Diabetes is one of the killer diseases in not just humans but also dogs. Affecting middle age and older dogs, the symptoms of Diabetes could range from Excessive thirst and urination to loss of appetite. Read on to know all about Blood Sugar Gold for Dogs/Canine diabetes and how it tackles diabetes mellitus naturally.

Pet Wellbeing Blood Sugar Gold For Dogs/Cats

Diabetes is one of the few diseases which cannot be fully curable. Controlling tough is possible. Symptoms could range from Loss of appetite,  excessive thirst and excessive urination  Also you may notice pain in belly area weakness and weight loss. Diabetes though seems to be one single disease, could actually lead to a number of complications over the period of time. Diabetes creates complication during pregnancy could be the cause of obesity and also other problems which include Genetic Predisposition. Blood sugar gold for dogs helps control Blood sugar level and supports normal serum insulin levels.

NOTE: Blood sugar Gold can be used as an adjuvant with prescription medication such as Vetsulin in case of severe diabetes in dogs.

Blood Sugar Gold for Dog Diabetes

Blood sugar gold For Dogs is a natural remedy for dogs with diabetic problems. It supports normal serum insulin levels, supports healthy cholesterol levels, supports healthy triglycerides and helps maintain eye and liver health.

Note. Do not administer Blood sugar gold with other blood sugar lowering drugs as it may enhance the power of the drug and drop glucose/insulin levels drastically. Always consult your veterinarian before administering Blood sugar gold for dogs.

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How natural remedies help!

Natural remedies are great for treating pets and the way in which homeopathic remedies have evolved is tremendous. Take for instance one of the few products like blood sugar gold but a homeopathic remedy is known as Dia-Ionx™. This is a full-fledged remedy to Cure Diabetes in dogs the homeopathic way. Like Blood sugar gold, this is a full natural remedy with no side effects and even better, this is fully tested and approved by the required standards body.

Blood Sugar Gold for dogs also helps in maintaining a healthy cholesterol level which comes as a side effect to Diabetes. The problems of diabetes soon hit the liver, Kidney and induce high cholesterol levels. It helps maintain proper liver and kidney function while controlling cholesterol at best.

Diabetes in Dogs can be controlled to a great extent. Today Diabetic dogs can live just as long as a non-diabetic dog if treated well and medication is provided. If you are looking how to lower a dog’s blood sugar naturally, then Blood Sugar Gold is the best. The natural ingredients in Blood Sugar Gold for dogs helps to improve and support normal blood sugar reading. While most dogs need insulin administration, the use of Blood Sugar gold for dogs controls insulin levels and reduces the need for insulin injections over time.

The use of Blood sugar gold has no side effects as with most prescription drugs. The effect of the product is notable after one single month of usage.

Every bottle of blood sugar gold for dogs comes with a 90-day money back guarantee. One single bottle will last one month for most dogs.

Blood Sugar Gold For dogs Reviews

Dogs are prone to type 1 diabetes which is often due to the damaged pancreatic glands or the inability to produce insulin from the body. This is often replaced by Insulin shots in dogs. Among dogs diagnosed 1 in 500 Dogs had Diabetes (over a decade ago) and now its tripled. The chances of survival of a dog with diabetes are 50% and once treatment begins, dogs with diabetes live the same age as the dog without diabetes.

Now all this for a person who has been studying and practicing Prescription drugs may look perfect. But if you look at the problem of diabetes, constant drug administration seems to be the only best solution. Diabetes is fatal even when during treatment phases. There are chances of dehydration and even death in most cases. moreover, administering insulin shots for life seems all that more painful for your dog!. Natural remedies can take its place today and there are evidence that natural remedies do work efficiently with pets and humans with Diabetes.

Vetsulin is one such FDA-approved prescription medication that is available at the Vet. Vetsulin (porcine insulin zinc suspension) is used to control hyperglycemia in dogs and cats with diabetes mellitus. It is available in 10ml vials containing 40 U/ml which is given subcutaneously (SQ) using a U-40 insulin syringe for the 10 ml vial. Do not use an insulin syringe other than a U-40 syringe for the 10 ml vial as it will result in incorrect dosing. Always consult your Vet and do not administer yourself without proper knowledge.

Does Blood Sugar Gold For Dogs Really Work?

Blood Sugar Gold for dogs is one of the few natural remedies available today for pets with diabetes. When you administer Blood Sugar Gold, it shows significant improvement by maintaining healthy canine blood sugar levels. There are no side effects and with proper diet changes, there seems to be a challenging crowd who say that we can reverse the process.

