blood sugar gold is one of the best medicines which can be got from the market for the treatment of diabetes in dogs. Pet Well being has struck another success formula through the launching of Blood sugar Gold.

Blood Sugar Gold ingredients for canine diabetes

Blood Sugar Gold uses 100% herbal ingredients in their formulation. The product uses herbs that are certified organic. Following are some of the herbs that are included in the product.

  • Devbil’s Club root bark : helps to normalize the blood sugar levels. Besides, it is also famous for healing respiratory, joints and digestive system disorders.
  • Gymnema leaf : maintains healthy blood sugar levels immediately after food consumption.
  • Fenugreek seed : helps to maintain healthy liver and insulin levels.
  • Burdock root : provides optimum support to both liver and glycemic levels. Burdock root’s dual-purpose formula helps in aiding healthy digestive and lymphatic system.
  • Goat’s rue herb : medicinally known as Galega Officinalis. It s a herb that allows the body to better tolerate carbohydrates. This herb is known for supporting the liver.
  • Dandelion root : Dandelion root in Blood Sugar Gold for stimulating both the pancreatic duct as well as the bile duct. It supports the portal circulation and aids digestion.
  • Bilberry fruit : being rich in anti-oxidant properties, bilberry fruit is known to affect the tiny blood vessels that supply the eyes. It shows specific action in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.


Shake well before use. Administer the formula orally twice daily.

Give 1 drop of Blood Sugar Gold for every 2 lb (1kg) body weight – 50 lb. For every additional 4 lb, add one drop extra.

Warnings/ precautions

  • Do not use the product if your dog is pregnant or intended for breeding.
  • Stop using Blood Sugar Gold of the condition worsens or symptoms persist.
  • Get an examination from a veterinarian before using the product.
  • If you use the product with other prescription drugs, monitor the blood sugar levels closely. A vet can help to ensure healthy blood sugar levels are maintained.

Blood Sugar Gold reviews – What the customers have to say

The customer reviews on Blood Sugar Gold shows a positive sign. Users report normal blood sugar levels with average of 4.5 star rating for the formula. Here are some of the Blood Sugar Gold reviews.

  • “Blood Sugar Gold saved my Yorkie Bear!!!” – says a user from Grand Junction, CO. She said that after using Blood Sugar Gold, there were no signs of diabetic attacks on her yorkie bear. She highly recommends this product for all diabetic dogs.
  • “Love this product” says another user from Allentown, NJ. His rescue Chi was diabetic. They took Blood Sugar Gold for canine diabetes as a treatment and found great improvement in his blood sugar levels. The product has helped to stabilize his blood sugar levels. He is very happy and satisfied with pet wellbeing and its products.
  • “I would recommend this product” – says Yolanda from Katy, TX. Yolanda’s beagle had diabetes. He bought canine Blood sugar gold. The product was formidable and reasonable in price. She recommends the product to everyone.
  • “Will definitely be keeping our diabetic dog on this product” says Brenda from Alberta, Canada. Her diabetic dog Miss Idget was given 12 drops twice a say with her food. After few days of use, she noticed that her blood sugar levels were more regulated. She was so impressed with the product as her dog loves the taste of the product. “So far, so good. Her vet says she has no cataracts.” -said Brenda. She also had given a 5-star rating for the product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use blood sugar gold for dogs?

Yes, Pet well being Blood Sugar Gold is a 100% herbal formula for treating diabetes in dogs. The ingredients are known for supporting healthy cholesterol levels. The herbs are certified organic making it a safe product on animals.

Can I buy blood sugar gold from amazon?

Yes, Blood Sugar Gold is available in amazon. You can either buy Blood Sugar Gold from their official website or from

Does it really work for diabetic dogs?

Yes, the active ingredients of Blood Sugar Gold are well-known for normalizing blood sugar levels. They not just focus on treating diabetes, but also help to maintain eye and liver health.

Does Blood Sugar Gold come with a guarantee?

Blood Sugar Gold comes with a 90 day money-back guarantee.

Is the product available in UK?

Yes, Petwelbeing’s Blood Sugar Gold for diabetic dogs is available in UK.

Does pet wellbeing offer international shipping?

Yes, Petwellbeing offers international shipping to all their products, including Blood Sugar Gold.


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