Supplements for Dogs

Wysong Call of the Wild

Wysong – Call of the Wild Wysong Call of the Wild Dog supplement is prepared to balance a fresh meat diet. The modern conventional dog foods processing generally eliminates essential nutrition and Wysong dog supplements like Call of the Wild help restore energy. Select Quantity123Bulk Order Discount Buy NowCheck Price Wysong natural food products and […]

Supplements for Dogs

PDG – Wysong Canine Supplement

PDG – Wysong Canine Supplement PDG – Wysong Canine Supplement. Recovery of an animal that is anorectic, undernourished, or otherwise debilitated can often hinge on the ability to supply adequate nourishment. PDG is a cat and dog supplement specifically designed to reflect this understanding and can be mixed with water to form a paste for […]

Digestive Support

Pro Pectalin for Dogs Anti Diarrheal Oral Gel

Pro-Pectalin For Dogs Pro Pectalin Anti Diarrheal is useful for both dogs and cats that comes in gel and tablets form. It contains kaolin, an anti-diarrheal for the absorption of toxins and pectin, a soluble dietary fiber, together with direct fed microbials. Buy NowCheck Price Pro-Pectalin For Dogs Today, there are many online pet medication companies that […]

Ear Infection

Otisol-O For Dog Ear

Otisol-O – Otic Solution Wysong Otisol-O™ is an oil-soluble ear treatment for more difficult-to-clean ears containing natural ingredients with antiseptic and tissue healing properties for routine ear care and cleaning, and for the prevention of cat and dog ear infections. Select Quantity1 23Bulk Order Discount Buy NowCheck Price Wysong Corporation is a family company by […]

Ear Infection

Otisol – Natural Cure For Dog Ear Problems

[AMAZONPRODUCTS asin=”B0025YOJXS,B0014HYCM0,B007NVJAJG,B008QYVL1Y,B0056EAKSM,B0066VLPGA,B000FPL27U,B0157XUYDM,B00CFI2ULW,B00UGSHBTO” usedprice=”0″] Wysong is a thirty years old company pioneered by Dr. Wysong in 1979 to offer with pet diet products. It is set up to produce natural pet foods and pet health care & nutrition based on healthy and holistic approach. Wysong works on two predominant goals, namely, one – to offer pet […]