Blood sugar gold For Dogs is a natural remedy for dogs with diabetic problems. Diabetes in dogs was not seen before 2-3 decades, but feeding packed commercial food for dogs has created a major issue with regard to health and most dogs above the age of 7 have problems with diabetes.

Canine Diabetes initially may look like a small problem. But if left untreated, there could be a range of other symptoms including heart and liver ailments which could be fatal. Treating diabetes is essential in pets and humans. The most important thing for diabetic patients as most doctors would let you know is the diet. A superb diabetic dog supplement, Blood sugar gold is a great add-on to the diet and helps to treat diabetes in dogs without insulin injections. Go with your doctor’s advice and see what are your options. Adding Blood sugar gold for dogs with your existing therapy may work and its important that you ask your veterinarian.

Most natural therapists are against administering blood sugar gold with your western remedy as the blood sugar level might drop tremendously leading to low blood sugar. As a precaution, it’s always better to go with one set of remedy and Consult a veterinarian when required.

Blood Sugar Gold For Dogs With Diabetes

Diabetes in dogs occurs similar to humans. It occurs when the pancreas of the dog does not produce enough of the digestive juice insulin. When there is insulin deficiency in the dog’s body, the glucose in the blood converting into energy with be less. This will cause excess sugar to build up in the blood. It would usually enter the body’s tissues and will convert into energy. Dogs with diabetes are usually lethargic due to this reason.

Extra sugar in the dog’s bloodstream can cause other troubles like heart problems, liver, kidney diseases, increased infections, slow healing, cataracts, blindness, muscle wasting, weakness, lethargy, increased thirst, urination, pain in the abdomen, etc.

Causes of Dog Diabetes

Dog diabetes may be caused due to any of the following reasons:

  • Obesity
  • High-fat food and unbalanced diet
  • Cortisone treatments
  • Diestrus
  • Pregnancy
  • Genetic predisposition
  • Age

Diabetes is more common in female dogs, pets fed with a strictly dry kibble diet, overweight dogs, middle-aged and older dogs. It is good if we give dogs their species-specific diets apart from blood sugar gold for dogs. Overweight dogs have to be given regular exercises. Though the exercise has to be consistent and moderate as the excess of it may increase insulin levels.

Blood Sugar Gold for dogs is necessary for stabilizing blood glucose and insulin levels. The best-known botanicals in this formula regulate the insulin levels and also for promoting a better liver and eye health.

Pet Wellbeing Blood Sugar Gold for Dogs/Cats Ingredients

The active ingredients (20 drops/ml) features the proprietary Blend 491mg of:

  • Fresh Devils Club root bark (Oplopanax horridum)**
  • Gymnema leaf (Gymnema sylvestre)*
  • Fenugreek seed (Trigonella foenum-graecum)*
  • Burdock root (Arctium lappa)*
  • Goats Rue herb (Galega officinalis)*
  • Dandelion root (Taraxacum officinale)*
  • Bilberry fruit (Vaccinium officinalis)*

Inactive Ingredients: deionized water, natural bacon flavor, vegetable glycerin.
*Certified organic or **ethically harvested.

The product has a glycerin base with bacon flavor.

Pet Wellbeing Dog Blood Sugar Gold for dogs Dosage & Directions

The bottle of Blood Sugar Gold for dogs should be shaken well before use. You can give your dog one drop for every 2 lb or 2 kg of his/her weight up to 50 lb. If he/she weighs more than 50 lb, add one drop per additional 4 lb (2 kg). One bottle of Blood Sugar Gold contains 2 ounces or 59 ml of the liquid and it will last one month for most dogs.

Consult the vet before using blood sugar gold on pregnant dogs or dogs on other medications. The drops come with even bacon flavor for easier use.

Buy Blood Sugar Gold For dogs

Dog diabetes is a growing problem. Address it with Blood sugar gold for dogs the natural way. Dogs are happy by the way they get natural treatment.

Two decades ago dogs did not have diabetes and thyroid problems. It all began with our changes in lifestyle. The packaged food we provide and the meal we make for our animal friends put in a lot of stress on sugar. Dog treats, dog biscuits and a lot more of dog products incorporate sugar in them. If we question ourselves as to whether dogs need that sugar and would they have these sweet treats in their natural habitat, we would entirely avoid it. With all the changes in their daily food, dogs now are prone to diseases like diabetes.

