Adrenal Harmony Gold

Adrenal Harmony Gold for dog Cushing’s UK

Adrenal Harmony Gold

Dog Cushing’s disease is a disease that affects dogs and Adrenal Harmony Gold is a natural medicine for it, though the prescribed drug is Trilostane which is marketed as Vetoryl in the UK. The advantage of using the natural medicine is that the overall health of the dog’s body, the nervous system, the pituitary and adrenal glands, the liver etc, are also benefited from using the medicine. Vetoryl, meanwhile, can sometimes cause side effects like anorexia, weight loss, lethargy, muscle and bone weakness and even take the cortisol level in the body to ultimate low levels.

Adrenal Harmony Gold For Dog Cushing’s

Adrenal Harmony Gold can help you beat the Cushing’s disease through the use of gentle ingredients. The disease is caused as a result of excess adrenal gland hormones, which happens due to the side effects of drugs like Prednisone. This drug is given to treat arthritis, allergies and to suppress immune systems during transplants, etc. The other major cause of the Cushing’s disease is the presence of tumor in the pituitary or adrenal glands. Even tumor in other places can sometimes affect the adrenal gland. The adrenal gland produces cortisol which has many functions. These are:

  • Cortisol mobilizes fat reserves and maintains normal blood sugar levels. The liver glucose production is increased by this.
  • Cortisol helps in the proper function of the immune system. When the hormone is in excess, the immunity is suppressed, causing infections.
  • Cortisol suppresses inflammation.
  • The basic metabolism is regulated in the body.
  • It takes care of the muscle, ligament and bone health.

In other words, almost all the of the dog’s functions are disrupted when there is excess cortisol in the body, leading to even diabetes due to increased glucose levels. There can be a pot bellied look due to improper fat regulation, loss of muscle and bone strength. The dog also begins to urinated in excess and also is thirsty all the time. If you notice any of these symptoms, consider the possibility of the Cushing’s Disease.

Adrenal Harmony gold can bring back the normal functioning of the body and the cortisol can then perform its above mentioned functions properly. Before you consider using the drugs like Vetoryl, consider using Adrenal Harmony gold for a cure. The reviews say that you will be surprised by the results.

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