Diabetes is usually not something which we can cure. But we can control it to the state that it looks in-existent  Blood sugar gold for dogs helps in maintaining a normal blood sugar level by helping the pancreas secrete insulin effectively. Blood sugar gold naturally enhances the functionality of the Pancreas and puts a support on it. The natural herbs in Blood sugar gold for dogs make sure that it is effective yet not creating any side effects to other organs at all. It also ensures that it doesn’t over stress on the Pancreas as to create more damage. Natural products are wonderful as more and more people are inclined towards natural and holistic remedies today. With proper and controlled diet, preferably homemade, you would see a lot of difference in your dog’s health with Blood sugar gold.

Blood Sugar Gold Side effects

Blood Sugar Gold the Diabetic Remedy for dogs is a natural remedy to combat Diabetes in Dogs naturally. This natural medicine is found to control Diabetes conditions in dogs efficiently and their need for insulin injections eventually. the nature of this natural medicine is to enhance the function of the pancreas and increase insulin levels in the body naturally. There are no side effects to Blood Sugar Gold for dogs and its one of the few known natural remedies in the Veterinary world.

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Natural Remedies For Diabetes In Dogs

One out of every ten dogs will have diabetes. The reports states that, like in humans, the incidence is rising every year. Diabetes is more occurring in dogs that are 7 to 10 years old. It is their genetic makeup that makes them more risk and prone to diabetes insipidus. Diabetes insipidus will cause a lot of other troubles too in dogs.

In spite of the great efforts from your side to treat your dogs, it’s sad when they fall into diabetes insipidus. However there are some natural remedies to handle diabetes insipidus for dogs.

Lifestyle remedies to cure diabetes in dogs

Diabetes occurs in most of the dogs due to the lifestyle. Pet owners feed their dogs more than necessary by frequent food servings and also with leftovers at home. Some treat their dogs well by providing them with synthetic and ready made pet foods brought from the market.  As a result of all this there is more intake which leads to overweight and excess glucose accumulation that results in diabetes.

Give your dogs food in small doses in correct intervals. Always consider the feeding time to be the same as everyday. This will make the body of the dog to stabilize according to the altered diet. This will result in reduced appetite and control food in take. This will also give an clear cut sugar digestion by the body and control and regulating the level of normal insulin. Also consider the amount of food taken everyday to be the same. This will stabilizes the appetite of dog. Thus the main part of natural treatment for diabetes in dogs is controlling and correcting the diet.

Natural treatment for diabetes insipidus in dogs – what are the methods?

Natural treatment for Diabetes insipidus is available. We can identify Diabetes insipidus in dogs by severe thirst and excessive passing of urine. It is caused by a malfunction of a hormone in the body or the kidneys not responding to that hormone. They are of two types, the central type is due to the malfunction of the pituitary gland. While the nephrogenic type arises due to the malfunction of the kidneys.

One of the key factors is to provide the dog with plenty of water at all times of the day, else the dogs will face dehydration. We should provide a proper place for frequent urination.

Types of diabetes in dogs…

The natural treatment for Diabetes insipidus in dogs is to feed them a good quality natural diet to make them healthy. The diet should be toxin free and should help to boost the immune system.

Canines suffer from two types of diabetes, Type 1 diabetes and Type 2 diabetes. This is known in different names too. the other type of diabetes is the Insipidus which is also known as the water diabetes. There are two forms of Diabetes Insipidus, Central Diabetes Insipidus and Nephrogenic Diabetes Insipidus. The Natural Treatment For Canine Diabetes Insipidus is to solve the problems of excessive water drinking and urination in dogs. They should be always supplied with clean and fresh water all the time. Dogs should also have free access to the urination area and should be made to pee whenever they feel like to. Every single day, the dogs should be supplied with fresh liters of water. A diet low in sodium is also good for dogs suffering from diabetes insipidus.

Homeopathic treatment for diabetes insipidus in dogs

Diabetes insipidus in dogs in caused by excessive urination and excessive thirst. Homeopathic treatments for diabetes insipidus in dogs are one of the best available and effective forms of treatment. Homeopathy takes into consideration all the symptoms and causes of the problem and suggests medication to deal with the problem. If diabetes insipidus in dogs is not too advanced, it can be treated successfully by homeopathy. Since Homeopathy is based on the principle of ‘laws of similars’. These homeopathic medicines restores order and balance of the dog’s immune system and does not suppress the symptoms. But treats the problem providing solace to the dogs.

Natural remedies for canine diabetes insipidus include altered diet and regular exercises. Diabetes insipidus is mainly due to imbalance of water in the body. During diabetes insipidus there will be increased thirst and increased urine output. Mostly due to diet, medications, inbreeding or due to a metabolic disorder. Mainly the best natural remedies for canine diabetes insipidus is by feeding the dog a quality, healthy, natural diet and thus boosting the immune system and providing a toxin free natural treatment remedies. Avoid carbohydrate rich foods. Provide fiber rich diet. Avoid sugary foods. Regular constant exercise is important for reducing weight and controlling diabetes.

Natural Remedies For Pet Diabetes

Natural remedies to control diabetes in pet are to control and regulate the diet. Avoid soft and semi moist foods available ready made from the pet shops as they contain lot of sugar, color, and preservatives. Avoid the intake of excess meat by your pet. Always control the fatty meat and oil which is excess in the food. Avoid high carbohydrate foods like rice which gets converted into sugar. Thus, leading to diabetes. Chart a exercise schedule for your pet. Avoid irregular exercises. One of the main part in Natural remedies for pet diabetes is regular exercise. Always have an equal amount and duration of exercise at the same time every day. Control the weight of the pet. Avoid rapid loss of weight. Provide adequate exercise and diet control for gradual weight loss.

Diabetes as in humans is similar for dogs too. Diabetes is when a dog’s pancreas fails to synthesis insulin in the right amount and the sugar increase in the bloodstream. Female dogs are at more risk when compared to male dogs. This is because of their changes in the hormones and their reproductive system.

The best natural remedy for canine & feline diabetes is to change the lifestyle and the diet that been followed. Give them a grain free diet. Massaging cinnamon essential oil on their foot pads is a natural method that can be adopted for all to treat canine diabetes. Make sure you give them filtered water.

Diabetes is a common disease in pets-, especially for dogs and cats. Though diabetes can occur in dogs of a very young age, it is more commonly seen in dogs that are 7-9 years old. It is of two main types. Type 1 – when the dog’s body attack the pancreatic cells in their body. So the insulin level will drop down and the body will end up in the increased sugar level as they will not be utilized or stored.

In type II diabetes, insulin production is not sufficient to meet the required needs. When diabetes is left untreated in dogs, this can lead to kidney failure, loss of vision, liver and bladder problems. Natural remedies for diabetes can be weight reduction, appropriate diet in the right and sharp time, avoiding fatty foods, regular exercise and having green leafy vegetables. These natural remedies though simple but when practiced will give a positive result.

Diabetes is a problem effecting not only humans but also dogs too. It should be treated well and at the right time. Otherwise it might lead to problems like liver disorders, heart disorders, blindness, coma and even death for some. Some of the blood sugar diabetic symptoms in dogs/cats are frequent urination’s, increase in appetite, excessive thirst, weight loss, lethargy and so on. serious case of diabetes may cause mental disorders and stomach problems. There are treatments available for treating diabetes but it is best to adopt natural alternatives that also help in preventing further diabetes attacks. Proper care should be given to prevent them from any diseases and disorders.

Natural Diabetes Cure for Dogs helps to stabilize the blood sugar levels and improve the production of insulin in the dog’s body. Along with natural remedies, it is important to supply the dog with a diet full of raw meats, vegetables, fruits, fish and eggs to control milder diabetes. A diabetic dog should be fed 2 to 3 times a day. This helps to keep a balance of the blood sugar levels. Exercising daily is also important for dogs who are suffering from diabetes. Consult your dog with a vet before you give any supplements, over the counter medications or natural treatment to your dogs. The condition of the dog must be diagnosed first and the intensity of the disease will be seen by your vet.

Additional home remedies…

Natural medicine for dogs with diabetes mainly includes diet therapy, weight management, and herbal remedies. Diet therapy includes the control of diabetes by reducing carbohydrates and providing controlled food. Weight should be managed by providing less fat diet and providing good exercises regularly. The mainly herbal formula is by providing fenugreek seed. Fenugreek liquid extract from its seeds, when added to the regular diet, can help in lowering glucose level in the blood. The other herbal remedies are by using Gymnema Sylvestre which is a sugar balancer. It promotes insulin secretion naturally from the body. Some use bitter melon contains gurmarin which is a polypeptide similar to bovine insulin which helps in regulating sugar. Turmeric is also used for diabetes in dogs as a natural medicine and prevents insulin resistance.

Treating diabetes in dogs…

The natural diabetes treatment for dogs is about using supplements and doing some glandular therapy. The diet supplements will provide the minerals and vitamins that can naturally aid in reducing the blood sugar level. The glandular therapy is done for the pancreas to urge it to produce more insulin to counter diabetes.

When the dogs’ pancreas cannot produce enough insulin, the sugar level in the blood increases. This can lead even to the death of your dogs. Natural treatment for diabetes in dogs mainly includes the alteration in lifestyle and diet. Provide your dogs with good exercises. Never give rich carbohydrate foods. Always provide good filtered water. Try to give gemmotherapies fig tree, European walnut and hedgemarple 5 drops each with every meal to support the gastrointestinal system and especially pancreas. These are the best natural treatment for diabetes in dogs.

Flax oil, cord liver oil and fish oil used alternatively can stabilize the blood sugar level. These fats and oils help avoid the secondary cardiac problems arising due to diabetes in dogs.

Natural cure is the best way for treatment for diabetes in dogs. The most common type of diabetes seen in dogs is Type 1 diabetes. This is insulin dependent and occurs due to decreased insulin production in the pancreas of dogs where the beta cells producing insulin are destroyed. Type II diabetes could either be due to the decreased response of the body cells to insulin, or as mentioned earlier, the improper functioning of the pancreas. It is best to consult veterinarians who are trained in holistic treatment for natural diabetes cure for dogs. Natural supplements can be used with insulin or on their own to improve insulin production.

Some of the natural cures for diabetes in dogs, especially those with Type I diabetes is a diet high in fiber, protein and complex carbohydrates. This diet is ideal as it slows down both digestion and release of sugar to the bloodstream. Raw diets or home-cooked food is also good for diabetic dogs. A wide variety of raw diets are available in shops. Freeze-dried and dehydrated diets are also good for diabetic dogs. Exercise is another activity which is very important and should be done regularly to control diabetes. Various herbs and supplements are also available to treat and keep diabetes under control. Essential fatty acids can suppress hunger without increasing the blood sugar. Flax seed and flax seed oil contain omega 3, which is an essential oil and also mucilage which helps control sugar.

Alternative treatment for diabetes in dogs

The conventional treatment of diabetes involves the use of insulin to control the blood sugar level. Since the blood sugar level fluctuates due to the food that the dogs eat, it would be better to turn to the alternative treatment for diabetes in dogs.

The alternative medicine is safer than insulin therapy and holds much lesser consequences as well. The most popular alternative treatment methods for diabetes in dogs are, herbal treatment, homeopathic treatment, home remedies and natural treatment that involves the diet changes and the use of supplements.

The use of supplements such as blood sugar gold for dogs is based on those that can stabilize the blood sugar. The herbs and homeopathic ingredients also target the blood sugar without the use of hormones. Minerals and vitamins makes the major part of this natural treatment. Home remedies is based on how you make use of the various options that can control the diabetes in dogs effectively.

Herbal treatment for diabetes in dogs

Herbal treatment for diabetes in dogs would be a better idea than injecting insulin every time. The most popular and easily available herbs that can treat diabetes in dogs are turmeric root, fenugreek seeds, bitter melon and gymnemea sylvestre.

Since the dogs may not favor sipping the herbal tea, these herbal extracts can be administered in their food or find the herbal medicines that has these herbs in their formulation.

Apart from being the herbal treatment for dog diabetes, it is also beneficial for the dogs to have better immunity, metabolism and to correct many other faults inside their bodies.

The other useful herbs that can be used for diabetes in dogs are Dandelion leaf, chamomile, aloe vera, brewer’s yeast, hop etc.

Diabetes can be treated best by organic herbal remedies than insulin injections. Herbal remedies for dogs with diabetes helps to lower blood glucose levels, stimulate the insulin production naturally and reverse the insulin resistance. This is also helpful without painful injections or any harmful side effects. Herbal remedies for dogs with diabetes have proven to be best, effective and safe by medical science, researchers, and veterinary doctors. Most helpful herbal remedies are by providing the dog with fenugreek seed, gymnema sylvestre and bitter melon. Turmeric is also beneficial for controlling diabetes in dogs.

Homeopathic remedies for dog diabetes

Homeopathy is a slow but an effective treatment. It can be used as an alternative to the conventional treatment for dog diabetes. The dog diabetes is given certain types of homeopathic ingredients that are diluted to the safe concentration before given to the dogs. For effective treatment with the homeopathic way needs certain necessary steps.

The dog with diabetes must have a detox program prior to the treatment to get rid of any trace of allopathic chemicals. The detoxified body will be better able to respond to the homeopathic medicine.

Many of the homeopathic treatment medicine uses herbal extracts along with some bio chemical salts. All the ingredients will be approved by the concerned governing body. The main advantage for homeopathic treatment for dog diabetes is the lack of any side effects in the dogs. That itself makes a he advantage over the conventional treatment.

Home remedies for dogs with diabetes

The natural diabetes treatment in dogs includes exercises, and natural diet. Natural treatment has many stages involved that work together.

The exercises uses much glucose from the blood so that it requires lesser insulin to bring it down. Regular and consistent exercises should be done. Do the same amount of exercises at the same of every day to have best results. IT is also able to prevent many secondary symptoms of diabetes in the dogs and cats.

Natural diet that serves as natural diabetic treatment is about avoiding certain types of food and including some must-haves in the dog’s diet. Including garlic, cinnamon and fenugreek seeds can be natural diabetes treatment for dogs. It is also important to stick to the time table and feed the dogs at regular and specific times. This controlled natural diet will also control the weight of the dogs, hitch often trigger the diabetes.

The best home remedies for diabetes in dog are by changing the life style and by making the dog to exercise. Regular exercise can bring a good change in your dogs. Allow the dog to take rest and provide the dog with plenty of water. You should avoid topical flea, tick or spot on products. Provide gemmotherapies fig tree, hedge maple and European walnut with 5 drops of each with each meal for support of the pancreas and gastro intestinal system. And provide massage with cinnamon essential oil day on the pads of their feet.

Lifestyle changes to control diabetes

Homely controlled diet and changing lifestyle and promoting exercise is the best part of natural diabetic remedies for dogs. Always avoid commercial dog foods that contain grains, carbohydrates, sugars and other added chemical ingredients. So it is good to feed the dog with raw or homemade diet and avoid carbohydrate rich foods. Include raw meats and some vegetables, fruits, and even eggs. Sardines contain fatty acids which provide an additional protection and control diabetes in dogs. Provide your dog with natural food with chromium, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B6. Zinc also reduces the risk of diabetes. These are the best natural diabetic remedies for dogs.

Diabetes in dogs is a life threatening problem. If the dog receives too much insulin then, hypoglycemia or low blood sugar is a serious problem. Consistency and maintenance in everything is the main and primary remedy for dog with diabetes. Dog should be provided with regular exercise and thus can reduce weight which results in lowering blood sugar. Always consider a consultation with your veterinary doctor and determine the required necessary alteration in life style and weight management. Provide some low sodium chicken broth or scrambled eggs stirred into his foods. Try to maintain a steady glucose level. These are the best home remedies for canine diabetes.

Natural diet for dogs with diabetes

The natural diet for dogs with diabetes includes that has low glycemic index, which does not cause a sudden peak in the blood sugar level. The natural diet cuts also have some good amount of protein as well. High finer food with a good source of protein would be the best choice.

The natural diet for diabetic dogs is the best when it is homemade than getting any healthy dog food from market.

The catch is, the dogs may not like this homemade food as much as their canned food. The trick is in mixing the food in right proportion to disguise the homemade with that with the canned food. Adding shredded chicken, scrambled eggs and chicken broth etc may also work well.

Always remember not to give too much of treats to the dogs with diabetes. If it is compulsory, look for the safer treats available for dogs with diabetes.

Natural food diets are worth for dogs with diabetes. This natural cure has been proven to be very effective for dogs with diabetes. The natural food diet includes a diet rich in fiber and complex carbohydrates. This is especially recommended for dogs with Type I diabetes. Foods rich in protein are another alternative. This diet slows down the digestion and the release of sugar to the bloodstream. Dogs don’t feel hungry for a longer time. Raw diet is also highly recommended for treating dogs with diabetes. Raw foods are easily available and also saves time. Home-cooked natural food is also good for dogs with diabetes. Dogs should be fed 2-3 times a day.

Natural Cure For Diabetes In Dogs

Natural remedies for treating dogs suffering from diabetes are:

  • Galega Offinalis
  • Chromium
  • Bilberry
  • Dandelion Leaf or roots
  • Burdock root
  • Alfalfa
  • Calendula
  • Aloe Vera
  • Fenugreek seeds
  • Garlic
  • Cinnamon

Diabetes Natural Supplements in dogs are:

  • Chromium
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin B-6
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • Raw apple cider vinegar
  • Brewer’s yeast

It is best to prevent the occurrence of diabetes in dogs as its treatment is rare. For some dogs, the natural remedies won’t work out and they should be given proper treatment and the only treatment available as of now for treating diabetes in dogs are Insulin Therapy.

Diabetes in dogs and cats – FAQ

Where to buy Blood Sugar Gold online for sale?

Blood Sugar Gold for diabetic dogs can be ordered via Amazon or from the official website of Pet Wellbeing.

Are there any alternative treatment for canine diabetes?

Yes, there are many alternative treatments for controlling canine diabetes in dogs such as herbal remedies that are completely natural and help your canine to deal with diabetes naturally. For instance, Galega officinalis, chromium, bilberry etc. are some of the herbs that can improve the function of the pancreas, balance the cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels and more thereby aiding in cutting down the risk of diabetes. With health supplements such as blood sugar gold for dogs, you can certainly choose a safe alternative from antibiotic treatment.

What are the natural diet for diabetes in dogs?

If you are trying to maintain a natural diet for diabetes in dogs then make sure your dog eats the right kind of food. For starters, maintain a high fiber and low-fat diet. Drinking a good amount of water is another way to inhibit constipation or other health problems. Talk to your Vet before buying a dog food. Of course, homemade diet works best but it won’t be of any use until your dog eats it. Insulin on empty stomach can trigger health risks so make sure you feed your pet the right kind of foods to keep him healthy.

Is acupuncture an alternative treatment for diabetes in dogs?

Though you cannot solely rely on acupuncture, it is often considered a supportive treatment for pets suffering from diabetes. With the help of the American Academy of Veterinary Acupuncture, you can locate a nearby Vet who is practicing acupuncture.

What are the natural ways to control diabetes in dogs?

Yes, unlike antibiotic medications that have a limit, natural remedies for dogs come without any limit and are gifted by Mother Nature in abundant. Chromium, Apple cider vinegar, vitamin C, E, magnesium, vitamin b-6 are some of the natural remedies that can cut the risk and symptoms of diabetes in dogs.

Are there any natural remedies to treat diabetes in dogs?

Yes, there are many natural remedies to treat diabetes in dogs. Diabetes in dogs is now a day a common autoimmune disorder in dogs. Causes of diabetes in dogs include obesity, lack of exercise and over vaccination. Natural remedies like feeding the dog with wholesome food in small doses along with a regular exercise plan will help your pet to control diabetes. Also, there are many natural supplements available online for diabetes in dogs. Herbs can also be used to strengthen and support major body systems that have been weakened by diabetes.

What are the herbal remedies for diabetes in dogs?

Herbs can be used to strengthen the major body systems of your dog that have been weakened by diabetes. Dogs with diabetes will not be able to utilize the nutrients fully, therefore it is important to provide essential herbs for controlling diabetes. Dandelion leaf, alfalfa, and calendula are such herbs that help in moderating blood sugar levels.

What are the natural treatments for diabetes in dogs?

If you have a dog with diabetes, you will need a holistic approach to maintain your pets glucose levels without any side effects. Following are the natural remedies for diabetes in dogs:

  • Feed the dog with natural wholesome food in small doses, two or three times a day. Feeding time should be the same every day. The amount of food should also be the same every day.
  • Avoid food like soft or semi-moist pet foods as they contain a lot of sugar. Fatty meats and excessive oil need to be avoided from the dog’s meal as digesting fatty meats put extra stress on the pancreas.
  • Make your pet have a regular exercise as it has the effect of decreasing insulin needs. Make your dog exercise at the same time of day.
  • Herbs like a dandelion leaf, alfalfa, and calendula help in supporting the major body systems that are weakened by diabetes.

What are the natural remedies to treat diabetes in cats?

Along with lifestyle changes, natural remedies can help cats to get rid of diabetes. There are many natural medications available for diabetes in cats. Blood sugar gold is a natural support for feline diabetes.

Exercise is one of the simplest tasks you can make your cat do for treating diabetes. Consistent exercise will reduce insulin requirements and prevent secondary conditions related to feline diabetes.